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Today, we are going to discuss that how to install firefox on Chromebook, the guide will be about overcoming firefox issue on Chromebook. Actually, Chromebook is also running on chromeOS like iOS or Linux etc. and most of all there is some firefox issue on Chromebook, so first we will discuss the Chromebook and then further.

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Chromebooks have Chrome OS, mainly the Google Chrome browser. When you switch on the Chromebook, the Chrome browser spontaneously take-offs so you can run the web promptly. But if you are not a Google Chrome lover? Or maybe you’re speculating what Google is deviously gathering data if you’re using its browser.

What’s a Firefox?

Firefox is a very fast web browser than ever and gives you a great web browsing experience that keeps our privacy. Represents with personal private with Enhanced Tracking Protection, which automatically saves us from over 2000 online trackers from harming our privacy.


With Firefox, we don’t need to worry about our privacy settings, everything is fixed automatically, but if you like to be in control, you can select from the many ad blocker add-ons present for the browser. Firefox is designed with smart browsing functions which permits you take your privacy, passwords, and bookmarks with you protected wherever you go.

Of course, there are many ways through which you can set up Firefox in your Chromebook. Now we will discuss the ways that how you can do this:

Tricks for installing Firefox on Chromebooks

You can run firefox on your Chromebook through these four ways, have a look:

  • Setup the Android Firefox application
  • Setup Firefox as a Linux application
  • Setup Firefox ESR
  • Setup standard Firefox

Now let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Setup the Android Firefox Application:

Many new version Chromebooks really give a supported feature of android apps, through which you can easily set up android firefox application. For this, follow these easy steps:

  • First of all turn on the chromebook.
  • Visit the playstore of your chromebook.
  • Mention the Firefox in the search bar.
  • Make sure you’ll select the best one with full features.
  • For that, tap the Standard Firefox.
  • Click on the install button.
  • After installing the app, you can use it for browsing.
  • Firefox for Android also supports extensions, while options of firefox are very narrow. As you know that it is an android app so for this reason, it will definitely not give you the desktop results much clearly.

This is all about installing android app on chromebook, now we will discuss the next method.

Setup Firefox as Linux Application:

Well, if your chromebook supports the linux applications format, then you can install linux app firefox format on your chromebook. For checking the support of chromebook for linux, follow these steps:

  • Open the menu tab and click the settings option.
  • Now search the “linux” through entering in search bar.
  • If there is Linux Beta Option, then it means that you can install linux apps on your chromebook.
  • Next, you just download the linux firefox app in your chromebook and enjoy surfing.

Setup Firefox ESR:

To run firefox on Linux supported Chromebook you have to download Firefox ESR. Open the menu tab. Enter this below-mentioned command to install Firefox-ESR.

sudo apt install firefox-esr

When the process of installation is completed, you can see the Firefox icon on your screen or startup menu. You can now start using Firefox in Chromebook. Firefox-ESR is known as Firefox Extended Support Release, this is a longstanding supported version. Due to this reason that Firefox-ESR is a constant release, which means it is appropriate for commercial use.

Releases will be upheld for more than a year, with complete safety updates concurring with regular Firefox releases. New specifications in standard Firefox releases will only be available in ESR in the next main release, after the completion of the recent release series.

Setup the standard Firefox

Well if you want to install the standard firefox app rather than firefox ESR, here are some simple steps to install firefox in Chromebook.

1. First of all install Firefox-ESR. This will install the other needed files mandatory for Firefox.

sudo apt install firefox-esr

2. Then, delete Firefox-ESR without deleting its files or folders

sudo apt remove firefox-esr

3. Visit to the Mozilla firefox website and download Firefox to your Linux home folder.

4. Now, Extract the tar file into your Home folder by following this command in the end. Make sure to Change the Firefox filename in the command below.

tar -xvjf firefox-68.0.2.tar.bz

Now you will see the Firefox folder.

5. At the end, we will create a Firefox desktop icon. In the end, type the following:

Here you have to change “USERNAME” to your username of the Linux terminal. Your username is the name in the terminal before “@penguin.” In my case my username is “damienohwj.”

Save by (Ctrl + o) and exit by (Ctrl + x) the nano editor.

6. Now you will see a Firefox icon in the menu tab. (If there is no icon, restart your Chromebook.)

Pokemon Uranium Download Chromebook

7. Tap on it and the Firefox browser will automatically launched. It will also auto-update itself in the upcoming time when new version will arrive.

Even though that Chrome browser is the default browser in Chromebooks, that doesn’t mean that you have to definitely use it. With support for Android and Linux applications, you have many options to install the browser as you want, including Firefox or any. If you like Opera or Vivaldi, you can also install them easily.


Hope this article will be useful to you in case of installing firefox in your Chromebooks. I hope you will get success, But in case you find any questions or queries feel free to comment below. Enjoy! 🙂

Mar 4th, 2020
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  1. This is a simple script I have made (using AutoHotKey) to automate the tedious process of Soft Reset spamming to get a shiny starter.
  2. It does not use a hack or workaround or mod of any sort, but merely automatically presses the 'C' and 'F12' buttons until a Shiny starter appears. It does not reduce the amount of time it takes - that is still up to your luck - but removes the need to repeatedly press the same button for the extended duration of time.
  3. (I personally did not get a Shiny even after 45 mins of button pressing, which I believe works to around 225 attempts. At that point I got tired and made this script :P)
  4. Basically, the functionality of the script is to continuously press the 'C' button until it gets to the Nicknaming screen. It then compares the colour of the pixel of the pokemon seen to the colour of the non-shiny pokemon. If it is a match, it does a Soft Reset by pressing 'F12' and starts over.
  5. I have made 3 different versions, for each starter. Download the script for the pokemon of your choice.
  6. Onedrive
  7. Instructions (Please read carefully)
  8. Run the script. It will place an icon in the notifications area from which it can be closed at any time.
  9. Start Pokemon Uranium and complete the Aptitude test, selecting the pokemon related to the script. Walk up to the pokeballs, but do not pick it up!
  10. Save the game. Make sure it is in Save Slot 1!
  11. Pick up the pokeball and go into the Nickname screen. Move the mouse onto the following location on the screen, based on the pokemon:
  12. Eletux: Light Blue coloured location (like the front leg)
  13. Orchynx: Light Green coloured location (like the front leg)
  14. Raptorch: Light Grey coloured location (like the rear leg)
  15. Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to activate the script. This will start the automated process. Make sure not to move the mouse!
  16. It will now continue to work on it's own. If the mouse is moved, it will very likely make a false positive or halt the process, so I recommend you do not touch the computer while this is being done. Once it finds a shiny, it will stop on it's own. You can exit the script from the notifications area.

Pokemon Uranium Download For Chromebook