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Download TreeAge Pro 2016 R2.0 Full Version (crack included)
TreeAge Pro is the leader in visual modeling tools, allowing you to build and analyze decision trees to study any kind of problem. See how TreeAge Pro is used in different industries.

Treeage Pro Download

  • TreeAge Pro is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by TreeAge Software, Inc. The latest version of TreeAge Pro is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on. TreeAge Pro runs on the following operating systems: Windows/Mac. TreeAge Pro has not been rated by our users yet.
  • TreeAge Pro is a sophisticated yet highly user-friendly software package that facilitates decision making in the face of complexity and uncertainty. TreeAge Pro provides a systematic methodology and framework for understanding a problem, identifying available options, evaluating options in the context of associated uncertainties, and developing.

Decision Trees

Downloading TreeAge Pro 6.3 TreeAge Pro empowers even casual users to build and analyze sophisticated analytical models in an accelerated timeframe. If you are an experienced analyst, you will be comfortable using TreeAge Pro following a quick review of its software commands.

Build models to study simple and complex problems to choose the best possible outcome. Our visual editor makes it easy to build and present models. Use TreeAge Pro for any decision, including in the industries of healthcare, oil/gas exploration, business and finance.
Advanced Modeling Features
Use sophisticated modeling techniques for complex decisions. TreeAge Pro supports Markov models, patient-level simulation (Microsimulation) models and time-to-event (DES) models using a consistent set of modeling and analysis tools.

Treeage Pro Healthcare Download

DownloadAnalysis Tools
Apply sophisticated analysis and reporting tools to your model, including decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and more.
The new features include the following.
New Markov Cohort Reports with Increased Transparency
Use the new Markov cohort reports to review all calculations from a cohort analysis. The basic report now separates state rewards from transition rewards. The extended report shows original inputs, discounted inputs, and calculated rewards at every node in the model, including all states and transitions.
Within-Cycle Correction (WCC)
In Markov Cohort Analysis, WCC calculates cost and effectiveness for a health state based on the percentage of the cohort in the state at both the beginning and the end of the cycle. Markov models can use either the traditional or the new WCC algorithm.
High-Resolution DisplaysTreeage pro download
TreeAge Pro better handles high-resolution displays for both Windows and Mac operating systems. If you see small toolbar icons on a high-resolution display, perform a full reinstallation to pull in the new components related to this display issue. Installers can be downloaded from
Probability Distribution Analysis
Generate probability distribution output with better and more flexible data grouping.
Improved Histograms
Generate clearer and more flexible histograms from your simulation output.
Copy/Paste Model Inputs
Copy variables, distributions, tables, and trackers from one model to another.
New Distributions

Treeage Pro Healthcare Software

Use the new Gompertz and Generalized Gamma distributions.
New Functions
Use the new Probit and ERF functions.
Exporting Images
Exporting images of models and graphs with new file formats and color options.

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