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Cheat Codes for Pokemon Pearl Version Game Platform All Dreamcast Game Boy Advance & SP Game Boy Color GameCube Nintendo 64 Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii PlayStation PlayStation2 PlayStation3 Sony PSP XBox. Pokemon Pearl ROM Download for Nintendo DS NDS. Play Pokemon Pearl for Free on your PC, Mac or Linux device.

With Diamond & Pearl being on the DS which contains a slot for GBA games, there is an extra feature utilising this. When you have certain Pokémon games in your GBA slot after obtaining the National Dex, some new Wild Pokémon appear in certain areas for the period of having the respective game in the GBA Slot. However these areas do not appear in the Pokédex so this page will be used to help you with the Pokémon Locations for each of the games. These Pokémon and their evolutions are only available with this method:
Ruby | Sapphire | Emerald | FireRed | LeafGreen | All
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#273 Seedot Eterna Forest
Route 203
Route 204
#274 Nuzleaf Route 229
#303 Mawile Iron Mountain
#335 Zangoose Route 208
#338 Solrock Lake Verity Surroundings
Lake Verity
Lake Acuity
Lake Valor
Mt. Coronet
Spring Path
Turnback Cave
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#270 Lotad Route 203
Route 204
Route 205-North
Route 212-South
#271 Lombre Route 212-South
Route 229
#302 Sableye Iron Mountain
#336 Seviper Route 208
#337 Lunatone Lake Verity Surroundings
Lake Verity
Lake Acuity
Lake Valor
Mt. Coronet
Spring Path
Turnback Cave
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#204 Pineco Eterna Forest
Route 203
Route 204
Route 229
#207 Gligar Stark Mountain
Route 206
Route 207
Route 214
Route 215
Route 227
#213 Shuckle Route 224
#216 Teddiursa Route 211
Lake Acuity
#217 Ursaring Lake Acuity
Route 216
Route 217
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#010 Caterpie Route 204-South
#011 Metapod Eterna Forest
#023 Ekans Route 212-South
#024 Arbok Safari Game
#058 Growlithe Route 201
Route 202
#239 Elekid Route 204-South
Valley Windworks
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#013 Weedle Route 204-South
#014 Kakuna Eterna Forest
#027 Sandshrew Wayward Cave
#028 Sandslash Route 228
#037 Vulpix Route 209
#240 Magby Stark Mountain
Route 227
Nat No.PicNameType 1 Type 2Location
#093 Haunter Forest Mansion
#094 Gengar Forest Mansion (room with eyes on the wall)

Playing Pokemon Black rom on No$GBA DS Emulator
What are the common Pokemon Black and White version bugs that could affect my Pokemon game and how to fix them using action replay codes:

  • When playing Pokemon Black No$GBA Freezes your game or turns your game into a blue screen while you are saving ?
  • Playing Pokemon White on No$GBA at the end of the first battlethe game freezes?
  • While exploring the area, the upper No$GBA portion of the screen turns to white. This is an indication that a bug is present in your file solution.
  • After a long time of playing Pokemon on No$GBA, the screen may turn white or freeze?
In NO$GBA menu enter the following as RAW action replay code

Use these Raw Action Replay codes to fix the blue screen and the freezes in Pokémon Black & White on No$Gba 2.9b.Go to Nogba top menu : Utility -> Cheats
Enter them as 'ACTION REPLAY' and RAW!
start with these 2 lines:

02006F2C 00000000
02180B8C 00000000

Pokemon Diamond Gba Download

after that the code is different for the each version of Poke B&W

for Pokemon Black Version

52006f2c fdd8f1d8
02006f2c 00000000
d2000000 00000000
52180b88 42018811
52180b8c 4770d1fc
12180b8c 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

for Pokemon White Version

52006f2c fde8f1d8
02006f2c 00000000
d2000000 00000000
52180ba8 42018811
52180bac 4770d1fc
12180bac 000046c0
d2000000 00000000

PearlPokemon pearl download no gba 3ds

Enter the codes, Click [v] AR at the menu, and RESTRAT the rom by going to
No$GBA menu : File -> Reset Cartridge

Pokemon emulator best app for playing Gameboy games online in browser.

How to play Pokemon Black on No$GBA DS Emulator

How to play PoKeMoN Black and Pokemon White FIX for No$GBA. Get rid of game freezes and solve non working save game problems for white & black roms on No$GBA DS emulator.

No$GBA- Nintendo DS emulator + all plugins for it
Year of manufacture: 2008
Genre: Emulator DS / Programs for PC
Language: English
File size: 2.77 MB


Description: A simple DS and GBA emulator. Strongly nothing can not but the quality of emulation in terms of braking, etc. on high. Works on all Windows xp, Vista Seven 32 / 64bit.

A small description of the emulator plugins:

Pokemon Pearl Download No Gba 3ds

  • 1. FIRMWARE.exe allows you to change the bios of the emulated DSKi to your liking.
  • 2. No$GBA2X.exe increases the size of the emulator in 2 (for those who do not see anything in the usual version :))
  • 3. NOZ.exe program that imposes an emulsion on the skin and allows you to rotate it allowing you to play games like 'Dr Kawashima's Brain Training'
  • 4. ds-icon.exe allows you to see the icons of games as in the usual DSK + there is the possibility of launching games by clicking on their names. (PS in order to display the games you need in the Options menu to specify the location of the folder with games and emul)
  • 5. Few plug-ins that are honestly unnecessary, but can be useful to anyone.
    PS. The emulsion is bios from the DS and GBA.

The old Desmume was slow and laggy, the new one is better and much different from NoCash, but NoCash can play GBA games without even unpacking files from the archives and the screens upscaling for GBA is available there, but not for DS games and NoCash is now paid, so I do not know what features there are cramped into the paid version, but the latest free version did not make screen resizing possible, and in Desmume the screens for DS games can be upscaled for a long time.

Pokemon Pearl Download Gba

As for me, it's better to have both at once and not to sweat. And better get the console and an R4 3DS card and just do not forget about emulation.