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Video is a great way to build trust with potential clients, showcase your products in use, and add a touch of personality to your brand. But if you want to achieve results with video marketing, you need to make sure your videos stand out from the competition.

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You can take your videos to the next level by adding transitions or using titles and lower thirds. You can also add a touch of creativity by applying color grading or by adding light leaks and various other effects.

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In this roundup, we’ve gathered 30 free motion graphic templates for Adobe Premiere Pro that will help you spice up your promotional or instructional videos, video marketing campaigns, and presentations.

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21 Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro (Free)

Download this pack of motion graphics for Premiere Pro and get access to 8 title templates and 13 clean and modern transitions with customizable colors. The templates can be used in personal and commercial projects and you can easily customize the fonts and the colors.

Instagram Stories Premiere Pro Template (Free)

If you want to add a creative touch to your Instagram stories and make sure your followers notice them, give this template pack a try. You will find animated templates with photo and text placeholders which you can easily edit.

Modern Fashion Promo (Envato Elements)

Consider this Modern Fashion Promo if you’re working on a fashion project. This template would be a great choice as an intro for fashion videos or presentations.

14 Premiere Pro Lumetri Looks (Free)

Give your videos a Hollywood look and feel with this template pack of 14 free Lumetri looks. You can easily switch between them and you will be able to give your videos the same color grade as some of the most popular blockbusters, including Saving Private Ryan, The Martian, Dr. Strangelove, and others.

4K Dust Overlays (Free)

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This free video pack comes with 10 studio quality dust and power effects. With these dust overlays, you will be able to create dynamic animations or add texture to your film projects. You can use them freely in commercial and personal projects.

Travel Stories Premiere Pro Template (Free)

Travel Stories is a stunning Adobe Premiere template with a modern design that was made with travel bloggers in mind. It features simple text animations and smooth transitions.

15 Animated Lower Thirds (Free)

This pack of animated lower thirds makes it easier than ever to add lower thirds to your videos. You can use them to introduce different topics you cover in the video or to call out certain elements. The pack is free for commercial and personal projects.

Digital Slideshow (Envato Elements)

Try this Digital Slideshow template if you want to make a nice video presentation of your company. You can download the template when you subscribe to Envato Elements and use it in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.

Wedding Titles V3 Premiere Pro Template (Free)

If you’re working on a wedding project, these Wedding Titles V3 template is a great choice. The titles are easy to use and customize and you can use them in both commercial and personal projects.

25 Action Compositing Elements (Free)

Add a little action to your videos with this pack of 25 action compositing elements. This freebie includes elements such as explosions, smoke, fire, muzzle flashes, debris elements, and more.

Free Quotes Premiere Pro Template (Free)

Try this free Quotes template if you want an easy way to create animated, video quotes. The template contains 6 quotes and it’s very easy to use and customize. You can change the text and colors with just a few clicks.

Titles and Lower Thirds Autoresizing Typo in Motion (Envato Elements)

This template pack is free with your Envato Elements subscription. You can use it in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects and the pack includes 20+ animated titles, each of which comes with 5 different animation variants.

Light Leaks and Flares for Premiere Pro (Free)

This free video pack comes with 20 high quality studio recordings of various light leaks and flares. The pack was recorded in 4k resolution and you will find different speeds, colors, and movements.

Typography Slideshow Opener Premiere Pro Template (Free)

Try this Typography Slideshow Opener template if you want to spice up your videos. The template includes a variety of title styles which can be used in multiple projects. Included in the pack are 14 titles and 13 video or image placeholders.

Cinematic Title Style Library for Premiere Pro (Free)

If you’ve been using Premiere Pro for a while, you probably know that title styles are somewhat lacking. Instead of creating your own title styles, consider using this title style library. It includes a number of different title styles with versatile and modern designs that are sure to take your project to the next level and help you save time.

Premiere Pro Transitions Template (Free)

This template is a perfect choice when you need stylish and elegant transitions. It features 4k and full HD versions of 15 different transitions that can easily be customized in just a few clicks.

Short Quotes (Envato Elements)

These Short Quotes are a great template to have if you want to create memorable and eye-catching quotes that you can share on social media. The template includes 10 different scenes that are easy to customize.

Closing Credits to a 360° Movie (Free)

Try this template if you’re working on a 360° movie. With this template, you will be able to close your video in style and give it a unique look and feel. The template is free for commercial and personal projects.

16 4K Volumetric Light & Dust Overlays (Free)

Consider these Volumetric Light and Dust Overlays if you want to add some depth to your projects. The template is free for personal and commercial use and includes 14 volumetric light overlays and 2 dust elements.

TV Scan Lines Premiere Pro Title (Free)

If you want to make your video look like it was filmed for TV showing, this template is a great choice. It adds small scan lines which give it that TV-film look. The template is free for personal and commercial projects.

Fire Smoke Water Effects for Premiere Pro (Envato Elements)

This is another pack that you can download when you subscribe to Envato Elements. This pack contains 59 water and smoke effects that you can add to your videos.

Scatter Text Transition Premiere Pro Template (Free)


Draw attention to particular sections of your video by making your text pop. Thanks to this template, you will be able to achieve the scattered text effect. You can use this template for personal and commercial purposes.

4K Space Background Elements (Free)

If you’re working on a futuristic or space-themed project, consider these space elements template. This freebie includes 19 free space backgrounds, all of which were created with real and practical effects and captured in 4K.

Ink Slideshow Premiere Pro Template (Free)

The Ink Slideshow Premiere Pro project includes 10 photo placeholders and 20 text placeholders. This template is a great choice if you need to create a quick animated video.

Creative Process Flat Design Concepts for Premiere (Envato Elements)

Use this template to showcase and explain your creative process. This template is perfect for designers, illustrators, artists, and any other creative professional. The template contains 15 construction kits of designers and engineers workspaces.

Opener Motion Graphics Premiere Pro Template (Free)

This Opener template is a great choice for a video intro or a logo opener that you can add to your videos or presentations. The template can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Falling Logo Reveal Premiere Pro Template (Free)

Add your brand to videos, presentations, and advertising campaigns with this falling logo reveal template. The template is easy to customize and comes with detailed instructions.

Pan Card Font Png

Painted Titles Templates for Premiere (Free)

Make your videos grab attention by adding a dash of color. This free title pack is a collection of 10 title templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects. You can use them in personal and commercial projects and they are easy to customize.

Indian Pan Card Font Name

Modern Fashion Promo (Envato Elements)

Fashion and beauty videos will make great use of this Fashion Promo template. You can easily replace the images and adjust colors and fonts.

Notepad Paper Template Project for Premiere Pro (Free)

If you want to add a retro look and feel to your projects, consider this Notepad Paper template. This freebie is easy to edit thanks to image and text placeholders.

30 Premiere Pro Transitions (Free)

A transition is a great way to spice up your videos. Within this pack, you will find 30 different transition styles from smooth to glitchy ones. The template is free for personal and commercial use.

20 Glitch Transitions for Premiere Pro (Free)

If you prefer glitchy transitions, then this template pack is for you. You will find RGB splits, noise, movement distortions, flickering and many more styles. Simply drag and drop any preset to your project.

Dynamic Upbeat Opener (Envato Elements)

This minimal and modern opener is a great choice for any young company or startup that’s ready to improve their marketing game with video content. You can access this and many more design assets when you subscribe to Envato Elements.

Unlock Phone Social Logo Motion Graphics Template (Free)

The Unlock Phone Social Logo is a modern and well designed template that can be used as an intro or opener to your presentations, slideshows, promotions and events videos. It also includes 20 popular social media icons which you can choose from the control panel.

Real Handheld Camera Movement Presets for Premiere Pro (Free)

This freebie includes 8 handheld camera movement presets so you can easily add a more realistic look and feel to your videos. The template is free for personal and commercial use.

Star Titler for Premiere Pro (Free)

Show your love for Star Wars by adding their iconic title to your video. The template is easy to edit and customize and you can use it for both commercial and personal projects.

Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles (Envato Elements)

Consider this title pack if you want to add stylish and elegant titles to your videos. You will find a detailed help file as well as several different title styles.

7 Optical Transitions for Premiere Pro (Free)

Add a stylish look to your creative videos with the help of these 7 unique optical transitions for Premiere Pro. All it takes is a simple drag and drop from the preset pack and your videos will have elegant looking transitions.

35 LUTs for Color Grading Videos (Free)

This freebie includes 35 free LUTs for your next video project. You can easily apply a vintage or cinematic look and use them in both personal and commercial projects.

Premiere Pro Title Collection (Free)

The last pack on the list contains 3 Lower Thirds templates, an End Credit template, a collection of special characters that you can copy and paste into other titles, a Push Pin, an empty title and a subtitle template with a clever bounding box. Use the titles in both personal and commercial projects.


There is no doubt that video content is extremely popular. From video platforms like Youtube to live streams on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch, more and more brands are using video content in their marketing. With the help of these templates, you will be able to jump on the video marketing train and make your videos stand out.

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