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Dear Folks, I got an old nextar portable gps, and it was giving good service to find unknown location, but recently it starts giving me great annoyances by disabling the navigator option in the touchscreen menu, so whenever I turn on the gps to click the navigator, it represents inactivity no working at all.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions about Plans

  • First, click on 'Customers' on the left sidebar of the software. Then, locate and click the green round button ADD (+) at the top of Nextar POS screen. The Customer Registration Form will open on the screen. Fill out the desired fields.
  • Customer Registration With ID Photo. Registering your customers may turn out as a powerful marketing tool. The more info you have, the better you will meet your customer’s specific needs, improving the chances of attracting and winning them as regulars.

If the Nextar POS Software is free why do I have only 14 days to test?

You can use Nextar POS for free and without any time limit, with the FREE plan. However, we also offer the PREMIUM plan that have online support and more features. For this plan that have monthly fees, we offer 14 days of Free Trial. This is important so that you can test them with no cost and discover in practice what is best for your store.

We recommend the PREMIUM plan for all of those who are downloading Nextar POS for the first time because as well as experience the advanced features you can take advantage of the opportunity to rely on our online customer service during the 14 days of the test. A great benefit to deploy the system correctly in your store.

What happens when the 14 days of test (trial) finishes?

When the trial (test period) finishes you have two options: subscribe the Premium plan choosing a form of payment or opting to stay in the FREE plan which is free forever. In both cases you will not lose any information of your store.

Will I lose the data released after the trial period ?

Nextar Gps Driver

No. Your database will continue to function normally without data loss even if you choose to continue to use with the FREE plan. Therefore all your sales information, cash register, product transactions (including inventory), customers and suppliers will continue exactly as before.

Can I migrate between plans before the end of the test period?

Nextar Gps Updates

Yes. At any time you can switch to any plan including the Free plan. You can control the informations of your plan by accessing here.

And if I sign one of the paid plans but after a while I want to go back to free or even stop using ?

Only pay as long as you are satisfied . You can unsubscribe at any time and the program will continue to function normally without data loss. The benefits of the PREMIUM plan will no longer work if you choose to return to the FREE plan.

Nextar Gps Customer Support

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