Supplies To Spin The Wheel Of Chance Quest

What is the drop chance of the unidentified 13 when doing the 'supplies to spin the wheel of chance'? Help I have completed this quest a little over 100 times now and I haven't seen a single uni 13. The wheel of chance is a popular carnival game and can be built with minimal supplies and minimal knowledge of construction. The wheel of chance is based on a casino's roulette wheel, only instead of laying on a table with a ball falling into one of the slots, it stands vertically with an arrow pointing to one of the prizes.

Hit the button to set fate in motion

In the course of his love stories, the main character has sexual intercourse with women characters and can make some of them pregnant through the impregnation minigame, on the condition the player chooses the option to cum inside.


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How to unlock supplies to spin the wheel of chance quest
For the list of who can get pregnant and the chances of fertilization, see Pregnancy § Characters with pregnancy

Tap the screen or click on SPIN to launch the wheel. The minigame is represented by a roulette‐style wheel mechanism with two spaces: the full and largest one forfeits the impregnation; the empty and smallest one leads to fertilization. The spermatozoon with the main character’s head indicates where the wheel stops; if it lands on its empty section, then the partner will be pregnant. The chance of fertilization depends on the girl and is modified by the pregnancy planning items.



Pills for pregnancy planning become available at the hospital at the end of Diane’s route. First, you have to talk to the nurse on the 2nd floor, then to Roz on the 1st floor, and finally enter the lab in the basement where you meet Dr. Priya Singh while searching the cases. The drugs are used by clicking on the items inside the inventory. Their effects are permanent but not definitive since each type of pill cancels the effect of the other one:

  • Cumdoom pills prevent insemination, reducing the chance to 0%.
  • Pregnax pills make fertilization easier, raising the chance by 20%.


The minigame opens once per sexual intercourse, but nothing prevents from having several ones with the same character.

One week after the fertilization, the announcement is made and the main character may have to convince the mother to keep the child using his charisma. From then on, this event lasts 6 weeks during which the progress of some routes is paused. The gestation evolves over 4 weeks with three different stages until another message informs about the birth. Newborns can be a boy, a girl, or twins of opposite sexes - this choice being random but restricted by who is the pregnant character. The mother and the baby may stay inside the hospital for a few days. Another 2 weeks pass until the baby is sent to daycare and normal activities are resumed. Related dialogues and scenes are present throughout the maternity.

Playing the impregnation minigame is a compulsory step on certain stories: failing it with Diane is required in the completion of Diane’s route, while making Maria pregnant advances the main story.

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Supplies To Spin The Wheel Of Chance Quest Id

ID Quest Nulgath

Supplies To Spin The Wheel Of Chance Quest Id

555-supplies to spin the wheel of chance
556-the assistant
557-swindle's return policy
558-empowering items
559-evil rank 6-iron wing helm enchant
560-good rank 6-iron wing helm enchant
568-bone dust reagent
569-cube reagent
570-essence of defeat reagent
584-ordinary cape
585-good rank 8-cleansing of spinal tap
586-evil rank 8-cursing of spinal tap
589-the weapon parasite
602-lvl 30-voucher item: twin blade of nulgath
603-diamonds of nulgath sale
605-drudgen the salesman
623-secret item
629-combat style: dragonbone axe
631-combat style: dread saw of nulgath
632-combat style: tainted claymore
637-combat style: purified claymore of destiny
638-fiend face
639-blood guard
640-hex mask
641-shadow guard
643-hidden edge
662-lvl 30-fiend claws
663-lvl 30-blood blades
664-lvl 30-hexing staff
665-lvl 30-piercing shadow
667-lvl 30-tainted claw
668-lvl 30-purified claw
726-totem of nulgath
734-combat style: dual dread saw
735-combat style: dread saw of nulgath
765-twisted items of nulgath
766-demanding items of nulgath
837-juggernaut items of nulgath