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And the Posse, often regarded as American rap group N.W.A's first or debut but neglected album, is a compilation album, rereleasing N.W.A and associated, underground rap songs from the Los Angeles area's rap scene on November 6, 1987. Find N.W.A discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Related Blog Posts. Finesse Mitchell on Music's Role in Relationships and Rubbing Elbows With Prince and U2 at 'SNL'.

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  • The cover on the CD has the advisory, but if you fold out the booklet, the inside is a 3x3 panel poster of the cover. Unfortunately, the image is slightly cropped on the left and bottom, so after I scanned and composited the poster (it's too big to scan in one go) and cleaned it up, I scanned the cover itself (at 1200dpi), shrank down my.
  • Straight Outta Compton is the debut studio album by rap group N.W.A, which, led by Eazy-E, formed in Los Angeles county's City of Compton in early 1987. Released by his label, Ruthless Records, on August 8, 1988, the album was produced by N.W.A members Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and Arabian Prince, with lyrics written by N.W.A members Ice Cube and MC Ren along with Ruthless rapper The D.O.C.
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Packaging, science and technology[edit]

  • A covering, usually - but not necessarily - one that completely closes the object
    • Cover (philately), generic term for envelope or package
    • Housing (engineering), an exterior case or enclosure used to protect an interior mechanism
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  • Cover (surname)
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Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


When a song of musician A is subsequently performed by musician B, musician B is 'covering' Musician A's song.


  • Cover (Tom Verlaine album), 1984
  • Cover (Joan as Policewoman album), 2009
  • Covered (Cold Chisel album), 2011
  • Covered (Macy Gray album), 2012
  • Covered (Robert Glasper album), full title Covered: Recorded Live at Capitol Studios, 2015 album by Robert Glasper
  • Covers (Beni album), 2012
  • Covers (Regine Velasquez album), 2004
  • Covers (Placebo album), 2003
  • Covers (Show of Hands album), 2000
  • Covers (James Taylor album), 2008
  • Covers (Fayray album), 2005
  • Covers (Deftones album), 2011
  • Covers, an album by Break of Reality

Extended plays[edit]

  • Covers (A Camp EP), 2009
  • Covers (Franz Ferdinand EP), 2009
  • Covers (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly EP), 2009
  • Covers (The Autumns EP), 2001
  • Covers (Young Statues EP), 2012

Other uses in music[edit]

  • Cover, an understudy in opera
  • Cover band, a musical band that performs mostly cover versions
  • Cover version, a new version of a previously released song

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

  • Cover (film), a 2007 film directed by Bill Duke
  • Covers (film), an upcoming comedy film directed by Nisha Ganatra
  • Cover system, a system of protection in video games
  • Cover Magazine (publication), a New York City arts monthly publication
  • Cover Corp., parent organization for VTuber idol company Hololive Production


  • Cover (finance), repurchasing a short order made on the stock/equity, forex or futures markets
  • Cover (law), a remedy for the breach of a contract for the receipt of goods
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Deception and concealment[edit]

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Nwa Cover Album
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Other uses[edit]

  • Cover, or covers, the top layer of bedding
  • Cover, to mate animals, e.g., a stallion covers a mare
  • Cover, the seating capacity for one person in a restaurant
  • Slipcover, protective cover that may be slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture

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