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Unfortunately the backup software supplied with Windows XP saves files with a BKF extension and therefore it is not possible, using XP, to open QIC backup files that have been created using the backup utility in previous versions of Windows. That said, all is not lost, providing you can gain access to a machine that runs Windows 95/98/Me. The File Magic software I referred to lists.qic as a file type it will open but I am hesitant to install it because of the warning from AVG so I quarantined it and have uninstalled it. In the meantime I will wait and see what others may have to suggest I do. Have also posted to AVG and will see what they have to say.

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Opening Backup Files On Pc

What is a QIC file?

Backup file created by the backup utility included with Windows 95 and 98; saved in the QIC-113 format; contains a collection of files in a compressed archive that are expanded when restored using the Windows Backup program.

QIC files can also be opened by Roxio's 'Backup My PC' software. However, Roxio no longer offers this product.

NOTE: The QIC file format is not compatible with the Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 backup and restore utilities.

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Open Qic Backup Files

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Qic File Extension


Restore Qic Files Windows 7

Updated 1/26/2011