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The explanations, illustrations and reference pages help me study smarter, not harder. I love the opportunity to gauge my performance.

I love the diverse questions and explanations. It’s an amazing resource that provides a great question bank, videos and flash cards.


USMLE-Rx has helped me structure my study pattern and has made my preparation for Step very efficient.

I think this Qbank is the best one for starting out. It really helps solidify First Aid knowledge.

Rx is the best Qbank available! I’ve done Uworld and other Qbanks but I feel Rx is more appropriate, and it focuses on high-yield!

The videos did an excellent job of helping me through my first pass of First Aid, the additional information of the presenters made the videos invaluable.

The question bank really challenged my depth of knowledge. The videos added high-yield information that my school and other sources haven’t!

There isn’t a resource like this currently out there, and I think it would be very helpful to have during both first and second year. It’s great that it matches up with First Aid, which is vital as that’s practically the STEP 1 Bible.

Every brick has objectives, flash card questions, and practice questions. Overall I enjoy the bricks a lot more than reading lecture slides or outlines since the bricks are interactive and well-integrated with the USMLE-Rx ecosystem.

Rx Bricks are a great way to get all the information and practice for tough topics in one place.


I got a 256 on Step 1, largely thanks to Rx starting me off in the right direction…the fact that it is coupled to the First Aid textbook was immensely useful.

USMLE-Rx was the most important part of my Step 1 preparation. I finally was able to remember all the information to pass the exam.

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Hey Audiophiles,

Rx forum nflI use to be into the finer points of the technology 10 years ago, but not now. I'm in the market for a new AV Receiver as my old HK AVR-320 is old, tired and lagging in features. Any help would be appreciated.
Costco has the Yamaha TSR-7850 for 489.99, and the Denon AVR-S750H for 369.99, normally 429.99 now 369.99.
I originally thought the TSR-7850 was a re-branded RX-A780 until I found them both listed on Yamaha's site. The only difference seems to be The 780 has 'AVENTAGE', and the 7850 has 'With all Burr-Brown DAC’s and Yamaha Cinema DSP 3D processing, the TSR AV receivers are poised for maximum audio performance. The Yamaha's look the same have the same specs and weight. Output power is basiclly the same on all units, not enough difference to actually make a difference. My Speakers are pretty old Klipsch KB1.1 Front and Rears, and KSC.C1 Center. A Sony Sub. Nothing fancy or expensive. They may be the next upgrade.
The RX-780 was only used for comparison, I'm not really considering it. Costco is not getting the 7850 back in stock. At some point they had it on sale for 379. I missed that. I'm watching to see if the price drops as they try to sell off reaming inventory.

Rx Forum

  • Yamaha Receiver Page - AV Receivers - Yamaha - United States
  • 7850 - TSR-7850 - Overview - Yamaha - United States
Is there really a difference in the two Yamaha units?
The Denon AVR-S750H looks fairly similar. The Denon has HEOS while the Yamaha has Multicast.



I've read that the Denon manual has a lot to be desired. I did purchase TSR-7850 but not taken it out of the box.
  • Yamaha RX-A780 MSRP -$ 699, showing on sale for $599 on Yamaha's site
  • Yamaha TSR-7850 MSRP -$ 699 on Yamaha's site
  • Denon AVR-SH750H MSRP - $499 on Denon's stie

Is the Yamaha worth the extra $120?
Costco is not getting them back in stock. At some point they had it on sale for 379. I missed that. I'm watching to see if the price drops as they try to sell off reaming inventory. I've read that the Denon manual has a lot to be desired. I did purchase TSR-7850 but not taken it out of the box.
Are there any others I should consider?

Rx Forum Nfl

Thank you for any advice you can give.