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One day the games industry will be ruled by visionaries willing to throw big bucks at original ideas and create the same sort of atmosphere that Hollywood had in the 70s, when it encouraged the likes of Scorsese and Coppola to make their masterpieces. For now, though, we live in the age of Rush Hour2, Hear’Say and Armada II. The original may have gone deservedly unnoticed over here, but in the US it was a big enough hit to ensure a cheap and quick remake was promptly knocked off the Activision assembly line. Not that I didn’t find Armada /vaguely enjoyable, it’s just that I wouldn’t want to play it again. And that is exactly what you are expected to do. It’s the gaming version of Spot The Difference.

At the heart of Star Trek Armada are the most exciting elements from the Star Trek episodes and movies: leading fleets of starships into combat, exploring new planetary systems throughout the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, and carefully treading the delicate balance between peace and war among six different races.

Borg Again

So it’s a real-time strategy set in the Next Gen universe and played over a flat map pretending to be space. So you collect resources and build ships as you make your way through the nicely boxed-up campaigns. So yet again, you have to defeat the Borg from assimilating everyone. Would you like some fries with that?

Of course, I’m pissing into the wind here. It's already soldanother warehouse load of copies in the States and filled entire message boards with praise, but at least I can wave an angry fist here and hope to provoke some insulting letters to Feedback.

'The all-new singing and dancing tactical view lets you command your ships in 3D!' they’ll cry with indignation. 'But it’s less than useless,' I’ll retort. Besides there’s no excuse for the presentation being worse, the graphics being no better and the story - the real saving grace of Armada I- being crap. The ships still look like cardboard when they explode and there is so little strategy to speak of you wonder how they get away with having an 's’ in their RTS. The hackneyed formula of collecting resources and building units has been blasted out of the water by more sophisticated titles in recent times. The fact that this is supposed to be set in vast and wondrous outer space just makes the whole thing even more ridiculous.

Of course there are loads of small additions that will have fans of the original weeping into their warp drives. But ask yourselves this: when was the last time you saw Picard spend half an episode overseeing the construction of an Orbital Processing Facility?

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  2. How To Download Star Trek Armada 2. Click on the “Download Game” button.: 2. Download “Star Trek Armada 2” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads). Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

This thread has been created to compile the installation instructions for Armada 2, for any of the events we host -- this includes stock Armada 2 events, as well as Fleet Operations.
While you can get Star Trek Armada 2 to run on Windows 7 with fairly minor adjustments, you might still have problems with your graphics and you won't be able to connect in multiplayer mode. By following these instructions you'll have 3 different options to play STA 2:
1) Armada 2 'original' game play with multiplayer option using the 1.1 and 1.25 patch with multiplayer mode by connecting through Tunngle.
2) In Fleet Ops mode, with multiplayer mode by connecting through Tunngle.
3) In Classic mode using the Classic mod, with multiplayer mode by connecting through Tunngle.
This setup has been installed by 3 different members on their systems and tested by playing single, instant action and multiplayer games.
If these instructions don't work, or you have trouble understanding them, please contact myself or a member of the Tactical staff. Also, if you find something which enables your game to work after a problem, please report the fix for your problem.
Basically you'll be installing 2 mods onto the orginal STA2 game by following the following steps:
(for detailed instructions and links continue down)
1 - Clean install STA 2 from the origanal cd.
2 - Update the game to 1.1 by using the origanal patch.
3 - Update the game to 1.25 by using the unofficial patch.
4 - If you want to play multiplayer games: download and install Tunngle.
If all you want to play is the most original form of Armada 2, then you need not go any further than this.
You can play the campagin, single player en multiplayer games (using Tunngle to connect) with this version.
If you want to try out the mods that were made for Armada 2, then you also have to complete the following steps:

5 - Download and install the STA 2 Fleet Operations mod v 3.2.7
6 - Download and install the STA 2 Classic gameplay mod (if you want to use this).
7 - When you start STA 2 choose 'Options' from the main menu. You will see a choice of 2 different types of gameplay: Fleet Ops and Classic. Choose what you what to play and you will go to the main menu of that mod.
8 - Once again: if you want to play multiplayer games: download and install Tunngle.
Please Note: You MUST install all of the above in this order!
WindowsInstalling STA 2 is a simple matter of inserting the cd into your pc and hitting autorun. After you have installed the game, make sure to patch the game to 1.1. (official patch) and then further on to 1.25 (unofficial patch).
Multiplayer access is a problem with just the 1.1 patch (it crashes), but with the 1.25 patch you can do multiplayer games using Tunngle. Sometimes the intro graphics are distorted, but the main menu shows up without any problems. This should enable you to play the game in single player mode, so long as you have your CD in.
Known Issues.
1) If a pop up appears after trying to launch the game, stating that you 'don't have enough RAM', then make sure to check the options, within the properties of the shortcut you are using -- 'Run as Administrator' as well as set the compatibility mode to 'Windows XP Service Pack 3'.
2) Some graphic distortion can take place, especially if you're running 2 monitors simultaneously on your system.
You can download the Star Trek: Armada 2 Official 1.1 Patch by clicking HERE
You can download the Star Trek: Armada 2 Unofficial 1.25 Patch by clicking HERE
Once Star Trek: Armada 2 is installed, it is very easy to install Fleet Operations -- once you have downloaded the Fleet Operations installer, follow the instructions to install the mod. This will install the mod into a seperate folder, so you don't need to create a seperate install for the mod.
Most recent mod version:
To learn more about the Fleet Ops mod and how it changes Armada 2 gameplay, click on the following link:
To play in multiplayer mode you will need to download and install Tunngle. A basic free version is available from the Tunngle website:
You will have to make a (free) account.
Please note: It is possible that Fleet Ops will flag up your virus scanner, as long as you have downloaded from the FleetOps website, we can guarantee that it is clean. Head to HERE for more information.
This mod is from 2011 and updates STA 2 so you have near perfect classic gameplay and multiplayer functionality through Tunngle.

Star Trek Armada 2 Download Windows 10

Download the mod from the site:
Once you've downloaded it, unzip the files. Then go to the STA 2 Fleet Ops folder.
Create in the Data folder a new folder called 'mods'.
Copy the file STA 2 Classic mod files into the 'mods' folder.
Run the STA 2 Fleep Ops .exe file, once in the menu go to 'Options', choose the STA 2 mod you want to play, then you'll go to the main menu of the mod you chose.Star trek armada 2 fleet operations windows 10

Star Trek Armada 2 Windows 10 Install

If you want to start or join a multiplayer game, you need to launch Tunngle before you start STA 2.
I'm running STA2 patched up to v 1.25 with the Fleet Ops mod and the Classic mod installed over that on Windows 10 and haven't encountered any problems, apart from slightly flickering graphics at the start.
Previously, within Starfleet Reserves there were multiple tests, to test the multipayer run using the STA 2 Fleet Ops mod and the Classic mod connecting via Tunngle and were able to enjoy a great game with any hitches.
If you do have any further queries, or problems to do with Starfleet Tactical or Armada 2, please contact myself or one of the other SF Tactical Officers.
With thanks to Marcus_NL for updating my original thread.
Starfleet Tactical Supervising Officer