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Every one of us probably be aware of the Pokemon animated series and the Pokemon Go game as well. Related to this, today we are going to discuss the Pokemon Uranium Download procedure, this one is also the action game which is progressively increasing its fans. First we will discuss about the theme of the Pokemon Uranium, and then we will further go on through its downloading procedure.

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So here we started the article, make sure to read this article completely so that you get the points correctly about downloading and other features. Otherwise you cannot download this game effortlessly and you may be stuck in this process. So simply read the steps carefully.

Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is a game created specifically for the Nintendo DS system, also made for Windows, where everyone can play this game with their favorite characters as a players. Pokemon Uranium is one of the best games that is delivering the experience and everything that the fans expected for a Pokemon game.


It is a complete game, prepared by fans, presenting no less than 150 new Pokemons. You will play as Natalie or Viktor in a game with varied background themes in which you will hunt many new species to become the best coach. To enjoy it, you just have to download the game. Once the file is downloaded, you only have to unzip it, launch the installation file and move the two patch files to the installation folder simply.

Pokemon Uranium is designed on the common pattern of a traditional Pokémon: monster hunting, fairly linear exploration of a vast and colorful world, plot linked to the protagonists, management of the Pokémon found along the quest and of course management of its pokédex. It goes without saying that if you don’t like this license, you may not be capable to find your account.

Pokemon Uranium Download Link

You can download Pokemon Uranium from below link:


Theme of the Pokemon Uranium

Along with the Pokemon TV series, the game creators have gathered over millions in terms of its huge fan base and every year the fan base is highly improved with many new viewers. Among those, they are many young children who fall in love with this show. This game runs the story of Ash and his friends rather than you are freely open to select any character, which you like. Similar to the TV series, it is a imaginary world with full of Pokemon and the player also belongs to the imaginary area in the Pokemon universe.

In the game, you can gain about 150 new fan-made Pokemon species, which would make you love to collect and put them on the show in your own Pokedex. Winning 8 gym badges or finding at least 190 Pokemon in the Pokedex is the main reason of this fame.

Pokemon Uranium Download Guide for Android:

As I have mentioned above that it is a Nintendo system made for windows, so if you want to play Pokemon uranium game on your phone, then you need to download it on your device. For that, you need to use a Remotr Streamer, which would further navigate you to crick the game from your desktop or laptop to the phone. For this, you have to follow these below mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to download Pokemon uranium apk from this below mentioned link.
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4HusEKrIZiQbUlvd0kySHZKSXM/view?pref=2&pli=1
  • After downloading this file, next you need to download remotr streamer on your PC and install it.
  • Launch the app and create your new account.
  • Next you need to download remotr app on your android phone from play store as well.
  • Log in to the same account that you have created over your PC.
  • Now, you can watch the computer live screen on mobile and play game through screen sharing with your pc.
  • This one is the only way to download and play Uranium Pokemon on your phone.
  • Hope you will enjoy this.

Pokemon Uranium Download

Another link to download Pokemon Uranium game for PC is given below, as the official website has stopped sharing the download links of this game. So try this another link:

Pokemon Uranium Free Online


Also get the Pokemon Uranium Version from here:


Features of Pokemon Uranium

  • Have All 8 Gyms available.
  • 192 Species of Pokémon to catch & evolve — plus 8 more coming in future updates
  • The Tandor Championship
  • A full storyline — battle against a powerful Nuclear enemy
  • Online features: Battle and Trade directly with other players, and also use GTS and Wonder Trade and Mystery Gift
  • Multiple save files
  • 30+ hours of gameplay

Close Up

So this were all about the Pokemon Uranium download, we hope that the above mentioned links will be useful might be useful for you and you will get my points clearly. In any case you encounter any issue or downloading interruption then feel free to comment down, as we will surely help you out in this. Thanks!

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