Matlab 2018 License

License Processing During MATLAB Installation

When you install MATLAB® software, the installer processes the network license file:

On the server, the installer:

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  • Makes a copy of the network license file named license.dat, and puts this copy in the /etc folder of the MATLAB installation folder.

  • Adds a SERVER line and a DAEMON line to the file. The SERVER line identifies the server host and port number. The DAEMON line identifies the name of the network license manager daemon.

  • Stores the processed license file in matlabroot/etc, where matlabroot is the MATLAB installation folder.

  • When it creates an options file during installation, it also adds the Options= syntax to the DAEMON line in your license file. This syntax specifies the path name of the options file.

    For example, if your server is named thunderball and its IP address is, the SERVER and DAEMON lines in your license file would look like this:

Matlab 2018 License File


On the client computer, the installer:

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  • Creates a copy of the license file you specify named network.lic, and puts the file in the licenses folder in the MATLAB client installation folder.

  • Deletes all the INCREMENT lines and the DAEMON line in the license file, leaving the SERVER line. It also adds the statement USE_SERVER to the file. This line points the client to the network license file on the server, which contains all the passcodes for the products.