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Swamsa chart predictions football

Mercury in tenth from Swamsa Like Saturn Sun/Jupiter in tenth from Swamsa Milkman (Opposite to Parasara) Grahas in 4 th from Swamsa: Moon & Venus Palatial residence Exalted Grahas Big residence Saturn & Rahu Stones / Rocks Mars & Ketu Clay bricks Jupiter Wood Sun Straw Grahas in 9 th from Swamsa Benefics Rightous / faithful to teachers. Mercury aspecting/ joining Gulika in swamsa indicate hydrocele and similar diseases of the private pats. Ketu aspecting/ joining swamsa results in a perforation of the eardrums or other ear ailments. Venus aspecting/ joining Ketu in swamsa produces asceticism and religious leanings. He may be initiated into a religious order.

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