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Where can I use Matlab?

Matlab is available in the CETS-managed computer labs, Moore 100 (A, B &C), Towne M66, and Towne M70. Matlab is also available in the Virtual PC lab.SEAS students are eligible for the Student MatlabLicense. Other students can purchase a student license at the ComputerConnection. The purchased version includes all of the toolboxes that areavailable in the SEAS license, used in CETS labs and the SEAS Student MatlabLicense.


Matlab Toolboxes

Penn's Matlab site license is fully loaded and all licenses (student andresearch) support installing all the available toolboxes.

Entering a File Installation Key into a MATLAB installer downloaded directly from the MathWorks website will not enable you to install MATLAB on an offline machine. Administrators License administrators can obtain the Activation Key and File Installation Keys through through the. To obtain the new Activation Key, perform the following: Go to the UIS Software online store at Click on the link Enter Software Webstore. Enter your NetID and password, then click Sign In. If you did not enter the MATLAB activation key when creating your MathWorks account, you can activate it now by doing the following: Log into with your MathWorks account information. Click Associate License in the top right. Matlab is also available in the Virtual PC lab. SEAS students are eligible for the Student Matlab License. Other students can purchase a student license at the Computer Connection. The purchased version includes all of the toolboxes that are available in the SEAS license, used in CETS labs and the SEAS Student Matlab License. Matlab Toolboxes. Where do I find the MATLAB license key? The activation/license key is in the License Key file that downloads with the application. How do I run MATLAB GUI? X11 is required to run MATLAB GUI. Visit About X11 and OS X for more information.

Note: The Data Acquisition Toolbox is onlyavailable in a 32-bit Windows version.

Open Source Alternatives to Matlab

  • GNU Octave is ahigh-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations.It provides capabilities for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinearproblems, and for performing other numerical experiments. It also providesextensive graphics capabilities for data visualization and manipulation. Octaveis normally used through its interactive command line interface, but it canalso be used to write non-interactive programs. The Octave language is quitesimilar to Matlab so that most programs are easily portable. Octave is alreadyinstalled on CETS-managed Linux systems.
  • SageMath is an online open sourcealternative to Matlab.

Eligibility Requirements

Licenses are available for purchase from CETS. These are the eligibilityrequirements:

  • Faculty and staff researchers can purchase licenses for their researchgroup or research assistants. A Penn budget code is required topurchase licenses. We do not accept or process Purchase Orders or anyother form of payment.
  • SEAS has two types of Matlab licenses available for research users topurchase: a standalone license and a networked license. Either license willwork with Windows, Unix/Linux, or Mac.
  • The standalone license runs the license server software directly on yourmachine. This type of license is recommended if you are using a laptop or othercomputer that might not always be connected to the network when you want to usethe software. With standalone licenses it is also possible to run severalcopies of Matlab with one standalone license which may suit end users withparallel jobs better than network licenses. Licenses must be purchased for eachmachine where you want to run Matlab.
  • The networked license is served from a license server run by CETS. Thisoption allows you to share a number of licenses with a larger number of peopleor computers. Matlab automatically checks the licenses out and back in, and ournetworked server keeps track of how many licenses are available. Networkedlicenses are also convenient because they work with any version of Matlabwithout having to generate a new license file.
  • With either type of license, you are essentially renting a part of thelicense from CETS. Therefore, you must renew this license annually. Since thecost of Matlab is shared among all of the license users, and the priceMathworks charges us changes over time, the prices to rent this license willlikely change every year. These prices cover software updates upon request, andinstallation help for machines with common configurations. There may beadditional service charges for license changes mid-year, orconsulting/troubleshooting requests.
  • This license covers academic research only. Matlab may be subject to exportrestrictions. Review the license before use for commercially funded research,external consulting or international travel. All Matlab users are responsibleto use this software in accordance with the license restrictions.

Please check the Mathworks web site for complete Matlab systemrequirements.

How do I get a Matlab license?

Faculty and Researchers

Faculty and researchers can request licenses here:

Matlab Online License Key

MatlabRequest Form(PennKeyrequired)

SEAS Students

SEAS offers free Student Matlab licenses to all currently enrolled SEASstudents with these restrictions:

  • The software may only be used for academic coursework and research.
  • No commercial research is permitted.

Students can view setup and configuration information here:

SEAS MatlabStudent License Information(PennKeyrequired)

Note: Only students eligible to use the SEAS StudentLicense will be able to view the installation instructions.

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