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For Mass Effect 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Anyway to edit the Galactic Readiness with a save editor?' This is a great editor, you were just doing it wrong. You can edit all of those values, HOWEVER I am told ME2 and ME1 decisions are registered when you start a new game, so if you want to make those changes, start a new game, save as soon as you can make a manual save, edit it in the editor, then mark it as finished in the Raw section and start a new game by uploading it as a finished ME3 game. Updating origional Mass Effect 1 editor Updating origional Mass Effect 2 editor if any has any id's or bools not listed in this mod feel free to let me know so i can add them in too. Tools and Downloads-(Link) Generating a face code for an ME1 Shepard - This still exists (except for pics) gibbed's Save Editor. SUMMARY: Makes more stuff editable, not very user friendly but now you can play directly with the head morph data (and other data). How to Import a Mass Effect 3 Character. Here are the bonuses you can get from importing a Mass Effect 2 save file. Your level from Mass Effect 2 will carry over to Mass Effect 3.

I’d been finding bits of time here and there to play Mass Effect 3 – quite a good game thus far, though it suffers from the same issue as other BioWare games… every so often you’ll have a quest in your log that can’t be completed.

In this case, the bug revolves around the following mission:

Citadel: Hanar Diplomat
Salarian Spectre Jondum Bau suspects that a member of the Hanar diplomatic staff is indoctrinated. Find evidence on the hanar in the Presidium Embassies.

If you’re stuck here and have played ME2, you already know why it’s particularly frustrating that you can’t proceed. It’s worth noting that the only way *not* to trigger this bug in the first place is to do this entire mission as soon as you get it – don’t leave the Citadel, don’t talk to anybody else, etc.

Mass effect 3 save editor download

In any case, if you’ve hit the bug, the fix is to edit the saved game. Here’s how you do it (thanks to Fasalina from the thread in BW’s forums here: Bioware Link Down, Web Archive Here: ):

1) Just to be safe, back up your savegame directory first. Head to your Documents folder, and find it within BioWare/MassEffect3. I’ll assume you know how to either zip it or make a copy elsewhere.

2) Run the game, and head to the location on the Citadel shown in the image below (click for a larger version):

Note that the terminal is actually near #5 on the map (even though it looks like it should be near #4). Verify that it’s not working/clickable, then create a new save. Remember the save game number. Exit Mass Effect 3.

3) Grab Gibbed’s Mass Effect 3 Save Editor. If that site is down at some point or <insert-other-problem-here>, I put up a local copy here:

Mass Effect 3 Save Editor Gibbed

4) Unzip it, and run the program (the icon is pink). Note that it requires Microsoft’s .NET framework – in my case (running Windows 7), trying to run the program simply brought me to the download page and I had it downloaded & installed in under a minute.

5) With the program running, look at the following image (click for larger version):

You start by hitting OPEN – for me, it found the save game location automatically and I simply had to choose the Career and Save Game number.

Then you go to the RAW section – it may be selected by default.

Head to the Uncategorized section, and select Streaming.

Now that you’ve selected STREAMING, at the location of #5 in the image above, there will be a little button with 3 dots (…). Select that button.

6) A new window will pop up:

Click ADD. A new entry will show up, called Gibbed.MassEffect3.FileFormat (as seen in #7 above). It should already be selected. Move the mouse to the circled region by #8, click, and start typing….

The entry you are adding (typing in) is as follows:


It’s probably case-sensitive. Once you’ve entered it, you’ll be changing the “Active” section from False to True. The image below should help:

Now that you have SS_HanarPlot (#9), set to TRUE (#10), verify that it’s showing up correctly in the left pane (#11). Once that’s done, hit OK (#12).

7) You’ll be back in the main program window. Hit SAVE. It should present a list. I suggest making a new save-game, though I suppose you could overwrite an existing one if you wanted to (hopefully you backed up just in case!).

8 ) Fire up Mass Effect 3 again. I WOULD NOT hit “Resume” because I have no idea whether it would load your newly created save, or load a previous one. Instead, manually load your new save.

9) The terminal should now be clickable (again, on the in-game map it’s closest to the #5 point of interest – NOT the #4). Make sure to follow the entire quest chain through immediately (don’t pick up other quests, don’t leave the Citadel). Basically, after you’ve used the terminal mentioned, you’ll have to use a couple terminals in the Docks:HoldingArea and then return to the Embassy area again.

Mass Effect 3 Save Editor Gibbed

Hopefully BioWare manages to patch this bug out soon. In the meantime, editing the save-game is the only method I’m aware of to currently fix it, and let’s be fair – not everyone is comfortable dabbling in an editor, and others don’t want to lose hours of progress by reverting to a save that took place before the bug was triggered.


If you have additional tips, or have found another way to work past the bug, feel free to leave a comment below.

Otherwise, hopefully this has helped you to continue enjoying ME3 !

Hey guy I'm pretty new to this forum and this is my first Post (First in English). But anyways...

I'm currently playing the Mass Effect Triology (midway through 3) and I realized I messed up. In ME 2 I did (at least I think) every quest, every loyalty mission and so on because on the one hand I, of course, want to get to know every part of the story ME2 tells me and on the other hand I wanted to own a, to me, perfect savegame which I can always import for Mass Effect 3. I have to mention I already bote about 8 months ago the triology. But on that run I went immediately after the Collectors took my crew to their ship. And this is the reason why I didn't know that if you do some missions after they took them the crew dies (which obviously happened to mine xD).

Actually I just wanted to do every mission (except the DLC 'The arrival') before I finish the game and this is why there was no turning back for after I completed so many missions.

I saw some threads in these forums but I can't ask any questions in there because it's not allowed any more. So I used the Gibbed.MassEffect2.SaveEdit to set Kelly Chambers, Gardner and the crew to the status 'alive'. It seemed to work because I started ME2 and the hole crew even Kelly appeared in the Normandy and I could talk to them, etc. So I thought it'll be fine in ME3 but after I first got to the Normandy in ME3 I read the list about the soldiers killed in action. I don't know why but it says Kenneth is dead.

To me he seemed pretty alive in ME2. So at first I guessed it's because of the fact the he actually died in ME2 and I just used the SaveEditor and something got wrong. But why is he the only one who's dead? I mean his partner , Garbriella Daniels, is not on the list, so probably she's not dead. And what about Kelly? I read you can see her again in Mass Effect 3 but some people say that it's only possible if you dated her in ME2. I didn't, so could I see her? And if Kelly died in ME2, is her name on the list of the soldiers as well?

Mass Effect 3 Save Editor Pc

So to cut a long story short, I don't want to play ME2 (for now) again, just for these ridiculous things. I'm playing ME3 on extreme (I think it's called extreme. The one after normal) and after I beat the game I wanted to replay it on the hardest difficulty. That's why I want to know: Does anyone know what values I have to change? And of course It'll be nice if someone answers my other questions,

Thanks for reading and I hope everything was correct so you could understand me!

Mass Effect 3 Save Editor Download