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22 జూలై As indicated by Balli Panchangam, the accompanying are a few impacts will occur if బల్లి శాస్త్రం – Balli Sastram in Telugu For Male.

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Read Telugu literature and found I was unable to understand many passages without the help of a Telugu speaker because the existing Telugu-English dictionaries were thoroughly out of date. Brown's Telugu-English Dictionary (Madras 1852) was re-edited by M.

November 21, at 7: Lizard Falling on Women Head That means there is a danger to your life.

  1. Narayan Bali Recitation, Book Narayan Bali puja online, Narayan Bali ritual is done to fulfill and satiate the unsatisfied desires of the ancestors souls which are trapped in our world due to strong desires that stay with the soul even after death and to get rid of their own pain they put forth household and realistic problems and thus trouble their progeny.
  2. Mahanarayana Upanishad The text glorifies Narayana Vishnu. Axiology in the Upanishad The charity or gift is the armour in the world, All beings live on the gift of the other, Through gifts strangers become friends, Through gifts, they ward off difficulties, On gifts and giving, everything rests, That is why charity is the highest.

This is exactly when your future will show you victories. The general results of lizard falling for men balli panchangam in women Lizard falling on the right side of men and the left side of women is considered auspicious baoli is said to give favourable results. Lizard Falling on Standards Head That cusses there is a mac to your life.

July 28, at June 4, at 6: I accidentally stamped with my right leg while trying to put it away and it died. When it falls on your knee: Balli panchangam in 1, at 4: Essay on Importance of Education.


Please let me know the effect. Palli Dosham or Ballipaatu Dosham.

I accidentally stamped with my right leg while trying to put balli panchangam in away and it died. It is an ancient Tantra heritage and Mantra used to have control over others mind. Balli panchangam in pancchangam at between Hi I am ranganath. Some dispute is on the way.


I want to know afraid of whos death. You will get some new ornaments.

I am 29 years old ladyLizard is fallen on my right side of breast on Balli panchangam in telugu. August 29, at Balli panchangam in 17, at 9: Also you might interfere in others business without knowing it. Balli sastram for men and women. December 15, at 3: February 11, at 8: Balli Sastram in Telugu Balli Panchangam — YouTube balli sastram calendar free download in pdf, balli sastram telugu calendar free.

Balli sastram in telugu pdf download – Google Docs

November 2, at 7: November 6, at March etlugu, at September 4, at There is nothing balli panchangam in that science tells about the event. There are no logical. Surya also removes the darkness of ignorance and bestows wisdom.

When this happens then it is quite evident that the men will be freed from balli sastram financial if any. Today 22 December around 3 pm one black lizard was fallen down in my kitchen from blli and by mistake I put my right leg on it.

Depending on the time and the region on the human body where the. Sudhir Kumar Moharana says: Depending on the time and the region on the human body where the. Learn more about the different existing integrations and their balli sastram. Pachangam 18, at Whats the significance of a baby lizard falling on balli panchangam in telugu left nape of neck and crawling to right breast?

Financial loss is expected.


July 29, at 1: This is really a lucky event. June 12, at 5: This is exactly when there is a fear of death.

February 23, at 6: You will face some kind of shame. You will receive some good news. Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates — Swamirara. There is no scientific study available.

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Narayana bali telugu pdf hindiNARAYANA BALI PRAYOGAH

The Narayana Bali rite is performed in all cases of abnormal death is defined as follows; death by fasting, by animals, by arson, by a curse, by cholera or any disease, suicide, fall from a mountain, tree or any height, drowning, death by muggers or robbers, by snake bite, struck by lightning, murder and persons who are great sinners. For all these people there is no rite of cremation, no tarpana, no sraddha and no asaucham.
Garuda Purana 40:4-12.

For a brahmin Narayana Bali should be performed within six months; for a kshatriya within three months; for a vaishya within a month and a half, and for a sudra immediately. Garuda Purana 40:13.

The Narayana Bali should be performed through brahmins in the Ganga, Yamuna, Naimasa and Puskara in a tank full of water, in an eddy of pure water, in a cow shed, in a house or in a temple in front of Lord Krsna's image.
Garuda Purana 40:14-15.

Five brahmins should be invited and arghya given to them. They should be learned, of good conduct, most excellent in their family, free from phyisical decrepitude and noble. Never should they be of the contemptable type.
Garuda Purana 40:31.

The sacrificial site is prepared as usual with the yajuman facing east.


suklambaradharam visnum sasi varnam caturbhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyayet sarva vighnopasantaye

yasya dviradha vaktradhya parisadya parasatam
vighnam nighnanti satatam visvaksenam tamasraye

srinatha samarambham natha yamuna madhyamam
asmat acarya paryantam vande guru paramparam



Hari om tat sat
Sri govinda govinda govinda
Bhagavat ajnaya bhagavat kainkarya rupena
asmin narayana bali karmani nirvighnena pari sampati artham adau
visvaksena puajanam kariye.

Hari om tat sat, Sri govinda.................................. with the permission of the Supreme Lord as a service to Him alone, in order that this requiem rite of Narayana Bali may be completed without interuptions, I now offer worship to Vishvaksena.

divyakaram sarojaksam sankha cakra gada dharam
sarva vighna vinasaya visvaksena upasmahe

I contemplete Lord Visvaksena who has a divine forn, with lotus like eyes holding the conce, discus and lotus may he remove all obstacles.

asmin kurce [haridra bimbe-puspe]
sri visvaksena dhyayami avahami asanam samarpayami seat
padyam foot wash
acamaniyam water for sipping
snaniyam bath
vastrartham aksatam in lieu of clothes by offering grains
upavitam sacred thread
gandam scents
puspam flowers
dhupam incense
dipam lamp
naivedyam food
tambulam betal
karpura niranjanam waving lamps in front
suvarna puspam offering golden flowers

yasya dviradha vaktradyah parisadyah para satam
vighnam nighnanti satatam visvaksena tamasraye

I take refuge in Visvaksena who always destroys all hinderances, He is the genaral of the elephant faced attendants and the numerous others.


om adya..........................pretasya akrta snana marana, asuacha marana, hari nama ucchara varjita marana, panca gavya rahita, vikalpa hrdaya, adharma cintana, abhavabhava kriya karma rahita, drsti dosa parihara artham, maha pataka tat samana varjitanam, laghu papanam asura avasthayam, kriya lopa utpanna paradesa para grhe marana / daksine ayane / pancake / yamala yoge / ratrau / krsna pakse / guru hina, tulasi tila sarsapa, gopicandana, gangodaka, snan rahita, para agni dahe, mukhe ajya huta rahita, kita patanga paksi cita madhye jvalita adi dosa parihara artham, kugati nivarana artham, uttama loka avahya artham,
narayana bali adhikara siddhi artham, yatha saktya................................nama devataya / mandiraya / samsthaya aham sampradade

Om, today I perform atonement for the deceased..................................... who has died without the ritual bath, in an impure manner, without recitation of the name of Hari, without having taken panca gavya, as an agnostic, confused about dharma, thinking the unreal world of maya to be real, who lived devoid of ritual purification, in order to remove evil influences, for the remission of major sins as well as minor sins commited in a state of 'self absorbtion', having died without final rites, in a strange place, or during the Southern solstice, or during the five inauspicious days, or during the conjunction of yamala, or during the night, during the dark fortnight, without a spiritual preceptor, without Tulasi leaves, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, sandalwood paste, Ganges water, without sanctifying bath, cremated in and unconsecrated fire, devoid of oblations of ghee in the mouth, for the atonement of all faults like inadvertant burning of other creatures in the funeral pyre, in order to prevent the deceased taking an infernal birth, in order to aid the deceased to attain a supernal realm, in order to obtain the right to perform this Narayana Bali, according to my ability I give this donation to the deity / temple or institute of ............................

Narayana Bali Telugu Pdf


hari om tat sat,
sri govinda govinda govinda
adya...................gotrasya................pretasya- 1. sringi damstre 2. nakhi 3. sastra ghata 4. sarpa dasta 5. gaja danta hatta 6. jala magna 7. kantha grhana 8. visa bhaksana 9. agni dagdha 10. atma ghata 11. candala hasta marana 12. caura marita 13. satru marita 14. mlecchadi marita 15.asta salya marana 16. bandi grhe pasa marana 17. vrksarohana 18. parvata arohana 19. sakatadi hatta 20. kusta vyadhi marana 21. maharoga prapidita 22. ksaya vyadhi marana 23. mamsarbuda vyadhi marana 24. apasmara rogadi maran 25. aneka dusta marana -
durmarana janita dosa nivrtti artham bhagavad krpaya preta pretattva
vimoksanarthaam, punar sujanma prapti artham [visnu loka prapti artham]
narayana bali karma karisye

tadangatvena sthala, jala, yagopakarana suddhyertham maccharira
suddhyertham vasudeva punyaha vacana karma karisye

Hari om tat sat, govinda govinda govinda, today I perform the Narayana Bali requim rite in order to invoke the Grace of God for the upliftment, atonement and redemption of the soul................................ belonging to the clan of ...........................who died of, was killed by, died by:--1. horned animals 2. clawed animals 3. by weapons 4. snake bite 5. by an elephant 6. drowning 7. choking 8. from poison 9. from burns 10. from suicide 11. murdered by wicked persons 12. murdered by rrobbers 13. killed by enemies 14. killed by barbarians (non aryans) 15. died from surgery 16. from being hanged in a jail 17. a fall from a tree 18. fall from a mountain 19. killed in a road accident 20. died from leprosy 21. from a great disease 22. from consumption or AIDS 23. from cancer 24. from epilepsy 25 from many unfortunate causes, - may he / she obtain a better rebirth, in the realm of Vishnu, or in the family of devotees to take up devotional service properly again, or at least in the human form of life in a better position.

As a preliminary to this rite I now perform the ritual of sanctification of the site, the water, the appurtenances of the ritual, and my body through the invokation of Vasudeva.


Upon a pile of rice in front of a kumbha filled with water add a coin, akshata, parimaladravyam a betal leaf and nut, place 5 mango or banyan leaves in the kumbha and a kurcha of seven blades of darbha grass place a coconut on top.

Offer flowers to the deities of the pitha:

om adhara saktaye namah om kurma kalagnaye namah
om dharanyai namah om dharmaya namah
om jnanaya namah om vairajnaya namah
om aisvaryaya namah om pam padmaya namah
Take flower & water in the uddharini.

sudarshanam maha cakra govindasya karayudha
tiksna dhara mahavega surya koti samaprabha
om sahasrara hum phat

Place a flower and water on top of the kalasha.
om acakraya svaha jnanaya namah {heart}
om vicakraya balaya svaha {head}
om sucakraya viryaya vasat {sikha}
om surya cakraya svaha aisvaryaya hum {shoulders}
om jvala cakraya svaha tejase phat {eyes}
om maha sudarshana cakraya svaha saktyai vausat
{snap fingers around the kalash and show cakra mudra, dhenu mudra and yoni mudra}.

idam arghyam, padyam, acamaniyam, snanam, vastram, upavitam, gandham, puspam,
dhupam, dipam, naivedyam, tambulam, phalam, karpura niranjanam lamps.

om sudarshanaya vidmahe hetirajaya dhimahi tannas cakra pracodayate

Invite four sadhakas to come and sit in the four directions.
Offer them respect and take their permission to begin.

om bhavadbhir anujnatah punyaham vacayisye

om bhagavan pavitram, vasudeva pavitram, tat padau pavitram, tat padodakam
pavitram, om tat sat punyaham bhavanto bruvantu, punyaham astu


pavitram bhagavan astu vasudevah paro guruh
astu sankarsano devah pavitram paramo vibhuh 1/.

pradyumno'stu pavitram vai saksat visvasya sampratam
pavitram aniruddho'stu visva trata jagatpatih 2/.

suddhaye astu paro devah vasudevas sada mama
sada sankarsano devah suddhaye'stu sada malah 3/.

pradyumnas suddhaye ca'stu sarvatra mama sarvada
aniruddhas sada devas suddhaye'stu jagatpatih 4/.

suddhaye'stu sada devah kesavah kesisudanah
narayano'stu visvesassuddhaye sarva karmasu 5/.

suddhaye madhavo astvadya sarva lokesvaro harih
suddhaye vo'stu govindah paramatma sanatanah 6/.

suddhaye visnur astvadya suddhaye madhusudanah
sarva loka hito devah suddhaye'stu trivikramah 7/.

vamanas suddhaye astavdya sridharo'stavdya suddhaye
suddhaye'stu hrsikeshah padmanabho 'stu suddhye 8/.

sada damodharo devah suddhaye'stu jagat patih
minatma suddhaye 'stvdya kurmatma visuddhaye 9/.

suddhaye'stu varahatma nrsimhatma'stu suddhaye
suddhaye vamantma 'stu ramatmadya 'stu suddhaye 10/.

tatha dasarthi ramah suddhaye 'stu sada subhah
vasudevatmajo rama suddhaye 'stu sada malah 11/.

krsno'stu suddhaye saurih budhatma 'stu visuddhaye
suddhaye'stu mahamayi kalki visnu sanatanah 12/.

svastir astu sivan castu santir astu punah punah
avighnamisam dirgham ayusyam astu vai 13/.

samahitam manascastu sampadas cottamottaram
vaisnava bhagavad bhaktah hrta samahita cetasah
ekantino mahatmanah sarve bhagavattotamah 14/.

om karmanah punyaham bhavanto bruvantu
om karmane svasti bhavanto bruvantu
om karmane rddhim bhavanto bruvantu
punyaham karmanostu svasti karmanostu karma rddyetam

Take the arghya patra and with a kurca drip water from the kumbha into it
while saying the following mantra :-

om santir astu, om pustir astu, om tustir astu, om vighnam astu, om ayusyam
astu, om aroyam astu, om aisvaryam astu, om sivam karmastu.

.........take the darbha from the hands of the sadhakas place them on top of the kumbha
and return the water from the arghya patra to the kumbha with the following:-

om satadharam, om sahasradharam,
aparimitadharam acchidram anantam aparimita aritstam acyutam aksayan paramam pavitram bhagavan vasudevah punatu

sprinkle everything with the following mantra:-
sthanani desani sahasra baho varenya nama virajamsi nama
tebhyo namaste madhusudhanaya tatrabhimanam saha raksasantu om

Spread a white cloth to the east of the altar, draw a lotus with eight petals.
Establish a kalash in the centre and invoke the eight saktis in a clock wise manner starting in the east.


om rukmini ihagaccha ihatistha.............rukmini sthapayami
om satyabhame ihagaccha ihatistha......satyabhamam sthapayami
om jambhavati ihagaccha ihatistha........jambhavatim sthapayami
om nagnajiti ihagaccha ihatistha............nagnajitim sthapayami
om kalindi ihagaccha ihatistha...............kalindim sthapayami
om mitravinde ihagaccha ihatistha.........mitrvindam sthapayami
om laksmane ihagaccha ihatistha...........laksmanam sthapayami
om kaikeyi ihagaccha ihatistha..............kaikeyim sthapayami

adya..................gotrasya...................pretasya................durmarana nimitta
narayana bali karmanga bhutam satyesa pujanam karisye

Today as an adjunct to the rite of Narayana Bali being performed for....................of the clan of.....................who died by....................I am now performing the worship of the Supreme Personality, Absolute Truth Narayana.

face east and invoke Lord Narayana.
santakaram bhujagasayanam padmanabham suresam
visvadharam gagana sadrsam meghavarnam subhangam
laksmikantam kamalanayanam yogihrddyana gamyam
vande visnum bhavabhayaharam sarva lokaika natham

I pay my obeisances unto the Consort of Laksmi; who is realized by yogis deep in meditation; who is the giver of peace, reclining upon the serpent of time, the lotus navelled Lord of Hosts, the Supporter of the Universe, like a cloud in colour extending over the whole world, with an auspicious form. I salute the One Lord of the Universe Who removes the fear of death and rebirth.

om bhuh purusham avahayami
om bhuvah purusham avahayami
om suvah purusham avahayami
om bhuh bhuvah suvah purusham avahayami

I invoke the Supreme Person who resides in the physical realm.
I invoke the Supreme Person who resides in the astral realm.
I invoke the Supreme Person who resides in the transcendental realm.
I invoke the Supreme Person who resides in all the three realms of experience.

om urvya ksira samudre'smin vyomna satye ca samsthita
atratvam satyaya sarddham satyesa bhava sannidhau
om astausakti sahitaya satyesaya namah avahayami

I pay my obeisances to the Lord along with his eight rays of energy.
I invoke Him from the transcendental realm to be present here along with His other half.

om soma suryagni samkasam padam musta dalanvitam
asanam grhna satyesa trailokya sthitikaranam
om astausakti sahitaya satyesaya asanam samarpayami

I offer this seat to the Supreme Lord the Preserver of the Universe; who carries the Lotus of Purity in His Hand, who is as effulgent as the Moon, Sun and fire.

om ratnabharana sarvangam sarvadeva namaskrtam
padyam grhana devesa gandha puspaksitairyutam
padayo padyam samarpayami

I offer this water mixed with flowers and scents, for washing the feet of the Supreme Lord, Who is bedecked with jewells and ornaments, and saluted by all the devas.

om satyesa sukha bhumistha satyesa sukhadayaka
satyesa satyaya yuktam grhanrghyam namostute
hastayor arghyam samarpayami

I offer this libation for the Hands of the Supreme Lord united with Truth, who is established in the ground of happiness, who is the Giver of the Supreme Bliss.

om gangajal samanitam suvarna kalsam sthitam
grhanacamanam deva trailokyasya pipavaanam
acamanam samarpayami

I offer this water to the Supreme Lord for rinsing the mouth, it is equal to the water of the Ganges brought in golden pitchers, O Lord please quench the spiritual thirst of the entire Universe.

om ksira sagara kallolaih snahi papa nisudana
pahi ma bhuta bhavayesa sitena jala vinduna
snanartham jalam samarpayami

I offer this bath to the Supreme Lord, who bathes Himself in the Causual Waters of Time, Who is the Redeemer of sins, O Lord of existance, save me from drowning in this ocean of materialism.

om harasva sarva duritam yena ham vestitohare
vastrenanena subhrena satyesa kuru vamcchitam
vastram samarpayami

I offer this radiant garment to garb Thee O Lord, O Saviour, please accept it and remove all the negativity which surrounds me.

om yajneyoge tatha sankhya pavitrastvam sadocyase
yajnopavita danena kuru mam sarva pavanam
yajnopavitam samarpayami

The Pure Spiritual knowledge taught by Thee consists of Sacrifice, Unification, and Discernment, by this offering of a sacred thread please grant me spiritual purity.

om sugandham candanam divyam kesaraguru samyutam
vlipanam surasrestha sarva papa haro bhava
candanam samarpayami

I offer to Thee, this divine scented sandalwood paste for annointing, O Lord, who art the Supreme Godhead. Please have mercy and forgive me my sins.

satyanamam namastubhyam murtamurtasvarupine
vasudeva nrsimhakhyam kapiladityabhudharah
sankarsana mahavira pradyumnamita vikrama
aniruddhesa govinda sarngascakti namo stute
varaha yuta yajnesa laksmikantamrtaesvara
putrapautra pradastvam ca papa satro niranjana
puspam samarpayami

Salutations to Thee, O Supreme being with and without a form. Thou art known as Vasudeva, Narasimha, Kapila, the Divine Sun and Supporter of the world. Thou art the One who withdraws the Universe, the Omnipotent One, Pradyumna, who can never be vanquished. Thou art Aniruddha the Lord of the Universe who weilds the bow saranga, salutations to Thee O Govinda! Thou art the Lord of Sacrifice the very form of sacrifice, the very Form of Sacrifice, the Lover of Laksmi and the Supreme Lord of Immortality. Thou art the giver of all material joys as well as the Destroyer of our internal enemies in the form of inclination to sin. O Lord I offer Thee these flowers.

om saktivrndayuto deva puja dhupam suresvara
grhanartva tu satyesa satyayasaha raksamam
dhupam samarpayami

I offer this incense to Thee O Lord of Truth. Thou art the Omnipotent Divine Godhead, the Supreme Lord. Please accept it and protect me with the Supreme Truth.

om jyotirupam arupam tvam vadanti muni pungavah
jyotir madhye sthito deva dipam grhana namostute
dipam darsayami

O Lord, Thy form is that of the Supreme Light, while yet transcending all forms. Thus the sages the best of men have taught. Thou dwellest in the midst of Light. Please accept this offering of light.

om trata tvameva satyesa satyata saha cinayase
grhana deva devesa mam naivedyamuttamam
naivedyam nivedayami

O Lord of Truth! Thou art our Saviour and Redeemer in truth. Please accept this offering of food O Supreme Lord, God of gods.

om narayana namastestu vasudeva namo namah
trailokya jagadadhara trahimam madhusudana
namaskaram samarpayami

O Narayana! Salutations to Thee. O Krishna! Salutations again and again. Thou art the Support of the entire Universe. Protect me! O Destroyer of Evil! I offer Thee my obeisance.

om narayana suradhisa purana purusottama
papopasamanarthaya prityartham pratigrhyatam
pradaksinam samarpayami

O Narayana, The Ancient One, the Lord of all divine potencies, the Supreme Person. I beseech Thee for the remission of all sins. Please accept my worship and prayers.

aneka jan,a sambhutam papam caiva suresvara
maya dattarghya danena bhikti mukti prado bhava
arghyam samarpayami

I have taken countless births and sinned so many times O Supreme Lord. Please
accept this libation and grant me happiness in this word and Final Liberation.

om candradityau ca dharani vidyudagni sathaiva ca
tvam sarva jyotisi nirajanam pratigrhyatam
karpura harati samarpayami

Thous art the Supreme Light of Lights. Thou art the light of the Sun and the Moon, of lightening in the sky and fire upon earth. Please accept this offering of light.

om agni rudresa govinda visno cakrin namo 'stute
pujam grhana devesa priyatam garudadhvaja

Thou art the Divine Light, the Withdrawer of Creation, the Preserver who turns the Wheel of time. Salutations to Thee. Please accept my simple worship and be gracious, O Lord of hosts, Bearer of the Pendant of Garuda.

om aparadha sahasrani laksa koti yutani ca
nasyanti tatksanat papam satyesasya ca pujanat

The innumerable sins committed in a myriad of births, along with all their reactions, can be destroyed in one second by the Grace obtained from the worship of the Supreme Lord of Truth.

satyesa pamcavaktra tvam alksmya saha jagatpatih
vasudevah sthitah purve nrsimho daksine sthitah

O Master of the Cosmos, Thou art present along with Lakshmi, in all directions. In the east Thou standest in the form of Vasudeva, as Narasimha in the south.

kapilah pascimasye tu varahascottare sthitah
urdhva vaktrecvyuto jneya etadvai brahma pancakam

In the west Thou standest as Kapila, as Varaha in the north. Facing upwards Thou standest as Acyuta. These are the five faces of the Divine.

om satyesa samsthitam rajan pujam kale sadaiva hi
ksirodapathe candrastha padma karnika samsthitam
padam kaumodaki sankhya cakranyastrani dharinam
prarthana purvaka samaskaram samarpayami

O Lord of Truth, I invoke Thee as a Monarch and I offer Thee this worship. Thou art transcendant and dwellest upon the Lotus of Purity, in the Moon of the mind, upon the Ocean of Time. Thou holdest in Thy hands the Lotus of spiritual upfoldment, the mace of Righteousness and Justive, the Conch of proclaimation and the Wheel of Time and Transmigration. I offer Thee my prayers and obeisance.

The water for tarpanam consists of sesame, barley, milk, tulasi, and sarva osadhayah and is offered with a conch shell.

harih om tat sat
govinda govinda govinda
adya ..................... gotrasya ............................ pretasya durmarana nimittaka
narayana bali purvanga bhutam, para loke maha trsa nivarana artham
vaisnavi suktaih visno tarpanam aham karisye

Now, as an ancilliary procedure to the Naryana Bali rite, in order to quench the (spiritual) thirst of the deceased name ................. of the clan of ................. I now offer libations with the various vaishnava (vaidic) hymns.

Perform tarpana with the vaisnava suktas follwed by the 12 names according to time and place. After each verse repeat the following while pouring the libation;

om namo narayanaya moksarthe narayanam tarpayami

om anadi nidhamo devah sankha cakra gada dharah
avyayah pundarikaksah preta moksa prado bhava

O Imperishable Lotus-eyed Lord, wielding the conch, discus and mace. May it please Thee to grant liberation to this departed one.

Narayana Bali Telugu Pdf

atasi puspa samkasam pita-vasa samacyutam
ye namasyantu govindam na tesam vidyate bhayam

Those who worship the Lord Govinda of dark hue, garbed in yellow silk, for them there is no fear of death.

krsna krsna krpalo tvam agatinam gatir bhava
samsara arnava magnanam prasida purusottama

O Most merciful Lord Krsna who art the saviour of the helpless. Have mercy upon those who are drowning in this ocean of birth and death.

narayana sura srestha laksmi kanta janardhana
anena tarpanena natha preta moksa prado bhava

O Lord Narayana, foremost of divinities, Consort of Lakshmi, Lord of men! Please grant release to the departed soul, through this rite of tarpana.

etad krtam yad visno tarpanam tena sri maha visnuh prito 'stu

May the Supreme Godhead be pleased with this rite of tarpana which we have performed.

om adya ....................... gotasya .............................. pretasya paraloke maha trsa
nivrtti artham idam udakam upatisthatu

Om, I now offer this libation for the sake of the deceased ............................. of the clan of ............................. in order to slake his/her Spiritual thirst.

Offer three streams of water for the deceased.

om adya ............................. gotrasya............................ pretasya prarloke maha ksudha nivarana artham visnu tarpana karmanah sangata siddhyartham sri maha visnu prityartham yatha sampanne yatha sankhyan brahmanan (eka brahmanam) bhojayisye tena sri mahavisnuh priyatam sri mahavisnu tarpana karmani nyuna atiriktam sarvam paripurnam astu

Om today in order the assuage the great hunger for sense gratification that the deceased .................... of the ...................... clan may be experiencing in an earth-bound state, and in order to complete this Tarpana rite which is intended to slake the spiritual thirst, and in order to invoke the grace of the Supreme Lord, I undertake to feed ...................... brahmins. By this act of charity may the Supreme Lord be pleased and rectify all the faults and short-comings of these rites.


The raksoghna mantras are now chanted. If this is not possible the gayatri mantra should be recited, or a vina and flute recital should be done with the chanting of purusha sukta, tri naciketa, tri madhi, trisuparna, pavamani.

Establish the sacred fire and perform all the preliminary rites up to ajya bhaga.

adyeha .......................... gotrasya ........................... pretasya bhagaad krpaya aksaya phala svarga praptaye narayana balau homa karmana (acarya dvarena) yaksye

Now I intend to perform the fire sacrifice (through the medium of my appointed priest) as an adjunct to the requiem rite of Narayana Bali, which is being done in order to invoke the Grace of God to help the deceased ...............of the .................. clan to obtain release from the earth-bound state and to
attain a good rebirth.


1. purusa suktam
2. narayana suktam
3. visnu suktam
4. dvadas namani
5. svistakrte & prayascitta homa
6. pitr homa (optional)
7. vyahrti homa.

Offer neivedyam to the Lord with the Visnu gayatri. Offer tambulam and then offer the balis to the SOuth of the fire on northward pointing darbha grass;

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1. om narayanaya namah Salutations to Narayana.
2. om sahasra-sirsaya namah Salutations to the Omniscient One.
3. om sahasra-askaya namah Salutations to the All-seeing One.
4. om sahasra-padaya namah Salutations to the Omnipresent One.
5. om parama-purusaya namah Salutations to the Supreme Person.
6. om paramatmane namah Salutations to the Supreme Soul.
7. om parama-jyotise namah Salutations to the Supreme Light.
8. om para-brahmane namah Salutations to the Supreme Being.
9. om adrsyaya namah Salutations to the Imperceptable One.
10. om saarva-karana-karanaya namah Salutations to the Supreme Cause of
all causes.
11. om yajna-purusaya namah Salutations to the Sacrifical Person.
12. om jaynine namah Salutations to the Lord of Sacrifice.
13. om visvedevebhyo namah Salutations to the Universal Powers.
14. om sarvebhyo devebhyo namah Salutations to all the devas.
15. om sadhyebhyo namah Salutations to all the Saints.

Offer oblations of ghee

1. om narayanaya svaha
2. om sahasra-sirsaya svaha
3. om sahasra-aksaya svaha
4. om sahasra-padaya svaha
5. om parama-purusaya svaha
6. om paramatmane svaha
7. om param-jyotise svaha
8. om para-brahmane svaha
9. om adrsyaya svaha
10. om sarva-karana karanaya svaha
11. om yajna-purusaya svaha
12. om yahnine svaha
13. om visvedevebhyo svaha
14. om sarvebhyoo devebhyo svaha
15. om sadhyebhyo svaha


om murdhanam divo aratim prthivya vaisvanara mrta ajatam agnim
kavigm samrajam atithim hananam asanna patram hanayanta devah svaha
agnaye idam na mama

He is the messenger of Earth and Head of heaven, Agni Vaishvanara, born in Holy Order. The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, the gods have generated a vessel fit for their mouths.

Then while standing offer the following oblations;

1. prthivyai svaha prthivyai idam na mama
All hail to the Earth.

2. agnate svaha vaisvanaraya agnaye idam na mama
All hail to the Mystic Fire that dwells within all beings.

3. antariksaya svaha antariksaya idam na mama
All hail to the atmosphere.

4. vayave svaha vayave idam na mama
All hail to the winds.

5. dive svaha dive idam na mama
All hail to the Ether.

6. suryaya svaha suryaya idam na mama
All hail to the Sun the manifest Self of the Universe.

7. digbhya svaha digbhya idam na mama
All hail to the Directions of space.

8. candraya svaha candraya idam na mama
All hail to the Moon who flourishes.

9. naksatrebhyah svaha naksatrebhyah idam na mama
All hail to the constellations - the regulators of time.

10. adbhyah svaha adbhyah idam na mama
All hail to Cosmic waters.

11. varunaya svaha varunaya idam na mama
All hail to the Divinity that pervades the Cosmic Waters.

12. nabhyai svaha nabhyai idam na mama
All hail to the Galactic centre of the Universe.

13. putaya svaha putaya idam na mama
All hail to Holy One.

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14. vace svaha vace idam na mama
All hail to the Logos.

15. pranaya svaha pranaya idam na mama
All hail to the Cosmic Life Force.

16. srotraya svaha srotraya idam na mama
All hail to the Holy Revelation of the Vedas.

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Wash the hands and feet and recite om apavitrah pavitro va.................
Honour the brahmins with food and charity.