Vegas Vs Premiere

It is a well-known fact that consumers prefer to watch a two to three minutes video about a product, information or service rather than read a lengthy page of text about it, as it helps them make more confident purchasing decisions.

Research has shown that people spend two minutes more on average on a page containing videos. It is estimated that online videos are expected to rise to a whopping 95% of all consumer traffic by the end of 2020.

You Cannot Ignore Videos

Keeping in mind the factors given above, you simply cannot ignore the importance of videos if you want to promote your online business.

There are many video making programs available on the internet. These include those that allow you to make cartoon and sketch type videos. Combining the output of such programs with real video footage spruces up the eye-grabbing power of your video.

For general quality and performance, VEGAS Pro scored 9.2, while Adobe Premiere Pro scored 9.5. On the other hand, for user satisfaction, VEGAS Pro earned 98%, while Adobe Premiere Pro earned 97%. Below it's also possible to verify their characteristics, terms, plans, etc. To see which application will be more suitable for your situation. Customers like Vegas Pro 14 way more Vegas Pro 14, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Adobe Premiere Pro CC 4.3 vs 2.8. In our awesomeness score Vegas Pro 14 ranks #4 out of 127 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC ranks #51 out of 127. Final Cut Pro X is $299 (of course you would probably want to purchase Compressor for $49.99), Vegas Pro 12 starts at $599.99 and Adobe Premiere is available on a subscription basis only ($19.99 per month for Premiere Pro CC only and $49.99 per month for everything in the Creative Cloud). I use to use Sony Vegas Pro, but I often ran into issues, crashes, etc. I made the switch to Adobe Premiere. It was a bit confusing at first, but I love Premiere now, won't ever go back. Yeah, I have to pay a monthly fee, but I think it's worth it. When navigating the world of professional video editing software, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed.All pro software comes with a large set of features, tons of pros, and of course some cons.We’re here to help guide you between two of the best – VEGAS Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.We’ll compare features and take an honest look at the pros and cons of both.

Needed Special Effects

You also need special effects such as intros, outros, fade-ins and fade-outs and much more to increase the attention-getting power of your sales video. Also, you need to edit audio in order to enhance the appeal of the completed video.

Unfortunately, most animated video making programs lack the power of editing. They do not have special effects like green screen, slow frame, zoom in and out, and much more.

You might not believe it, but professional video editors can do all of the above and much more. You can use them to mix footage shot with a video camera along with short videos like doodles made with other programs.

If this is not enough, the editor should also have the ability to change the dimensions of the output video. For example, certain social network sites such as Facebook demands square videos, whereas the dimensions are different for different video hosting sites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Comparing Two of the Industry Leaders

The problem lies in finding a dedicated editor that has all the bells and whistles yet is simple to use.

In this article I shall be discussing two of the industry's most respected video editors, Adobe Premiere vs Sony Vegas 2020, to find out which one of them is the best.


No doubt, you can find cheaper editors, but they pale in comparison to these two when you check out their features. I shall also try to point out the main difference between the two so that you can decide which one to purchase.

It is going to be a tough task to compare Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas as both of them are extremely powerful and have varying learning curves. Chances are that you might consider one of these two programs based on price, ease of use or on the number of additional features one of them has over the other in this Sony Vegas Adobe Premiere comparison.

The Difference Between Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere

The main difference between these two video editing programs is that Sony Vegas Pro provides you with a one-time payment option and has a simpler user interface while Adobe Premiere leaves you with no option other than an Annual subscription and has a steep learning curve.

Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere for YouTube

YouTube is, unarguably, the leading online, free video hosting platform that allows you to upload videos in different sizes with the minimum being 426×240 pixels and the maximum being 3840×2160 pixels. The higher the pixel the better the resolution of the video.

Both the programs I am reviewing have the ability to render such videos. However, I was slightly dissatisfied with the quality of audio editing.

Audio Editing

Although Adobe has included a subset into the sound panel including sliders for intelligently reducing noise and reverb from the audio track, these tools fade in comparison to the excellent audio editing facilities found in Sony Vegas.

The offering from Adobe is perfect for creating YouTube videos, or for any other videos in different aspect ratios including square and vertical.

The program also permits you to add voiceovers and titles, and then publish them directly to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube but you have to purchase the pro version.

In like manner, Sony Vegas is perfect for making any type of videos, from full-length feature films to YouTube videos. Therefore, it is one good point shared between Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas in this aspect.

Adobe Premiere Elements vs Sony Vegas

Comparing Adobe Premiere Elements to Sony Vegas Pro is just like comparing a beginner video editor to a more rounded video editing software with full functionalities.

In other words, Adobe Premiere elements is limited and may be okay for amateur video editors.

Sony Vegas Pro boasts of:

• Multi-camera editing
• User-friendly interface and workflow
• Motion tracking
• Scripting technology
• 360º editing
• Integration with 24p DV
• ProType titling technology
• An affordable price
• Availability only for Windows

Adobe Premiere boasts of:

Vegas Vs Premiere

• Clean and simple interface
• Opening multiple projects simultaneously
• Supports additional native video file formats
• Impressive virtual reality
• Smoother and integrated workflow
• Produces high definition and broadcast-quality videos
• VR audio editing
• Periodic updates with new technologies
• Provides support for Lumetri
• Available for Windows and Mac
• Real-time playback option

The Price Factor

Although there are some good features in Adobe Premiere Elements, it costs much more than Sony Vegas. The latter costs a one-off price of $199, whereas the former costs $20.99 per month. This gives Sony a slight advantage over its rival.

Obviously, Mac users have no choice apart from Adobe Premiere Elements.

Ease of Use

Additionally, Sony is more user-friendly as compared to the software by Adobe. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn video editing program, look no further than Sony Vegas.

Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premiere Render Speed

Although you should have a computer with a minimum of 16GB of DDR4 RAM and the latest processor to get the best out of movie editing programs, not all programs render a movie at the same time and speed.

In this Sony Vegas Adobe Premiere comparison, we shall render a similar video on both the programs and see which one is the winner.

The Video Rendering Speed Test

I tested a 90 minutes video, edited it a bit and started rendering it. For final output renders, Adobe Premiere beats Sony Vegas slightly.

However, rendering alone is not the only aspect one should examine when deciding between Sony Vegas pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. One needs to consider the entire editing process along with the rendering. I mean to say one should check the entire time taken to complete a project using special effects and editing soundtracks too.

Simplicity and Support

In this case, the ease-of-use of the Sony Vegas makes it an outright winner.

Multiple Camera Input

Those who plan to use multiple cameras for input should also opt for Sony Vegas, as it is ahead of Adobe Premiere in handling such types of editing.

If you plan to use clips with transitions, compositing, effects, etc., then the performance counts. However, the task will still be much easier to accomplish with Vegas so you will get the editing job completed faster with Vegas.

As I said, Premier is the winner provided you have dedicated graphics cards. However, if you use similarly configured machines, there is no need to look beyond Sony Vegas. Remember, Premier has an extremely steep learning curve as well.

Output Quality of Both Programs – At Par

In a nutshell, you can complete the same job faster with Sony Vegas than with Adobe Premiere Pro, and the output quality is the same with both programs.

Local Language Support

Adobe has a slight edge in terms of technical help and provides local language support in South Asian countries including places like Indonesia, where the support staff talk in Bhasha Indonesia. This is one aspect where Adobe is slightly ahead of Sony.

Sony Vegas Pro 18 vs Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

As I have mentioned several times in this review, Adobe is ahead of Sony when you provide the former with the requisite hardware. However, both of them have more or less the same set of features when you run them on the same machine.

Similar Features

Both Premiere and Sony Vegas do have some similar features such as animation tools, 3D editing, and video transitions. In the same breath, Premiere does not boast of the visual effects that Sony has, which is extremely important while editing a video.

Apart from a few dissimilarities, both of them support:

• Multi cameras
• Subtitles
• Speed change
• High density
• Chroma keying (green screen)
• Drag and drop
• Direct capture from camcorder
• Color correction, and
• Audio transitions

Vegas Vs Premiere

Is Sony Vegas Better than Adobe Premiere?

It is up to you to decide if Sony Vegas is better than Adobe Premiere or vice versa after reading the remainder of this review.

Frankly speaking, I recommend Sony to beginners and intermediates, as they can quickly master all of the functionalities of the program.

One-time Fee Option

In addition, the onetime fee of Sony makes it pocket-friendly.

Both Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere may not have all of the same exact features, but this should not hamper your video editing task(s). There is no doubt that those who have been using any one of the two programs (like Premiere, for example) for a long time may reply in the positive when asked if Adobe Premiere is better than Sony Vegas or vice versa too.

However, if you want to get the job completed quickly without any noticeable difference in the output, I suggest you opt for Sony. For the uninitiated, Vegas Pro 18 is the latest edition of the Pro version of Sony.

Free Trial Versions (Both)

As both companies offer a trial version of their program, I suggest that you download both of them, install them into your computer, and try editing a movie from scratch on both of them. This allows you to find out which is better for you.

Cloud-based (Both)

While the CS6 is an installer version of Adobe Premiere, the CC version works on the cloud. This allows you to save on hardware resources as all the computing is done on blazing high-speed cloud servers.

Apart from this difference, both are nearly the same. I use the term ‘nearly' because Adobe is updating the cloud version with newer features ever so often. If you use the desktop version, you have to wait for a major release before it is made available for download.

By the way, version 18 of Sony Vegas is cloud-based; therefore, it is much faster than Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Sony Vegas Pro 18 vs Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This is where the fun begins as both these programs are cloud-based. In such a scenario, the offering by both Adobe and Sony are at par. However, this in no way affects the learning curve.

The Learning Curve

On the one hand, be prepared to spend a lot of time getting accustomed to the program if you plan to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC. On the other hand, you can easily master the basics of Sony Vegas 18 in a couple of days, and become a professional user in a couple of weeks.

By the way, the CC version is not available for free. Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements trial version is the only way you can get to test this professional video editing program.

Although Adobe charges $20.99 per month for their CC version, you can get it at a discounted price if you are already using any other Adobe CC program like Photoshop or Illustrator.

Sony Vegas Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

As we draw to the end of this review, I would recommend that you do not go for Adobe if you have never used a video editing program before. It has a steep learning curve.

Since the main difference between the CS and CC is that the latter is hosted on the cloud, I would recommend that you opt for the trial version of CS6 and the one-month trial option of Sony Vegas. No doubt, this will be a bit unfair as Sony is already a cloud-based system.

I cannot understand why Adobe does not offer a limited period trial of its CC version program, as this would allow many individuals, who want to venture into the field of video editing to try it as well.

Sony Vegas Vs Premiere Pro

This concludes my Sony Vegas compared to Adobe Premiere review. I have tested both the programs and found them to be equally good, but the cost factor and the ease of use of the former was far more attractive for me.

Sony Vegas Vs Premiere Pro Pantip

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  • DaVinci Resolve. DaVinci Resolve is also a professional video editor for high end post production. It is powerful in that it combines online and offline video editing, color correction, audio post production and visual effects all in one, this feature avoids the trouble to switch among different video-related programs in order to create a perfect video.
  • iMovie. iMovie is a great video editor specially designed for Mac and iOS users by Apple Inc. With it you can easily create stunning movies up to 4K resolution.
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