Used Spindle Capper

Zalkin cappers are highly reliable and consistent, and also durable enough to take on the most difficult packaging needs. EquipNet carries a number of used Zalkin cappers, such as the Zalkin TM3 Semi Automatic Capper, Zalkin CA8 360 NG Capper, and others. Description 1-USED PACK WEST AUTO 200 EIGHT SPINDLE AUTOMATIC SCREW CAPPING MACHINE, SERIAL NUMBER C-8-A/C-30-LR-A1739. RATED UP TO APPROX. 200 CONTAINERS PER MINUTE, MACHINE HAS VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLS FOR SORTER, GRIPPER BELTS. Used Inline Cappers. Other Types of Used Cappers. Learn More About Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. Used Continuous Thread Plastic & Metal Capping Machinery. Used Inline Spindle Screw Cappers. Used Single Head Screw Cappers. Used Single Head ROPP Capping Machinery. Used Single Head ROPP Cappers. Used Capping Machine EPAK (used capper epak) Capper is of EPAK technology Specially designed for flat and sport caps of 28 mm dia and capping at a speed of 130 bpm. The belts are provided with double gripper. EquipNet is the world’s leading provider of used cappers and equipment. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used cappers from a number of respected OEMs, including US Bottlers, New England Machinery, Borgo, Capmatic, Groninger, West Company, and many others.We are constantly receiving rotary cappers, inline cappers, filler cappers, stopper cappers, crimp cappers.

Complete 2,200 Pounds Per Hour Chip Production Line
Viking Solpac Model 8SZ450 S/S 40 PPM Rotary Pre Made Pouch Filler and Sealer
Hartness Model Dynac 6400CS (7) Tier 4in W Single File Spiral Accumulation Conveyor
Complete 600mm Provisur Breader Batter Line
UNUSED ALL S/S Buhler AeroDry 7 ft x 32 ft 156 Sq Ft Single Pass Gas Dryer Oven
New England Model NERCAE (6) Head 150 CPM S/S Rotary Cap Applicator with Elevator
Urschel Model J9A S/S Belt Fed Dicer/ Strip Cutter
FPEC Model 814 10,000 Pound Dual Shaft S/S Vacuum Paddle Mixer
Capmatic 60 CPM Nasal Spray Line, Unscrambler, Filler, Pump Placer, Plugger, Capper
Mespack Model H220FED (3) Head HFFS Machine 100 PPM Pouch Filler
Featured Equipment:
76503 -New England Model NERCAE (6) Head 150 CPM S/S Rotary Cap Applicator with Elevator
Used Spindle CapperWest capper
76589 -Fowler Zalkin Model CAS66480 (6) Head 225 CPM Double Rotary Capper and Sorting System
76596 -Fowler Zalkin Model CAS5320NG (5) Head 150 CPM S/S Rotary Screw Capper
76503 -New England Model NERCAE (6) Head 150 CPM S/S Rotary Cap Applicator with Elevator
75684 -Fowler/Zalkin Model CAS4360 Four-Head 100 CPM Rotary Capper
77407 -Kalish Model 5130 Dual Chuck Rotary Chuck Capper with Sorter
77750 -Anderson Machine Works S/S (12) Head Rotary Overcapper / Lidder
77783 -EPak S/S (6) Quill Inline Spindle Capper
77484 -Groninger Model KVK206 10,000 BPH Inserter Capper
77524 -Kapsall Model E (4) Quill Spindle Capper with S/S Vibratory Cap Sorter
77726 -Pack West Model Auto200 (4) Quill Rotary Spindle Capper w/ Feed Elevator and Sorter
64076 -Resina Model U30545 (6) Quill Inlune Capper
77790 -Silgan White Cap Model VELJG Steam Capper
77567Induction Sealers
Lepel Model CSPlus 4.5 in W Over Blet Induction Sealer
77469Induction Sealers
Enercon Model 3100 Compak Induction Cap Sealer
75110Conveyor, Delrin or S/S Chain, Conveyors
Approx 13 ft L x 26 in W S/S 3 ft Submerged Section Dipping Conveyor
72458Conveyor, Delrin or S/S Chain, Conveyors
UNUSED Interlox Plastic Interlocking Chain Conveyor Belting
67108Coders Marking Ink, Laser, Thermo, Impression
Nutec Systems Pharmacarton Carton Coding System II
63741Coders Marking Ink, Laser, Thermo, Impression
Videojet Sigmark Case Ink Coder

Spindle capper machines from E-PAK Machinery provide a valuable resource to companies that need a reliable method for securing caps on their product’s containers. At E-PAK, our goal is to offer companies efficient ways to make their packaging line more productive.

Why Use Spindle Cappers?

Spindle cappers work to secure threaded caps onto containers. They can be used as part of a fully automated system, or can be used as a tightener for hand-placed and trigger-style caps. What’s best, you can start with this machine as the tightener, then add to your line later on to upgrade to a fully-automatic line. Our machines are compatible with one another, offering you the flexibility you need to stay on budget.

Used Steam Capper

Modular Packaging Machines from E-PAK Machinery

Used Spindle Cappers

Our goal at E-PAK Machinery is to ensure that businesses who need reliable machinery have access to just that. We offer a range of different machines for inline packaging, including liquid filling machines, cappers, conveyer belts, and more. If you’re ready to boost productivity and efficiency in your packaging line, consider not only spindle cappers, but our other machinery as well. Learn more about our products today.