Le 2 Not Connecting To Pc

  • Go to you pc press 'Start' then right click and 'my computer' then go 'properties' after you do that choose 'Hardware' Then click on 'device management' Then see if your psp is in 'Universal Serial Bus Controller' if it is then unistall the driver from there then when you insert PSP back to PC it will install new ones for you.
  • Easiest Solution: Step 1. Disconnect your device from the computer (Do not reconnect the device until step 4) Step 2.

Once Bluetooth devices are paired, there is no need to pair them again, except in the following cases:

ConnectingLe 2 not connecting to pc windows 7

Le 2 Not Connecting To Pc Windows 8


Le 2 Not Connecting To Pc Wirelessly

  • Pairing information has been deleted after repair, etc.
  • When a 9th device is paired
    The headset can be paired with up to 8 devices. If a new device is paired after 8 devices are already paired, the registration information of the paired device with the oldest connection date is overwritten with the information for the new device.
  • When the pairing information for the headset has been deleted from the Bluetooth device.
  • When the headset is initialized
    All of the pairing information is deleted. In this case, delete the pairing information for the headset from the device and then pair them again.

Le 2 Not Connecting To Pc Windows 7


If your computer doesn't detect your navigation device while it is connected: Make sure your device is removed from its mount. Make sure the USB cable is connected properly, directly into a USB port on the computer and not into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or monitor. Use only the USB cable supplied with the device.