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This is a tutorial on how to use an Xbox 360 controller on San Andreas Cops and Robbers. It covers downloading and setting up San Andreas Advanced Control, configuring your controller to work with SAAC, and contains a link to my personal AHK script to make the controller work better with the gamemode.

Download Everything about GTA San Andreas for Windows to guide players of GTA San Andreas with complete game information. Everything about GTA San Andreas has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

Simply unzip the file to your desktop, load SAAC.EXE in the folder, and let it run in the background while playing GTA:San andreas! Resetting, modifying, or changing anything that is predefined the way the.rar comes will alter the controls, so be careful. For Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'San Andreas Advanced Control - How do I landing gear?'

SaacTable of Contents:
  1. SAAC
    1. Downloading and Running
    2. Required DLLs

  2. Controllers and Configs
    1. Xbox 360 Controller
      1. Required config file

    2. PS3 Controller
      1. MotioninJoy link
      2. Required config file

    3. PS2 Controller
      1. Required config file (PS2)

    4. Required Adjustments

  3. ​Keybinding / Ease of Use
    1. Compiled .exe
    2. Source to my AHK file

Saac Gta San Andreas Windows 10

Files for GTA San Andreas
File uploaded by:Philips_27
This mod allows you to play with your friend on one keyboard in a cooperative mode. The modification is fully compatible with the save! That is, nothing changes, but only adds.
This is all the same modification using the program San Andreas Advanced Control (SAAC).
Innovations version 1.2:
- Added 16 mini-missions from the PS2-version.
- Karl's girls can also be a second player!
- Both players can now be in different cars.
- Increased the possible distance between players.
- Enabling / disabling the function in an .ini file.
- Added compatibility with the following global modifications:
GTA: United;
GTA San Andreas: Liberty City;
GTA: Gostown Paradise;
It probably works in other versions, but the author does not know about it!
To run the game for two, you need to find the appropriate pick-up and press ENTER (or another key you put in SAAC).
When using two joysticks:
- First, download and install Glnpiut .
- Also do not forget It .
It .
Note: The modification is still in development.

Mods → CLEO scripts
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>Nights744

Saac Gta Sa Windows 7

1.23 Mb


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Saac Gta Sa