Pharmacia Fplc System

GE/Pharmacia systems utilize two two-cylinder piston pumps, one for each buffer, combining the output of both in a mixing chamber. Waters systems use a single peristaltic pump which draws both buffers from separate reservoirs through a proportioning valve and mixing chamber. Pharmacia FPLC System This column chromatography system automates the separation and purification of semi-preparative amounts of the compound of interest, typically a protein. The system uses aqueous buffers and fairly low pressures, and is housed in a 'cold box' so that chromatographic runs can be done at 4°C, thus helping to preserve.

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This FPLC system consists of the following components: P-900 pump, UV-900 UV detector, pH/C conductivity monitor, the A-900 autosampler, and Box-900. The autosampler powers on, the arm moves forward and backward then the syringe moves up and down. We did not see the tray rotate. The conductivity monitor powers on, passes self tests, and calibrates. The UV detector powers on, passes tests and calibrates. The LCD screen of the UV detector popped out and it is taped to the front of the unit. We could not get the pump to power on. We do not have the capability to test this FPLC system any further.

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Pharmacia Fplc System Manual

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Akta Fplc System

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