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From the past few days, I was posting previews of WWE 2K19 PS2 Mod. Most of you were asking about its released date and now the time has come. In this article, I am giving you WWE 2K19 PS2 Mod which has excellent graphics and plenty of WWE superstars for your PC and high-end Android devices.

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WWE 2k19 PS2 mod

Mod contains almost all superstars of RAW, Smackdown, 205 and NXT. The main highlight of this mod is its graphics quality. It has exact graphics of WWE 2k19 PS4 game. The modder used 2K19 textures in this mod to get the best quality.

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This video has its gameplay and how to install process.

The majority of peoples have low-end PC and everyone can’t play WWE 2k19 on their device. Now you can get WWE 2K19 experience on low-end PCs. If you want to play this game on Android then you must have a high-end device because PS2 games require high specs on mobile devices and you must have a Damon PS2 Pro emulator.

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How to install and play WWE 2k19 PS2 mod (PC)

  1. Download PSX2 emulator and subfolder file from the link given below.
  2. Now you can download game ISO from the link given below.
  3. Extract PSX2 rar file, you will get PSX2 folder.
  4. Extract the subfolder file, you will get bios, cheats and memcards folder.
  5. Cut all the three folders and paste them into PSX2 folder.
  6. Now in PSX2 folder install PSX2 emulator by running its setup file.
  7. Open PSX2 emulator and click CDVD>>iso selector and browse WWE 2k19 PS2 iso.
  8. Then click on system enable cheats option and click boot CDVD (fast) and enjoy.

If you face some problems while playing the game, then comment below I’ll give you the best setting video for this game.

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How to install and play it on Android

  1. Download PS2 bios file and ISo file from the link below.
  2. You must have Damon PS2 pro emulator. It is paid on play store, don’t buy it, try to download its crack.
  3. Extract bios file now open Damon PS2 pro emulator and browse bios file then browse game ISO and enjoy.

As I mentioned above t play this game on Android you must have a high-end device. If you have a good flagship device then only you should try to download this game.

Credits and Download section

All the credit goes to Jonathan Zaiko and PS2 eater

PSX2 emulator: Download

Subfolder file: Download

WWE 2k19 PS2 ISO (3GB)


Google Drive: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

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What are your thoughts and experience with this new PS2 mod game? Share your opinions on the comment section and you can also ask your queries in the comment section. For more stuff like that visit our youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Ps2 Themes Free Download Pc Games

Download Free Ps2 Games

If you've been around long enough to remember Sony's PlayStation 2, you may be interested in checking out this PS2 Legacy Dashboard Dynamic PS4 Theme by Truant Pixel with some demo videos of it below!
It was created for Sony Interactive Entertainment, and according to the developer will be available from December 6th in US and EU for 2.99 in the PlayStation Store.
Download: EP9000-CUSA07875_00-PSLEGACYTHEME001.pkg (13.5 MB) via Sametto Chan on his Discord Channel
From the video's caption, to quote: Legacy Dashboard Dynamic Theme by Truant Pixel
Created for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Available December 6 in US and EU for 2.99
We are pleased to bring you this theme, created with input from SIE US, Japan, and Naughty Dog.
After multiple prototypes over the last 2 years, each of which were designed to mimic functional aspects of the PS2 Dashboard, we have been given the opportunity to combine multiple disparate elements into a single piece of theme software which mimics the sights, sounds, and functionality of the PlayStation 2 Dashboard.
Upon starting up, users are treated fully recreated 'boot' sequence. PlayStation 2 logo cannot be used due to licensing restrictions, so we have taken an opportunity to create a mid-boot 'Easter Egg,' which changes randomly with every login.
From there, the 'Seven Stars' make an appearance, coalescing from random points to recreate the mathematical and dynamic formations to accompany the passage of time, similarly recreated from the original PlayStation 2 bios in the form of the Crystal Clock.
Color shifting is now controlled via user input, with subtle shifts in particle speed and behavior. Additionally, original audio has been taken from the PS2 hardware and recreated in the background ambience and custom keynotes for this theme.
Lastly, as is our standard, this theme has been designed for 1080p, 4k/UHD, and OLED displays.
PS2 Legacy Dynamic theme “Making Of”
A 'making of' video of our PlayStation Legacy dynamic theme. Be warned, This is an fairly dull technical discussion that may put you to sleep. My apologies
Cheers to @Jeff in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this morning for the news tip!