Unable To Print 4f Brother Dcp J315w

Brother MFC 210C

I have a Brother printer, DCP-J315W. It comes up with the message 'unable to print 4F'. What does that mean and how can I rectify it. With that message, I am unable to print anything. Follow these instructions: Disconnect Brother Printer from power cord. Press OK button and while holding the OK button re-connect the printer to the power cord (electric source).

Brother Dcp J315w Installer

Kept getting a 'Unable to Print see Maintainace and Troubleshooting Guide' message.Only thing to do was clean the platen(?). Not the easiest part to find. They should make it another color... Finally called Brother...Went through the 'key in blah,blah, and blah' bit. LCD Flashed error code 4F. Guy on the helpline didn't know what it meant(!!). Gave me an area repair shop. I'd like to know the code meaning so I can(if need be)make sure that the shop doesn't try to rip me off(repair est./self-repair instruc. would be nice from here, too). Thanks!