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AuthoHotkey is a WC3 tool, that allows you to setup extra hotkeys for Warcraft 3 – for items, chat commands and more! Info: We published a newer Warcraft 3 Customkeys guide here, that we recommend. (WC3 Customkeys + Inventory Keys) Warcraft 3 AutoHotkey Download. Warcraft 3 is an old game and sometimes limited in it’s functions. Download the QWER one or whatever, rename it to CustomKeys and enable CustomKeys on Warcraft 3. A great combination for the Warcraft 3 QWER Customkeys is the tool AutoHotkey for the inventory items. You can download AutoHotkey for Warcraft 3 here. With AutoHotkey you can setup every item keys like you want, place new keys, swap keys and much more.

  • WarKey The Perfect way to customize WarCraft Inventory Hotkeys WarKey is a user friendly and handy tool for Warcraft 3. It allows you to customize/set Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkeys. You can remap your Inventory keys to any key you want. WarKey can run on Windows 7, Vista and XP without any problems. This tool has other great features too.
  • WarKey The Perfect way to customize WarCraft Inventory Hotkeys WarKey is a user friendly and handy tool for Warcraft 3. It allows you to customize/set Warcraft 3 Inventory Hotkeys. You can remap your Inventory keys to any key you want. WarKey can run on Windows 7, Vista and XP without any problems. This tool has other great features too.

Warkey++ Hotkeys for inventory. Warkeys++ is a familiar tool for those who are interacted with DotA or some other strategy based games. Warkeys++ helps you to rearrange your keys without having changes in the game. You can easily determine what spell base you want to choose and there are some other attractive features which will make you gaming experience incredible.

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Language: English

Warkeys 6.2 Download:
Warkeys Version 6.2 (Mirror 1)

If you are unable to figure out Warkey++, you can use Lesco’s WarCraft Toolkit, one of the most popular and oldest running inventory hotkeys for Warcraft 3 Frozen throne. Just be sure to right-click “Run as administrator” while running it.

More Features :

Wc3 reforged custom hotkeys
  • – Active/disable “hotkey function” hotkey [Home]
  • – Active/disable “AI block mouse” hotkey [End]
  • – (Alt+[) Hotkey: show ally’s hp bar
  • – (Alt+]) Hotkey: show enemy’s hp bar
  • – (Alt+M) Hotkey: check current state of function
  • – (Alt+P) Hotkey: Pause/Resume “game”
  • – (Alt+F4) Hotkey: Quit Game


System requirements

To use this program you need at least Windows 2000 or Windows XP. On Windows 95, 98or ME the program will ultimately crash or at least fail to do what it's supposed to do. It has notbeen tested on Windows Vista (^^)

The word 'beta'

'Beta' means that a program is still being developed. Features may be added or removed. Itdoes not mean that you are facing is a bugged, unusable version. Generally I test my programs kindathoroughly before release.

However this is not a guarantee for bug free versions. So if you still find a bug, please tellme and help me fix it as soon as possible. You can find my e-mail address on mycontact page.

File formats

  • The .rar format compresses the data better and thusproduces slightly smaller files. If you are sure you have WinRAR installed you may load the rarfile to save some time and traffic. (^^)
  • The .zip format creates larger files but is morecommonly used. E.g. Windows XP has a zip processor built in. So if you don't know whether you haveWinRAR please load this file.

Current version

All versions downloaded 114892 times

Version 0.17b beta

Downloaded 90632 times

August 7, 2006

Changes in this version

  • You can now actually change the hotkey for the HP bars over the units.
  • The tool won't randomly block the keyboard and mouse for several seconds anymore.
  • You can use the 'Q' key again when you have selected the profile 'Block Windows keys and Alt+Q'.

Older versions

Version 0.17 beta

Downloaded 3066 times

August 2, 2006

Changes in this version

  • Added a hotkey to show or hide the health bars above the units, so that you don't have to hold ALT all the time.
  • You can now select a custom sample image in the dialog that lets you select a position for a mouse click.
  • Reworked the user interface of the profile editor.
  • First signs of a user interface for the main window. (^^)
  • Improved the feature that automatically disables the program when Warcraft is minimized.
  • Fixed a few translations errors.

Version 0.16 beta

Downloaded 5288 times

March 23, 2006

Changes in this version

  • Fixed the incompatibility with Xfire!
  • Improved the support for hotkeys on the mouse buttons 4 and 5 (history back and forward buttons). This hasn't been tested extensively.
  • The program is automatically disabled, when you minimize Warcraft III and reactivated if you maximize it again.
  • Major changes in the internal program mechanics.
  • Additional keys can be used as hotkeys. (also see next)
  • Added a profile that disables the windows keys and Alt+Q, so that you won't be accidentially thrown out of Warcraft.
  • Profiles for the french keyboard layout (AZERTY) are now included in the download by default.
  • Fixed a small bug in the profile editor.
  • When you try to activate the program while no profiles are loaded, you'll get a note now.
  • Certainly there are some more small things that I don't have in mind right now...

Version 0.15b beta

Downloaded 3250 times

December 31, 2005

Changes in this version

  • Fixed a bug with the profile editor not correctly saving hotkeys that trigger a keystroke.

Version 0.15 beta

Downloaded 2419 times

December 29, 2005

Changes in this version

  • When you started the program, the hotkeys were initially activated, thought the program stated that they were not. This has been fixed.
  • You can now use the additional mouse buttons as hotkeys. For example the Logitech MX500 and MX510 have these keys.
  • Added an options dialog window so that you can now adjust the program better to your PC.
  • Added a profile editor. You no longer need a degree in computer science to create your own hotkeys. ;)
  • Some other minor changes.

Version 0.14b beta

Downloaded 2666 times

November 21, 2005

Changes in this version

  • Profiles are now stored in a sub directory in the program directory.
  • Supports multiple profile files for easier sharing of profiles.
  • Made hotkey profiles 'modular'. You can now have different profiles at a time activated. E.g. one for inventory keys and one for commands.
  • Added profiles for enabling and disabling autocast of spells. If you have this profile loaded, press SHIFT and the key associated with the spell to activate or deactivate it's autocast.
  • Hotkeys can now trigger keystrokes in addition to mouse clicks. (see next point)
  • The inventory hotkeys are now faster because they send the numpad keys directly to Warcraft instead of clicking the inventory slot. Just like in Lesco's Warcraft Toolkit.
  • You can now trigger a double click with a hotkey. (not very useful for Warcraft players, but someone requested this)
  • Increased the standard delay for mouse clicks to 35 milliseconds.

Warcraft 3 Hotkey List

Version 0.13 beta

Downloaded 2471 times

October 16, 2005

Changes in this version

  • You can now switch profiles directly in the program and while the program is running.
  • Added profiles with inventory hotkeys only.
  • Added an options menu for sound options.
  • Some other minor changes.

Version 0.12 beta

Downloaded 2398 times

October 15, 2005

Changes in this version

  • Fixed a bug that made the chat window in Warcraft III dissappear.

Version 0.11 beta

Downloaded 2702 times

October 9, 2005

Changes in this version

  • Added inventory hotkeys.
  • Improved the FAQ and put it into the menu.
  • Changed the default sounds. (thanks to a-devil)
  • Added some option to enable or disable chat sounds and activation sounds seperately.

Wc3 Hotkeys Download Free

Version 0.10 beta

Downloaded ? times

  • No longer available. Well, it had a bunch of bugs anyway...

October 9, 2005

Changes in this version

  • First version - premiere ;)