Xtrons Head Unit

Xda-developers Android Auto MTCD Android Head Units General Updates for Xtrons PX5: where to get from? By royalhawk2002 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Unplug this one and connect the extra antenna connector that come with Xtrons head unit. For the double audio gateway there will be the 3rd socket. It will be in the middle this one is the old GPS antenna, you need to pull out this one too because the new head unit comes with its own GPS antenna. This is the single audio gate way. XTRONS Custom Fit range is your best choice if you are looking for a fully featured stereo and DVD player that still retains the original look of your vehicle’s interior. We offer a number of custom fit head units for BMW cars that include Android & WinCE operating systems.

Network Setup on XTRONS Android Units
You can connect to a Wi-Fi access point to connect to Internet on our Android units.
Wi-Fi Setup
Use the Wi-Fi access point for Internet connection through use of the tethering function of the smartphone.
1. Find the Wi-Fi connection in settings, the unit will search the available Wi-Fi networks automatically.
wi-fi settings-1.jpg (72.04 KiB) Viewed 15846 times

2. Select the correct network and input the password to complete the connection. The connection status will show “connected' after the connection is completed.
wifi-settings-2.jpg (57.47 KiB) Viewed 15846 times

4G/ 3G Dongle Setup (4GDONG001)
This unit is designed to work with 4G/3G Dongle (sold separately). You can connect to the Internet without a smartphone

• 1、Insert sim card. Remember Wi-Fi hotspot name: 4G-UFI-XXX(please refer to SSIG on your dongle). Wi-Fi password: 1234567890.
4gdongle-2.jpg.png (38.93 KiB) Viewed 15846 times

• 2、connect the dongle with the unit via USB port
• 3、Enter into Wi-Fi interface, find the Wi-Fi hotspot device name, enter password:1234567890
4gdongle-4.jpg.png (20.51 KiB) Viewed 15846 times

4: Change the settings for 4G dongle:
Firstly, logo into this IP address for the 4G dongle:
And log in with the logins:
Username: Admin
Password: Admin
Troubleshooting for Wi-Fi connection:
Note: If you are using a Samsung smartphone, please double check if you have turned off the Hide my device preference:
Enter or edit the Network name, set your Hide my device preference, select the Security type, and enter or edit the Password:
Our units don’t support 5G Wi-Fi signal.
On some phones, we need to select the AP band to 2.4GHZ manually, and make sure you don’t exceed the number of devices that can join your Personal Hotspot at one time, this depends on your carrier and phone model:
wi-wi on phone 2.png (29.18 KiB) Viewed 15846 times

Xtrons Head Unit3):
Normally, most of the phones allow any device to connect. But for some phones, you need to configure a list of allowed MAC addresses, allowing you to choose which devices can connect to your network.
Note: These features may not be present in all devices.
Try other devices for Wi-Fi access apart from phone hotspot
Try a hard reset on the unit or run a firmware update.( connect XTRONS tech support for the details)

Xtrons TE706pl Review – UPDATED 2018

Car manufacturers now equip the new models with Android Operating Systems to allow the seamless connection of android smartphones and factory Infotainment systems to be able to play your favorite tunes while sending and receiving messages, attending phone calls and using Google Maps.

We believe the Xtrons TE706PL represents the epitome of android integration.

Android Auto is certainly an innovative technology and has created a buzz around. However, only new models of vehicles include it.

The good news is that those with a car not supporting Android technology can still enjoy the functionality and benefits of Android Auto by installing an external auto stereo or head unit.

There are many options for these products and different variations of them on the market designed to provide you the functionality available in luxury vehicles right in your own old car. You can simply purchase an Android Radio from a store and get it installed in your vehicle to be able to connect the phone to the car and use the functions.

Today, we review one of the most popular choices for car stereo, Xtrons TE706pl to help you make the right decision buying your Android Radio for your vehicle. Xtrons is a leading developer of in-car entertainment products, car electronics and car accessories.

It offers great prices on high-quality products and an amazing after-sale service. The items comply with all the leading manufacturers and modern media applications to deliver a seamless experience and satisfaction.

The Xtrons TE706pl is a sleek Android radio that blends conveniently with any car model’s dashboard and runs Android Oreo to provide the entertainment, onboard navigation and hands-free calling right from the dashboard.

Featuring a versatility and sleek appearance that outshines other Android Stereo models, Xtrons TE706PL comes with some amazing features that any music enthusiast will appreciate.


The Xtrons TE706PL boasts a powerful, intuitive, responsive user interface which is customize-able and easy to navigate. The high definition display and sensitive touch screen take the user experience to the next level. The product is very easy to install with minimal wiring and plug & go design. Thickened heat sink is designed to offer efficient heat dissipation.

Hardware and Operating System

The Xtrons car stereo is powered by a faster, smarter and more powerful, latest operating system Android 8.0 Oreo. It features on-board Octa-Core processor and a ROM memory of 32GB to offer great speed with smooth and efficient performance to delight the most tech-savvy users.

Multi-Window View

You can enjoy two apps on one screen by running them side by side and switching between them. The product offers a multi-window view to let you enjoy music through your favorite app while using the phone’s functionality or surfing through the browser.

DVR Input Ready

The Xtrons TE706PL features a dedicated external DVR input that allows connecting Xtrons DVR to the unit. This feature helps capture events occurring during driving to provide safety benefits like collision footage.

High-Quality Bluetooth

The all-new, updated Bluetooth module allows enjoying Bluetooth voice calls in high quality with crisp clear sound. It facilitates Bluetooth music streaming and hands-free calling.

Steering Wheel Control

This function lets you take easy control on changing radio channels, switching songs, adjusting volume and other functions right from the buttons on the steering wheel. This enhances your safety and convenience.

Multiple Input Sources

The car stereo allows expanding your media choices for optimum entertainment with a support for SD card and USB stick through multiple input sources to play music or view photos and videos.

The screen mirroring function enables you to read messages or watch videos right on the screen of the head unit and not your phone.

Built-in USB Port

You can easily upload, download and connect music, documents and other information on the move using the integrated USB port.

Integrated Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi provides faster LTE download speeds and better access to the internet regardless of your location. You can even enhance your surfing experience by connecting additional dongle.

Xtrons Head Unit Definition

Tire Pressure Monitoring

With a support for external Tire Pressure Monitoring system, the head unit can be used to receive real-time data about temperature, pressure and performance of your vehicle tires to provide additional safety.

Dual Camera Switch

The head unit allows comfortable switching between the two cameras. Reversing cameras let you reverse the vehicle confidently by seeing clearly what is behind.

Extra Features

  • Customizable themes with a variety of wallpapers to choose from
  • Support for online and offline maps for navigation
  • Integrated radio tuner with popular radio stations supported
  • Powerful audio effect with Surround Stereo
  • Additional security with Google Play Protect
  • 3G/4G module with Hotspot Function
  • Up to 70 languages on the menu to choose from


Operating System: Android 8.0

CPU Processor: PX5 Octa-core 64 bits Coretex A53

Memory: 32GB

RAM: Kingston DDR 4GB

Power Supply: 10.8V – 15.8V DC

Working Current: 15A

Screen Size: 7 inch

Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB

Dimensions: 152 x 179 x 100 mm


ISO Wiring Harness

Fitting Kits


RCA Cables

Xtrons Firmware Download

USB Cable

GPS Antenna

Microphone and Camera Cable

User Manual

Installation Tips

  • You should install the unit in an area with enough strength to bear the weight. Select a position in which the product can be installed firmly and securely.
  • Install the unit horizontally on a surface and ensure proper heat dispersal. Ensure you leave some space behind the panel and cover any loose cables.
  • To prevent any interference with this system, set the FM antenna, GPS antenna, Digital TV antenna or DAB+ radio antenna and their leads as far as possible from this product.
  • See that you remove the two screws provided on the top of the unit before installing.
  • Ensure you run the vehicle engine when using this system. Using it without running the vehicle engine can drain the battery.

Featuring the latest operating system, powerful hardware and easy to use and navigate menu, the Xtrons TE706PL is an excellent choice for a car stereo to provide high-quality entertainment experience to car owners interested in adding the latest technology Android Radio to their vehicle.