Parallels 10 Activation Key

Parallels Desktop 14 Crack With Activation Key Mac + Windows Parallel Desktop 14 Crack is actually among the very best VM software program. It tackles Mac OS X computer with very affordable specs. It is a secure system which enables the drivers to create the digital gadget rapidly, and it helps it be easy to jog Windows OS on a Mac computer. Question: Q: How to move Windows 10 from Parallels to BootCamp using the same activation key? Hi, I am running a MacBook Air (2014) and bought a license for Windows 10 and installed it using Parallels 12.

We’ve made it so easy to get Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop®. Here is the easiest the fastest way of getting Windows 10 running on your Mac with Parallels Desktop, even if you do not have a license for Windows 10. You can now purchase and download Microsoft Windows directly from the Parallels Desktop installation with a few simple clicks!

Note: Before you can install Windows 10, please double-check the following requirements to have the best experience with Microsoft Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop:

  • Check Windows 10 system requirements that can be found directly from Microsoft
  • Make sure you’re running the latest build of Parallels Desktop

As a new user, you will be prompted by the Installation Assistant to download and install Windows 10 as an automatic download, as seen below:

(Figure A)

If you select “Install Windows,” this will begin a download of Microsoft Windows 10 automatically.

Parallels 10 Activation Key

If you decide to select “Skip” but still need to download Windows 10, you can manually “Add New” virtual machine by following this pathway:

Windows Activation On Parallels

Parallels Desktop > File > New

This will bring up the Installation Assistant that will walk you through creating a new virtual machine.

(Figure B)

Parallels 10 Activation Key

In Figure B , “Get Windows 10 from Microsoft” is selected. Once you hit “Continue,” you will be directed to a new screen that allows you to choose which version of Windows 10 you’d like to purchase. See Figure C below.

(Figure C)

In Figure C, you have an option to purchase Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro edition directly from the Microsoft store.

If you already have a Windows 10 license key, you can download Windows 10 as a virtual machine and enter in the license key directly into the virtual machine to complete set up. In Figure B, you’re able to select “Download Windows 10.” Selecting this option and pressing “Continue” will prompt you to the download page for Windows 10, as seen below in Figure D.

(Figure D)

Parallel Desktop Windows Activation

After you select “Install Windows,” your download will begin. This download time is dependent on your internet connection, so it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours.

Once completed with the above download, you will be able to enter the Windows 10 license key in the screen below:

(Figure E)

After entering the Windows 10 license key, you will have full access to the Microsoft Windows operating system to meet your needs. The Windows 10 OS will show up in your Control Center as a virtual machine.

(Figure F)

In the above Figure F, you can click to start your virtual machine and run Windows on Mac without rebooting.
You’re done! Easy peasy, right? Enjoy using Windows 10 on your Mac to run popular software such as Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Cloud, and thousands more.

Bootcamp Parallels Windows 10 Activation

Here are a few alternative methods for creating Windows 10 virtual machine using Parallels Desktop:

Migrate your PC as a new virtual machine which can be read about here:

Set up Parallels Desktop based on an existing Boot Camp partition:

Set up a Parallels Desktop virtual machine using an external USB stick:

Need a Microsoft Windows operating system to get started with your educational software? Buy directly below:

Looking to make the most out of your Mac by running Windows through Parallels Desktop? Download a free 14-day trial and get started today!

Aug 28th, 2014
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  2. We’re all Mac users here, but every once in a while—much as we might hate to admit it—we need to run the odd Windows app. Not only will the latest version of Parallels Desktop, announced on Wednesday, continue to handle that kind of task, but it also brings a host of new features, including increased performance, better integration between guest and host OSes, and support for the forthcoming release of OS X Yosemite.
  3. Parallels has spent a lot of time fine-tuning performance in this newest version, yielding improvements like 30-percent more battery life for MacBook users, 60-percent faster loading of snapshots, 50-percent faster performance from Office 2014 apps, and 48-percent speedier opening of Windows files. The virtualization software will also make better use of both your disk space and memory, using only what it needs of the former (and, thanks to real-time optimization, cleaning up as it goes), and reducing use of the latter by up to 10-percent less.
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