Where To Download Dota 1

DOTA 1.5
Transforming DotA to DotA 2

DotA 1 was never standalone (to my knowledge at least), it was a mod for Warcraft 3 called 'Defense of the Ancients' that kickstarted the whole MOBA genre into existence. I don't believe there are any working OFFICIAL Warcraft 3 servers still running, but there could be. Alot of people say dota 1 is amazing game and say 'we are dota 1 player. You will be redirected to an external websiteto complete the download. Clicking the Free Download button will take you to the Steam storewhere you can download the program. If you encounter any issues with your download, please report them here.

* STEPS !!!
1. Download THIS File
(05-28)Local Files.rar
Copy the files inside the Local Files Folder Then Paste To Your Wc3 Directory

2. Run SetupReg.exe Click Install->Close

3. Run Enable Dota1.5.reg DONE!!!
1.Download this files
Miscellaneous Models.rar
Where To Download Dota 1CloudSingle.rar
First Pack.rar
Second Pack.rar
Third Pack.rar

Where To Download Dota Maps

Fourth Pack.rar
Fifth Pack.rar
Sixth Pack.rar
2.Extract all on your WC3 folder directory (if there any pop ups just choose yes to all)
3.After extraction, go to your wc3 directory folder and find and run the 'Enable.reg' file.
1.Download This Maps (AI and NOn-AI)
(06-03) DotA 1.5 Map.rar

2.Just place the DotA 1.5 Non-AI Map v6.77c

3.Overwrite the Map if you have one
Done :)

Frozen Throne Dota 1 Download

Dota 1 download windows 7Ancients

Updated DotA 1.5 MAPS: DOWNLOAD HERE @ 9 MB >> Please download the Update before using this map (PLEASE REPLACE YOUR OLD DOTA 1.5 map '(WC3/Maps/Downloads/.....)'.

Where To Download Dota 1

Update Inludes: 3 PARTS!

Where To Download Dota 1 Maps

Download Dota 1 Games

1:Update (needed by the updated map) DOWNLOAD HERE @ 56mb

- New Models (HQ):
Ancients Buildings
More Doodads (plants,flowers,torches,rocks)
Trees (dead,sakura,oak,pine)
New Skills Effects:
Kelen's Dagger Blink
Slardar's Amplify Damage
Gyro's Call Down
Clockwerk's Power Cogs
Pudge Hook
Spectre's Dagger
Pugna's Netherwards
Jugger's Red Blade Fury
Rhasta's Serpernt Wards
New Hero Models:
Pandaren BrewMaster
Bane Elemental
Storm Spirit

2: Re-Textured Hero Models Update DOWNLOAD HERE @ 61mb
- Queen of Pain (HQ)
- Axe
- Barathrum
- Invoker
- Leshrac
- Morphling
- Ogre Magi
- Rylai
- Lina
- Nevermore
- Slardar
- Tinker
- Windrunner
- Dazzle
- Sven
- Razor
- Roshan
- Magina
- Bat Rider
- Lycan
- Warlock
- Mirana (HQ)
- Rikimaru's Model (with Diffusal Blades)

3: Sound Update DOWNLOAD HERE @ 29mb
Sounds for:
- Main Menu
- 10 seconds before battle
- Game Battle Field
- Radiant and Dire Environment
- others