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Latest version- Patch Update 1.1

Download Pokemon Uranium for Windows to discover more than 150 new pokemons. Pokemon Uranium has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

The installer for Pokemon Uranium Installer Beta 0.4.0. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Official Pokemon Uranium mirrors. Here are the links for the game download, and VirusTotal scans (I can't scan the installer as its big).

Updated on- Jan 4 2017


This is not a rom hack and cannot be played on a GBA emulator. It can only be played on a computer running Windows.

Download v1.1.0


Download v1.0



Name: Pokemon Uranium
Language: English
Creator: ~JV~, Involuntary Twitch
Platform: Windows (Mac coming soon)
Pokemon Uranium Latest Version DownloadStatus: Completed

Pokemon Uranium Version Download


  • All 8 Gyms
  • The Tandor Championship
  • 192 Species of Pokémon to catch & evolve – plus 8 more coming in future updates
  • A full storyline – battle against a powerful Nuclear enemy
  • Online features: Battle and Trade directly with other players, and also use GTS and Wonder Trade and Mystery Gift
  • Multiple save files
  • 30+ hours of gameplay


~JV~, Involuntary Twitch

Pokemon Uranium Updates


Official Website

Pokemon Uranium Version Download For Gba

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Download links

Here are the links for the game download, and VirusTotal scans (I can't scan the installer as its big)
Note: all files will be in one compressed .zip file for ease of download.
MEGA (Backup): Download
.torrent File (also below there is a download) : Download
A tutorial for how to manually patch the game can be found here
If you are having an issue with the patcher (any errors of such) follow this guide from /u/tails32
HASHES FOR FILES (Thanks /u/Kraigius)

Pokémon Uranium 1.0.msi:

MD5: d918aa4f09c4c5b9c5188e3292194760

SHA-1: cc6b4eb544d544bdf5124556f89b79a61ec625f0


MD5: ab907d0234ce0706b0c1af819b3e87de

SHA-1: 525ea2af365bbc9e5db0918fdcc37c6e94459eca

Any issues with the download links, let me know by dropping me an email at:
Pokemon Uranium.torrent