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Tekken 3 was the 3rd game of the series, but we can say that it was only the first product which brought Namco to its peak, it was very popular game in the era, and even many people still use to play this product. They organize the events for the awesome part so, this product is speechless because the way people admired the update.

Oct 26, 2020 Tekken 3 Game free Download for PC Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP Tekken 3 game download for pc, that is a fighting game, the third part in the Tekken game plan. It was released in arcades in March 1997, and for the PlayStation in 1998. Tekken 3 for PC maintains the same fighting system as in its previous version. But a lot of improvements are made in this game such enhance the graphics quality, level of animation, and fifteen new characters are added. Better the music theme. Faster the fluid of the game. Tekken 3 for PC now added the third angle. Not only this, you can also get Tekken 3 game download file for PC by downloading it from any other site. The setup file of the game is usually free even for the free version and is available in both 32 bit and 64.

Tekken 3 is an arcade game since we have decided to provide all the Tekken parts so, there comes the second one. The first part was really amazing, but it was released in early 90s so, it’s very obvious that it might exclude many features like we can’t have the amazing graphics in the first part, but it was very organized fighting game so, that’s why people liked the series.

It includes many fighting characters and these were part of the previous update as well, but Namco decided to add some new characters in the game so, this update was included many new features. It was released in 1997 which is one year after the second installment. I remember that I used to play this game in gaming store and I have beaten up for this game many times, but I never left it. Find out more at Namco.

Tekken 3 Modes of Play

Arcade ModeArcade mode is to play against computer player or second player. It contains 9 stages and each stage contains two rounds.
Team Battle ModeTeam battle is to play against computer or second player, but the difference is that it contains team members. You have to select 4 or 8 players so, on the other hand 8 random players will appear, then the last remaining one is the winner.
Survival ModeSurvival mode is containing a proper stage where many enemies appear, but the fight ends when your strength power is gone.
Practice ModePractice mode can be used to improve the playing style or improving the game skills and this is very interesting option to utilize because it helps to improve the playing skills.
Option ModeOption mode is very important because it contains most of the changes that we can do in the arcade challenge. The user can manage to change the time for a round. You can select the number of rounds and we would like to suggest to check out the options, then you can clear the concept about option mode.

Existing Characters

Heihachi MishimaJin KazamaDr.B
XiaoyuOgreTrue Ogre
Eddy GordoHwoarangAnna Williams
Nina WilliamsGonMokujin

Tekken 3 Game for Windows

I love to play Tekken 3 on my windows operating system and it provides the best option for the PC OS. Most of the people prefer to play it on PC because it’s very easy to play it on windows. It provides the best graphics as compared to other devices. Secondly, it’s very easy to install it on windows so, I would like to share the complete procedure of installing the game on PC.

We have tested the installment on most of the operating systems of windows such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and surely on windows 10. Windows XP was the first product which I used of Microsoft, but it was actually the second product because the first one was Windows 98. I also use to play it on the oldest product.

System Requirements

Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz Processor
Ram1 GB DDR 1
Graphics Card32 MB Internal or External
Hard Disk Space100 MB

How to Install Tekken 3 on Windows

Once the downloading process is done, then open the extracted file and make the extraction. Once the extraction has been completed, then open the existing folder. Before starting the launcher open the registry file so, just open the launcher then.

The Process is very easy, you will realize it when you will install it on your PC. I know that it’s very difficult to read out the lines, but we have written the easiest method to understand the installation method of the game so, if you still face any kind of error, then don’t hesitate to message or comment below.

Tekken 3 APK Game for Android

Android is very popular operating system now-a-days. People prefer to use android phones rather than PC or laptop because it’s very portable & light operating system and it’s not heavy to carry so, that’s why people use android much more than PCs. The developer has made it available for the android operating system.

Android system was introduced in 2008, but Tekken 3 was released in 1997, but officially available in 98, but this game is older than android system, but the developer thought it an important OS and knew the importance of the OS so, that’s why Namco released it for android OS as well.

How to Install on Tekken 3 APK on Android

This is very important thing to perform. It’s very easy to install it on android phones, but since the application is not available on Google Play-Store so, many people face issues during the installation so, that’s why we need a separate section to give the details about the installation.

To install an application from file manager, you need to follow these steps to avoid any kind of error.

  • Download the APK file from this website
  • When the downloading process is done, then open file manager
  • Open the folder where you have downloaded the APK file
  • Open APK file, then you might face an error of a 3rd party app
  • One setting option must be existed then & there
  • Open the option and allow unknown source
  • When you do allow unknown source, then they accept any application
  • Now click again on install application button
  • Wait few seconds until the setup completes

Tekken 3 Game for PlayStation 2 or Later

PlayStation 2 played an important to improve the ratings of Tekken series because it was actually released for PlayStation OS, but when people judged the importance of the series, then they desired to play it on PC so, that’s how the developer felt that it should be available for the PCs as well.

Game Free Download For Windows 7

Www Tekken 3 Game Free Download On Pc

First it was released for PSX OS which is actually PlayStation. It can run on portable device of PlayStation as well. The PlayStation supports two methods to run this product. The first method is to buy CD and second option is obvious that you have to download it from this website.

We would like to provide the different links for the different OS of the game product so, we don’t mix the links so, and you can download the product according to your OS device.

Www Tekken 3 Game Free Download On Pc Game

Tekken 3 Game for MAC OS

MAC is an expensive device and available to very limited number of people and it works like Microsoft windows so, they are the similar type of OS and some games of PC are working on MAC as well so, you can install the current setup on MAC OS as well.

The Process is very simple to install it and you should follow the same procedure which we have provided for the PC version since we have the same setup file for the both of the operating systems.

Tekken 3 for Xbox 360 or later

Xbox 360 is a supportable device for the Tekken 3 product, but it also supports many new products of the Tekken, but since we have followed the sequence so, we would like to give the information of other part in different post.

There is a hard disk under Xbox 360 and it stores all the games so, you should paste the setup file and its plug & play device since it does not ask for the setup installation. You should open the launcher directly.


Game Free Fire

It seems that we have provided the information for almost every supporting device so, if you have any query related to the given content, then just write down below in the comment section or you can contact us through the email as well. All the possible options are provided on this website. Please do support us and check out the previous part of the series which Tekken 2 Game.

Tekken 3: Gaming is one of the coolest things which entertains us. The era of gaming began in the late 90’s when play station and Personal computers came into existence. Several games were released by leading Japanese gaming companies like Nintendo and Namco. One such game which was developed by Namco was Tekken 3. Tekken was the most popular fighting video game in the early 90’s. Check out our one more freshly shared game article namely EA Sports Cricket 2017 PC Game Full Version.

Everyone enjoyed this game as it was a multiplayer game. Who can forget the legendary characters like Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu, Jin Kazama, Ogre, Forest Law, Nina, Anna Williams, Bryan Fury, Dr. Bosconovitch, Gon, Heihachi Mishima, Hwoarang, Jack and Eddy Gordo? This fighting game was released in 1997 by Namco developers for play station and arcade.

More About Tekken 3 Game

  • Article Content: Tekken 3
  • Shared For: PC
  • Download: Free & Full Version
  • Version: 3
  • Game Genre: Fighting

Tekken 3 For PC game is considered one of the ultimate and greatest fighting game of all time. This game features mainly 21 characters. This game is available in numerous platforms like play station 2, 3, PC and even Android. Tekken 3 is a cool game which has numerous fighting scenes. Each and every character has unique fighting techniques, skills, and skins.

One can easily download this game easily from the internet mainly for PC, in case you missed this in play station. It is a highly addictive game which revolves around different stories and challenges. This game is known for its amazing storyline and cool features. The strategic fights and its 3D colorful graphics will surely leave you amazed.

Tekken helps people to improve hand and eye co-ordination. It also makes your mind sharp and helps to think strategically. Tekken was known for motivating people and tend them to take risks and actions. People who play games are known to have developed more skills in their life.

Tekken 3 Game Specification

Www Tekken 3 Game Free Download On Pc
  • Name – Tekken 3 For PC
  • Version – 3
  • Studio – Bandai Namco entertainment incorporated.
  • File size – 21.2 MB

Tekken 3 For PC Game System Requirements

  • RAM – 256 MB
  • CPU – Pentium 3 or later version
  • Hard disk space – 70 MB
  • Operating system required – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Bits – 32 Bits
  • Sound cars – compatible sound card required with latest drivers
  • Video card memory – 32 MB minimum
  • Direct X version – 9.0
  • Processor – 600 MHz
  • Additional hardware – Mouse, keyboard and if possible a play station controller for the better gaming experience.
Www tekken 3 game free download on pc iso

Even in the year 2018, there are many hardcore gamers who love this amazing game. This game is still in demand by its millions of fans worldwide. Several new updates have made this game smoother and errors and bugs free. Users experienced several crashes but now with updated versions, the game is fixed up.

This game is available in numerous games and applications stores across the internet. And also here we come to share workable and demanding link for free download Tekken 3 Game Full Version for PC devices. So for Tekken 3 PC Game free download check out the download link.

Features Of Tekken 3 PC Game

  • Astonishing fights and role-playing game
  • Users can add the standalone entry into the game library
  • High-resolution graphics and textures make it impressive
  • Amazing visual graphics and controls similar to PlayStation.

For more amazing gaming experience, one can download play station 2 emulators in PC and run the game through it. Through this, gamers can save their game in all progress. This game has breathtaking soundtracks and music. One can even play the story mode in it.

Old games were indeed better than modern games. Tekken 3 is the oldest game which can be found in everyone’s PC. Almost every hardcore gamer would have played this game full of martial and combats art and techniques. Tekken 3 gives nostalgia to the users.

It has got positive reviews and feedback all over the internet in numerous app and game platforms. This game is from the golden era of gaming and is available in numerous platforms like PlayStation, X box, Smartphones, personal computers, tablets, PSP etc. One should definitely take time out from their busy life schedule and try this game for once to relive the old memories.

Tekken 3 Game Download For PC Full Version

For free download Tekken 3 PC game, you need to visit the download page of kbpcgames blog. From the download page, you can find out the workable link for full download Tekken 3 Game for PC. And if you see any misbehavior in our download link then tell us to change it.

How To Install OR Play Tekken 3 PC Game

  • First of all, you need to download the setup of a game from the download link.
  • After downloading WinRar file extract it.
  • Now open the game folder.
  • Click on the Tekken 3 Game icon and start playing.
  • You can play this game directly without installation.
  • So enjoy this action game on your PC without installation.

Www Tekken 3 Game Free Download On Pc Windows 10

Final Wrap From Kbpcgames

Game Free Fire Download

This all information about Tekken 3 For PC Game. Here we present the link for download game with highly compressed parts. So download this game easily even if you have a low internet connection. And you can check out the installation parts of the article to easily install this top PC games. Keep sharing this blog post with more PC gamers on other sites like Google+, Twitter etc. And For more PC addicting games download do not forget this blog address. Thanks.