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Templar (Dragon Age II), a warrior specialization in Dragon Age II Templar (Inquisition), a warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition A member of the Templar Order This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. The Templar Order is as secretive as it is proud. Behind the Champion's tale, the Templar Order had its own part to play out. How do events in Kirkwall lead to the fall of the Templar Order?-A behind-the-scenes fiction of DAII featuring the Templar Order from the perspective of Knight-Captain Cullen-Series. Part 2 of Tale of a Templar. DA2 SpoilersDragon Age 2 has the best story. The narrative is quite dark, the dialogue is top notch, and your companions seem to have more agency. DA1 has a very 'classical' story that resonated well with me for a long time, yet it often failed at being the 'political thriller' that it seems to have aimed for.

You can then perform a ritual to show off how much you think of the people, the Maker, and the templars; or you can refuse and force your foot through the door, so to speak. After another cut. Dragon Age Inquisition: Disbanding the templar order Twitter: https://twitter.com/KamiSevy.

Considering that Divine Cassandra seems to work better with the templar support, ive decided to replay my main playthrough with templars instead of mages.

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I am however conflicted about whether i should ally with them or disband them.

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Ive heard that you only get Ser Barris quest chain (That leads to him becoming knightcommasnder) if you ally with them.

On the other hand, disbandning them seems to make the inquisitions army considerably stronger.

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Right now disbandning them seems more appropriate, since the templar order can start anew once Cassandra reforms the order.

What course of action would benefit me the most with Cassandra as divine?