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Soldner Secret Wars Cheats Xbox 360

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SoldnerSoldner secret wars cheats codes

Soldner Secret Wars Cheats Walkthrough

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Soldner Secret Wars Walkthrough

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Development update: Infantry fighting vehicles2020-11-26

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. This time featuring some fan favorites, new assets and watch and behold – wheels. The next opportunity to watch some of the old stuff in action, will be on December 10th when the last Joint-Community-War of the year takes place: 20:00 CET, DAD server. Last thing I have heard was 'Soldner Klaus'* being back in town. Let’s see what he has in stock for you next month.

Isn’t the new Wiesel a cutie?



*original trademark of schranzkopp

Development update: Russian helicopters2020-11-19

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. After last week’s excursion now back to 3d models^^. This week rotary winged stuff from the Rodina. The keep things fair towards the ground vehicles, we refrained from putting any wheels on them, too. OK they don’t really depend much on them, but I like to think of it as excelling in finding silly excuses – which I just did :-)

Anyway, here is our collection of Russian flying tanks and utility. Not too pricy, easy to maintain and at home in almost any theatre of operations.

Cheers and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Flora2020-11-12

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. We hope to see many of you at today’s Joint-Community-War starting at 20:00 CET on the DAD server, please feel free to joint our discord and if it gets too german for you, please don’t hesitate to speak up and we switch to English.

Today we are taking a break from showing you the revamped 3d models of guns and vehicles. I was able to pursue our crew into providing you some exclusive peek into the ongoing progress our environmental artists made so far instead. Although there is still a lot to do and everything you see might be subject to change in one way or the other, we wanted you to be able to take a glimpse into what the team is working on atm, besides the obvious 3d models.

As you are about to see, Dr.phil.Perni was not only busy planting trees, that was only me being a bit nasty, but instead whole lots of new environmental objects and foliage were created. These have now been added to the game and the team is currently busy revamping the terrain. Although this work is still in an alpha state, it simply looks too good, to be withheld from you. Every Soldner loves nature and countryside, even if it’s only for camouflage and tactical purposes. Before you ask no there is no bear in any of the pictures, only the last two feature a tiger:

The last two pictures are not only work in progress, but have been doctored on my request ;-) to give an impression of where we are going in terms of development. If you look closely the Tiger features different development stages, but you get the impression. A big thanks to Matthias who took the time providing me the pics, although he literally has no time for such side projects/ request.


Development update: Transport vehicles2020-11-05

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. Dr.phil.Perni is still busy creating and planting trees and stuff, I mean foliage. Meaning we have to stick with updates on new models, but there is a silver line at the horizon… somewhere ;-). Until we reach it, we have some 4 new/ old wheeled vehicles* for you and a rising 'Vorfreude' on the upcoming Joint Community War. With that said: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our 4 revamped classics of the week:

Save the date! Next Joint Community War - Nov. 12th 20:00 CET.
That’s it for this week, stay tuned and as always – Rock on Soldner!


*post may actually contain vehicles without wheels

Development update: Jets2020-10-29

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. This week with a collection of fixed wing aircraft for every occasion and environment. This week’s update also features the shocking revelation, that there is actually more than only one camouflage pattern in the game.

So, if you are into delivering many “presents”, even to remote locations, far from the next airfield und you need a pragmatic solution – look no further. Although not as cute and cuddly as red nose reindeers, the first two jets are very versatile and are able to carry much more presents than any standard sledge. Their VTOL capabilities make them especially valuable in any combat operations and if the Harrier is too mainstream for you, you might want to lay your hands on the YAK-141. Both have their individual pros and cons and although the vectored flight looks good on the harrier it has no tactical value. One might argue the, how Lockheed came up with the vectoring design for the F-35. It certainly looks like the YAK was at least inspiring.

The next plane is a workhorse, although it’s power to weight ratio isn’t the best for a fighter, it’s still able to do most of the jobs at hand. CAS, naval combat or interdiction you name it and it’s not ugly either.

Last but not least a master of CAS and recon with operating costs that make every Soldner smile. No chance you find more bang for the bucks and it’s likely the guy who fixed your Lada also gets this thing serviced:

Just a quick reminder that the next Joint Community War takes place on Nov. 12th 20:00 CET.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned and as always – Rock on Soldner!


Development update: Heavy infantry weapons2020-10-22

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to this week’s update. This week we move from vehicles back to portable stuff. You know the kind of stuff with wrong and right ends, that make your opponent consider switching sides. If one thing always helps, it’s brute force and although they are much more beautiful now than before, they lost nothing in terms of spectacular brutality.

Speaking of brutality, the next Joint-Community-War is scheduled for 12th of November 20:00 CET, so mark your calendars and tell your friends.

Stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


New patch v339832020-10-17

It's patch day again! Don't get too exited however, it is just a 'maintenance' update - so none of the fancy new stuff you see here every week.

Changelog 33983:

- fixed several exploits that could be used to:
* load custom content in certified clients
* gain an unfair advantage
- 'cosmetic' fix to python error with kill messages
- BRDM-2 is now using the correct icon for commander targets

Many thanks to the player who provided information on the possible exploits!

Development update: Armed vehicles2020-10-15

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to the weekly news update. This week we are back on the ground, although without wheels and using the same lame excuse as last time. Well actually we don’t want any distractions from the beautiful, reworked chassis.

Since sticking to a schedule sometimes means skipping things, because of lack of time. We have to skip the written part of this update, because of exactly that. So, whether you are taking a deep breath, happy not having to read my s… I mean update, or you miss it – This is all you get for this week. We will make up for it ;-)

stay tuned and rock on Soldner! Next JCW is to announced soon.


Development update: Trucks2020-10-08

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to the weekly news update. Today’s topics are the upcoming Joint-Community-War tonight, localization of the remastered version and trucks.

Tonight at 20:00 CET the JCW will start on “our” event-server. Everyone is invited to come, experience a maximum of chaos and Soldner the way it was meant to be played. This JCW will feature slightly modified setting t o make trying new stuff and equipment easier, although it won’t be “high money”.

While work on the remastered version progresses, we seek to improve language support adding new localizations. This is your chance to help us improve the new version and get your native language in the game. Just to clear things up: we are talking text here, there won’t be new voice recordings. If you are capable and willing to help with translations, please get in touch with me using direct message in discord. Those who already contributed of course don’t need to message me, I will get in touch with you providing you the latest language files for completion.

For all those of you still admiring “rubber duck” and his convoy, we present to you al collection of reworked trucks, including the famous “mobile respawn” *trademark [Serving surprise attacks and causing hatred for those who mistake it for a taxi since 2004] Since autumn has begun, the responsible Soldner prepares for winter. So please refrain from questions regarding tires or in case of the Vityaz tracks. We are currently waiting for our new winter tires – but anyway here is this week’s selection:

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Light attack helicopters2020-10-02

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to the weekly news update and this week we are back in the rotary wing section. Looking back to last week’s update, we stay in line for the affordability part stepping the technology up a little, adding some firepower and the ability to fly.

Although two completely different things, one might still consider the UH-1D as Lada of the skies. It’s adaptable, multipurpose and offers about the same protection the Lada does. It even allows you to share the death-defying experience with more friends than just your copilot. The same goes for the other three helicopters we chose for this week’s update and some jokingly called them the four ride(r)s of the apocalypse – Whether they ride into or if they actually bring about the apocalypse depends on the user. Therefore, refrain from any complaints like “This was not the apocalypse I was looking for”.

With that said, we present you the four apocalyptic rides of this week. October 8th at 20:00 CET will be your chance to lay your hands on them, the upcoming Joint Community War, will provide you with plenty of targets and passengers.

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Light transport vehicles2020-09-25

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly update. Today’s topic is tradition and affordable mobility. Since scientist have just discovered, that we are rather heading into the next ice age than a global warming, emissions aren’t that important anymore. - At least not as important as reliability, costs and tradition.

If there is one vehicle that every Soldner knows and loves, it’s the Lada. A cheap piece of equipment, providing mobility to antitank users since the beginning of time. Simple and honest in its design and without any frills. You could light a fire under its motor in winter to warm it up and it would still do its job. (don’t try at home)
The more introvert Soldner might prefer the tractor, due to only one Person fitting into the cabin and you don’t have to feel bad when ignoring your teammates spamming VNT. This comes at a cost, since the tractor is large and slow and not as nimble and fast as the almighty Lada. At least you will die with style. Depending on your account and expenditures the IZH might be an alternative to the Lada. It performs also well, but lacks the aura the Lada emits. The sportier Soldner might turn to the snowmobile instead, because if one thing is sure – it’s winter is coming.

The next Joint-Community-War will take place on October 8th at 20:00 CET. Talking of which, I got some complaints regarding the JCWs timing. Please, keep in mind, that we are all CET based and have full time jobs, besides our commitment here. Meaning we have to stick to certain times CET and can not take into account all time zones. I know that sucks, but sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win. *kidding We will try to make it possible, but I won’t promise anything ;-)

That’s it for this week, stay tuned and as always – Rock on Soldner!


Development update: Battle Tanks2020-09-17

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to the weekly news update. Thanks for your participation in the recent Joint-Community-War, we had lots of fun and it was a pleasure getting killed by you. The next JCW will be announced soon, so stand by for further updates.

Back from the wilderness into the dark spaces of the “render-verse”, since we still have a lot to cover and we can’t take everything out for a prowl through the countryside. Besides that, the equipment shown in the last updates was more on the expensive side. This is why for most Soldner they are not the usual suspects in terms of buyer’s choice.

As seen in the recent JCW medium tanks are in use very often. With their engine shut down and the help of a good commander, they turn into true heli nightmares. You need something to get rid of that nasty M1? Look no further! Most medium tanks can be an effective MBT repellant, in the proper hands.

The heaviest medium tanks are almost an MBT themself, but that reflects also in their price. Yet, there are far worse ways to spend your money and the T80 isn’t all too ugly, while still being a tracked death bringer, roaming the battlefields in search for prey.

Or maybe you like to surprise friends and enemies alike, when you take your Type 63 to the beach and out for a swim. Aren't the waterfowl and migratory game bird seasons right around the corner? Your wife may kill you, but be honest – you always wanted to substitute that old boat with something more practical, didn’t you?

We bet you too have plenty of ideas for proper usage of these tools, so here is our collection of medium tanks:

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Tiger in the wild2020-09-10

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our weekly news update. The next Joint-Community-War takes place this Sunday at 20:00 CET. Tie a string around your finger and bring your friends. Remember: Teammates provide the enemy with other opportunities to shoot at - so the more you bring the safer it is for you!

The last news updates were littered with renderings on black background and we have to admit – yes, that is somewhat boring. So we decided to step things up for this update and use pictures taken in the “wild”. Keep in mind tho, that what you see is work in progress. Meaning things are still subject to change, yet one can clearly spot the differences between new and old version.

So, for those who already felt this vehicle was missing it in the last update and those who don’t know what I am getting at, we proudly present the shy Tiger in his natural environment, cowering in the high grass, resting form his last hunt.

As always, we hope you enjoyed this week’s update and you didn’t forget about this Sunday 20:00 CET in all the excitement.

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Helicopters2020-09-03

Greetings Soldner,

it’s Thursday and therefore time for our weekly news update on your favorite game. Last week we talked about the happiness a good anti-aircraft solution can bring to you and your team and presented a selection of different tools for your convenient use.

This week however we are taking a look on the other side of the aisle, putting helicopters into the crosshairs. Not literally like in last week’s update but rather as topic of this week’s update.

As always, we won’t confront you with the vast amount of rotary wing aircraft featured in the game, but rather a selection of them, chosen by our sommelier to represent their different types. This first and simplest type being the transport heli. It simply doesn’t get any more basic than hauling stuff and people from a to b. Besides European operators wanting back their Pumas (since the Super Puma was not that super) the Soldner of today has to cope with the successor. While not loved as much as the Puma, the Cougar is still a capable aircraft with room for plenty of stuff and/ or people it is widely in use with European professionals. This is also the reason why it’s on our list, since we didn’t want you to miss out on one of the most commonly used helicopters.

Next up we have the BO-105, a specialized tank killer. Dated, but a master of agility and a low-level performer that has very few rivals. If you like to sneak up on people to employ fire and forget weapon systems, this is the heli for you. Although you should remember that this is a very specialized tool, designed to kill armored targets, most likely in an ambush scenario – keep away from the open sky and small arms fire.

If you are in for the thrill the Little Bird is the better choice for you. It offers even less protection and lacks guided weapons. In return you get a fast and agile killer, able to devastate small areas with unguided rockets and bullets, that can quickly turn a Lada driver’s or infantry man’s day into a very vivid nightmare. Note that this can quickly turn into a mutual relationship – you do not want to close in on a solder carrying a MG3 for example :wink: I did mention the thrill, didn’t I?

Well, since thrill isn’t for everyone and some of us are getting to old for all this “action”, a more pragmatic solution is needed. Something that can survive/ endure small arms fire and is not so dependent on the pilots aim and sight or reaction time. Of course, like big SUVs these old people solutions are more comfortable and secure, but that comes at a cost – namely their price. So, welcome the grandfather of attack helicopters and his son – AH-1W Super-Cobra and AH-64 Apache. Although we would have recommended the AH-54, but since development was discontinued…

We hope you enjoyed this week’s update and like to remind you of the upcoming Joint-Community-War event taking place next Sunday @ 20:00 CET.

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!


Development update: Anti-Air2020-08-27

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to this week’s news update. Last week we talked about the cheap and small miserable makers, which reminded us of …well, bigger miserable makers. Having just dealt with that topic and since no one likes repetitions, we had to reconsider. Always thriving to provide useful stuff to you, according to seasonal and actual demands, while being able to have a laugh at our expense we came up with the:

anti miserable maker

By our definition: A piece of equipment that can be employed to get rid of a miserable maker that makes potentially whole teams miserable. By making his opponents miserable these fine weapons are therefore able to make their whole teams happy.

Which brings us to a quick interlude *jeopardy music on

Talking of happy teams and community service, just a friendly reminder that the next Joint Community War takes place on Sunday, 13th of September @ 20:00 CET. Save the date and spread the word! *jeopardy music off

As always in life there are different demands for every occasion, but luckily for us Soldner features an awful lot of equipment, suiting any possible demand. This is also true for our custom-tailored selection of happy makers, an ensemble to please all tastes – a crescendo of firepower. Wheeled or tracked, cannons or missile, big or small, yet deadly in any case.

Please welcome the reworked happy makers aka AA Platforms

Stay tuned, and rock on Soldner!


PS: JCW Sunday, 13th of September, 20:00 CET

Development update: pistols2020-08-20

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to this week’s update. We have two topics today, the upcoming Joint Community War and guns – who would have thought? ^^ The next JCW will take place on Sunday, 13th of September on our event server, kindly provided by DAD. Please spread the word, we’d like to see even more players than on the last occasion!

Now to something completely different: Guns!

While messing with the more fancy stuff we almost forgot about the good, old sidearm. Better known as the AT buyers friend or the reload life saver. Since we are an educated bunch I thought I would be a good idea to quote the one man who truly understood the world and while doing so, wrote some books that made him famous. Ah, author that’s what they are called. ;-)

The designer of the gun had clearly not been instructed to beat about the bush.
‘Make it evil’ he’d been told.
Make it totally clear that this gun has a right end and a wrong end.
Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going badly for them.
If that means sticking all sorts of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over it then so be it.
This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making people miserable with.’

(Quoted from page 172 of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Douglas Adams. Ballantine Books, 1995.)

With these wise words we present to you the basic miserable makers for all spawn use:

Stay tuned and rock on Soldner!

Development update: tracked infantry fighting vehicles2020-08-13

Greetings Soldner,

it’s time for our weekly news update. First of all we want to thank you for participating in the Joint-Community-War event. We had lots of fun and played some great matches and it was a pleasure meeting the new and veteran Soldner (and in my case, getting shot by them). The amount of fair play shown in this public event and the vibe in the voice channels was truly a thing to behold. This game is special, and so are its players.

Due to the fun and positive feedback we got, the Joint-Community-War will become a monthly event. The date for the next JCW will be announced soon, so stay tuned and tell your friends and clanmates!

For this week’s update we are back on track(s) with matters of transportation. This for several good reasons: they are less likely to get stuck, the offer better protection, they feature mounted weapon systems and we had the pics ready anyway. Well, and they are in fact very commonly used in the servers, due to their affordability.

This reminds me of a question I got asked concerning the new 3d models. “Why do they look so used?” – Well although it’s the year 2010 in the game’s setting, shit has hit the fan and dominating superpowers no longer exist – meaning, so do service contractors, some manufacturers, ect. The Soldner (meaning mercenaries in german) roaming the battlefields of this dystopian world, clearly have more important stuff to deal with than decaying paintjobs or rust from the last trip to the beach^^

So here are the tracked infantry vehicles of choice, reworked although not free of rust:

stay tuned and rock on Soldner!

Development update: scoped guns2020-08-06

Greetings Soldner,

a quick reminder before we begin. Remember, remember the 6th of August, 20:00 CET Joint-Community-War aka Joint-Clan-War. Everyone is welcome!

With that said it's obvious we will be busy shooting each other tomorrow and I won't have time for a news update. Just kidding, this is the news: Summer rages on with hot temps and sunny weather and I received some complaints regarding our choice of gear. Some Soldner gained a reputation occupying their space using towels as flags, well before others even consider breakfast. Some are known for their caravan and mobile home skills often combined with yellow license plates or those known for their severe sunburns and drinking skills - all of them have in common that they do not intend to move once they set their flag on the beach.

We apologize for not taking that into account and try to make up for it with this update.

Considering these special Soldner archetypes, we will focus on long range capabilities as well as descend sights and of course usability. Just the right kind of stuff that allows you to let the jet ski guy experience how you feel about his noisy hobby or him coming to close to your part of the beach. On the other hand, the right tool for this might be not convenient when sitting at the beach bar, when suddenly some stranger closes in on your towel ahm I mean flag. Not to mention those damn seagulls... Maybe a good scope, a smaller caliber combined with a silencer are just the right solution. Assuring your food actually stays your food and your neighbors and team members chill is not interrupted by constant gunfire, since seagulls seem to be rather frequent phenomena.

Enough talk, here are our tools of choice for those who don't mind camping from time to time or those trying to get rid of them from a distance:

See you today on the battlefield! Rock on Soldner!

Development update: vehicle models2020-07-30

Greetings Soldner,

welcome to our latest update on the current state of development. Last week's topic was beach and vacation equipment, but one needs to get to the beach first, right? Since it's summer and therefore rather hot, a lot of armor isn't the right choice. We thought of something more capable of either hauling party equipment and guests to the beach or something promising more fun in terms of 'beach action'.

Our sommelier recommends the following selection of vehicles for an awesome beach experience:

Don't forget you have a date on August 6th, since your rifle is youre best friend.
That's it for now, stay tuned and rock on Soldner!

Development update: submachinegun models2020-07-23

Hello Soldner,

since guns and especially more guns are always an issue here, we decided to move to this topic in the update you are just reading. We spent some time discussing what weapons to showcase to you and we decided to keep this update vacation compatible. Even the best, hardest and meanest Soldner go on vacation and if there is one thing the Soldner of today can't do without, it's firepower :-)

Since large and more traditional assault rifles like the AK are too big to conceal and carry on the beach and smaller handguns simply don't put enough lead in the air (and adversary), we as service orientated dev. team made a selection that satisfies the needs of any true Soldner.

For all who haven't guessed it by now, we are talking submachineguns. Easy to conceal under a towel at the beach, fairly precise and a descent rate of fire. The following 5 guns do all that and provide a choice for the more high-tech user and the traditionalist who doesn't need fancy sights or silencers.

Always remember:
I hope you enjoyed this week's update and it was somewhat helpful answering the most pressing questions regarding your summer vacation.

New Portal, New Patch, New Ranking2020-07-21

Today we have three updates for you in one:

  1. New Portal Server

    Our previous portal server was just a temporary solution to have the portal running again. Now I finally had the time to maintain the server properly. The new server is already online and there should not be any change / disruption for you. If your game server is not visible in the portal, please restart the server.

    The new server is not only a major hardware upgrade but is now running current versions of all relevant software including the OS. This required several changes to the portal backend. The new portal seems to run perfectly stable during testing but if you have any problems, please report them via Discord.

  2. New Patch 33982

    One member of the community has provided us excellent information on several possible and actively used exploits. We have fixed all of them with the new patch 33982. If you know any exploits still possible with 33982, you can assume we are not aware of them. Please report them by direct message in Discord to Huffel or by mail to the soldnersecretwars support E-Mail address - Thank you!

    The patch and dedicated server v33982 are available in the download section. You do not need to install 33981 first if you have not installed it yet.

    Changelog 33982
    - fixed several exploits that could be used to:
    * load custom content in certified clients
    * join servers with fake names
    * bypass server passwords
    * gain an unfair advantage
    * change player names in online games
    * sabotage the admin web-interface
    * crash / slow down servers
    * break the portal connection of servers
    - fixed a bug that caused an incorrect name conflict error on joining a server
    - limited maximum values for time- and frag limit votes

    Note #1:
    With 33982 we have slightly limited special characters that can be used in player names.
    Player names with the following characters are no longer allowed and have been removed from the portal database:
    % ` ´
    If you were using one of these characters in your account name, please register a new account.
    Note #2 - relevant only for server admins:
    We recommend forcing your game servers to create a new portal login.
    This needs to be done only once and only for existing servers. There are two ways to do it:
    a) Delete the file gamebinconfigserver.ini
    b) Clear the values for 'portalid' and 'portalpw' in the same file

  3. New Ranking

    With the server change I also worked on a maintenance update to the ranking website and decided to implement some functionality I planned and started to prepare in 2012 already. Ranking is now back online with new functionality!

    Changelog Ranking
    - fixed a bug that caused kills of players in vehicles to count double
    (Mel still was first in Nov 2013, because score was calculated accurately...)
    - fixed a bug that probably caused destroyed vehicles as the weapon used in some cases
    - suicides now count as a death
    - suicides are no longer considered for weapon statistics
    (e.g. crashing your air plane will no longer count to the kill stats of that plane)
    - improved accuracy of playtime and made it more robust against crashes
    - ranking data is now always assigned to the correct season. A delayed upload from a server hoster will no longer show up in the following month (it will be discarded for closed seasons)
    - added map statistics
    - added player awards

    The ranking update is much more complex than it looks like. More than 95% of the code for the website has been rewritten from scratch and 100% of the code to parse ranking data is new. Therefore it is very possible that there are bugs. If you find any, please also report them via Discord.

    Information on previous seasons:
    Seasons October and November 2019 have been recalculated completely with all new ranking features. They show different stats now because they have been re-calculated according to the time of the rank event. Both seasons contained a lot of data not actually originating in that season (e.g. November no longer contains events from October).

Thank you for reading this far, now have a lot of fun with the new update and spotting all the changes to the ranking system! Remember the Joint Clan War: 6th of August 2020!

Development preview: Vehicle models2020-07-17

Greetings Soldner,

the Joint Community War (6th of August) is still 3 weeks from now and we thought you might appreciate it, if we help you a little with passing that time.

Last weeks glimpse into the remastered Soldner focused on landscape and environment and although landscape never gets boring to Dr.phil.Perni, we decided to move on to something else in this news update. Not only the enviroment looks outdated in the original version, vehicles do, too. So we decided to show you some of them, beginning with the heavy tanks. Like everything these were subject to a major overhaul and... well, take a look yourself:

I hope you enjoyed this week's update. Please feel free to leave a comment in the feedback section or suggestions what you would like to know about, respectively what you would like to hear about in the upcoming news. - We might consider your ideas ;-)

That’s it for this week, stay tuned and as always – Rock on Soldner!

Joint Clan War: 2020-08-062020-07-10

Hello fellow Soldner,

it has been quite some time since we have updated you on what is happening with and to our favorite game, so it’s about time we do that now.

First of all, I am glad to be back in town and I am very happy that so many players of the old guard made it to our new home in Discord – but that’s not what brought you here in the first place, so let’s talk Soldner… In memory of the traditional Joint-Clan-War events that were very popular within the community, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Soldner in a Joint-Community-War event. For those not knowing what I am talking about, a short explanation: The JCWs date back to a time, when a server featuring 32 players was huge and Soldner was one of the very few games featuring large server populations. So in the past clans teamed up to fight a huge war against a team of enemy clans, providing lots of fun with the maximum possible chaos on a server. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what we thought too. Thus we are planning on reviving this event as a Joint-Community-War and a place where you can meet with old friends or even find new ones. The event will take place on the 6th of August (Server will be announced) starting at 8:00pm (CET) and we invite everyone here no matter if veteran or newbie to participate and make Soldner great again. I look forward to meeting and possibly killing you :-) (most likely I am the one that gets killed, but come and see for yourself ;-)).

One more thing: As you might know, a new team formed under the lead of player and developer veteran Dr.phil.Perni. While there is still one hell of a Huffel working on the old game we love so much, these other folks are currently working on “preserving” the game for the future. Meaning the efforts won’t result in a new game from scratch, but rather as a remastered version of Soldner Secret Wars minus some flaws of the original, like the shader model 2 HUD (Nvidia Users know what I am talking about) or the outdate looks just to name the most obvious. But there has always been a lot of talk about the state of development, a tradition cultivated and started by Wings Simulations…;-) So we thought it’s more than about time to give you a first glimpse on what is to come, providing some reassurance it’s worth the wait and that there are truly happening a lot of things in the back. So here is the first glimpse, comparing old to current state of development and I am dying to know how many changes you can spot already:

That’s it for now. I hope to see you on 6th of August at the event (further details will follow) and I promise we will keep you updated on a more frequent basis than before.


New patch 33981 available2020-05-01

We have just released a new patch to version 33981. Even though it has been more than four years since the last update, we consider it a 'Hotfix'. There is no new content or balancing etc. it will only fix an exploit that could be used to load custom content in certified mode.

You can find the patch installer and the dedicated server 33981 in the download area.


Forum archive available2020-04-25

As promised, the forums are now available again. You will not be able to log in or post but you can browse and search all public areas of the board.

The board will stay in read-only mode. If you want to get in touch with the development team and players, I recommend the SSW Discord Channel (see below).


Status Update2020-04-18

The portal is back online! I am sorry for the long downtime.

Work on the game has continued in background and we will be able to give you some more information 'soon'. The forums and ranking are not available at the moment. I will make the forums accessible in read-only mode in the next days, the board will not be re-opened. Instead you are welcome to join the Söldner Discord Channel to connect with the community and updates on the current development:


Status Update2019-07-29

As already announced last year, there is a new development team working on the game. We are still not able to give you a proper time estimate for a release or all details but nevertheless we want to give you a short status report / life sign:

In the last months all legal issues have been solved. Work on the game has continued during the entire time. The outcome will not be a Söldner 2, but major parts of the game are being reworked and modernized. In addition to updates to underlying technology (performance, compatibility, stability) the team is working on improved models, textures, maps and balancing. By now the scope of open tasks for an initial release has been fixed. With that information we can now at least confirm that a release will not be in 2019 - the game just has too many assets needing attention ;-)

We are aware of the current issues of the game and are working on a small 'Hotfix' for the Söldner Community Edition to keep the game stable and alive until everything is ready.


Status Update2018-04-24

It has been quite for a long time around the development but now there is some news about the future of our game:

A new development team is currently overhauling the game with the intent to make it available on digital distribution platforms to try to reach more players and to allow Söldner to live for a few more years. More details will follow in the next weeks once we can provide you with a rough timeline.