The Ugglys Pet Shop Checklist

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PetThe Trash Pack and Mutant Mania might be gone from store shelves, but Moose Toys has new line of little weirdos out to help fill the void. This time the theme is pet animals, but once again Moose has added 'a gross out' element, so we've got puke, sludge, poop and all that kind of stuff. Meet the crazy critters of The Ugglys Pet Shop!
When I first saw photos of these, I didn't plan on buying any. They didn't seem to bring anything new that The Trash Pack didn't already offer over many series. But when I actually saw them up close in Toys R Us, I had to pick up a pack. It didn't hurt that I found a package with both a monstrous-looking crab and a weirdo frog, both of which I found hard to resist.
Let's run through some Ugglys Pet Shop basics:
  • The figures are sold in eight-packs (with six figures visible and two hidden) as well as blind two-packs that come in little cans. The eight-packs cost $9.99 at Toys R. Us, and I believe the two-packs were $2.99. Other products are also available, such as little 'houses' for the animals that make sounds, a 'Dirty Dog Wash Van' and a Pet Store.
  • There are 41 different sculpts, but each figure comes in a few color variations so when you factor those in, there's a lot of Ugglys to collect. The characters are categorized in seven groups: Slimiest, Smelliest, Hairiest, Grossest, Stickiest, Gross Homes, and Limited Edition 'Rusty Pets.'
  • Each package comes with a blind-bagged little hunk of 'surprise poop,' which come in various sculpts and colors (brown, green and even metallic colors). I think this little addition automatically gives the line the biggest gross-out factor of any Moose series so far.
  • As with The Trash Pack and Mutant Mania, the figures have different levels of rarity in order to add a chase element to the line.
  • The figures are around 1 to 1.5 inches tall and are made out of a soft, flexible rubber that's more like Monster in My Pocket material than the squishy Trash Pack material (I was really pleasantly surprised by this--I was actually expecting a firmer plastic just by looking at the figures). The Ultra Rare figures are made out of a sticky rubber, which I wish Moose wouldn't have done (enough with the sticky toys already--they're just fuzz and dirt collectors).
Now let's see a few of the Ugglys up close.

Here are two of the many doggies in the line. We've got Stenchy French Bulldog on the left and Dopey Doberman on the right. Oh, and a turd right there in the middle. I was hoping to find a golden turd, but instead got a plain ol' brown one. What can you do.
While dogs make up the bulk of the figures in Ugglys Pet Shop, my favorites are actually the other animals. Like these two, the aforementioned Funky Frog and Clawful Crab. I love how the frog looks like a sickly version of Kermit, and that gnarly crab sculpt is just awesome.

I also pulled this little guy, the Horrid Hamster. It was one of the hidden figures in my pack. I actually had no idea he was supposed to be a hamster until I looked him up on the pamphlet. He's definitely one of my favorites, though. I dig how loopy and dazed he looks.
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The Ugliest Pet Shop

And there you go--my first trip to The Ugglys Pet Shop. I'm not yet sure whether I'll be collecting more figures from the line, but I'm definitely glad I bought a pack. Some of the sculpts are really fun, and the material that Moose used really adds to the appeal.
What about you? Have you picked up any Ugglys Pet Shop toys yet? What do you think?

This time we opened The Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1 and Kinder Joy Surprise Egg.
It is our first video about The Ugglys and we are really like them. Pets looks cool, very colourful figures with nice details. I am sure we are going to open much more in the future, hopefully collect them all. We had one Ugglys Pet Shop Gross Home with one figure and two cans with two figures each, so all together we got 5 Ugglys Pets. Here what we had:

The Ugglys Pet Shop Checklist

Smelly Shihtzu – ultra rare, team: smelliest. No matter how much grooming Smelly Shihtzu has had done, underneath he’s still a smelly mutt! He’s entered himself in dozens of dog shows but the only ribbon he’s won is “Most Ugly”! Not to mention a runner-up ribbon for “Smelliest Bottom”!


The Ugglys Pet Shop Checklist

Smelly Bum Boxer – rare, team: smelliest. Smelly Bum Boxer’s rear-end has a real “Knock-Out” blow! If he points his tail in your direction you’d better duck for cover. He’s always eating sausages, which doesn’t help his smelly bum problem. In-fact it just makes it wurst!

Slobrador – common, team: gross homes. You’ve heard of a “Seeing Eye Dog” well Slobrador is a “Peeing Eye Dog”. He leaves a wet trail everywhere he goes for his owner to safely follow! At least he carries toilet paper everywhere he goes for his owner to clean up after him!

Shocker Spaniel – common, team: Smelliest. Loves eating so much, he likes to eat every meal twice! Once he finishes dinner, he barfs it up again. Hmmmm. Anyone for seconds? One day he hopes to open his own “All you can Barf” restaurant!

The Ugglys Pet Shop Checklists

Rep – Vile – rare, team: grossest. I could not find any description about this pet.

The Ugglys Pet Shop List

The ugglys pet shop checklist

In the Kinder Joy egg surprise we had a cool small water pistol. It was our first opening of kinder joy. I have a feeling that they have a slightly better surprises inside.