Kasumi Rebirth Free Download

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Our story starts on this lone chunk of the earth, floating in deep space...

It has been 9 years since Asuka and Shinji were left floating on said chunk of the world Shinji blew up for some reason. They have been arguing all this time, and at long last, the ever-patient Rei is sick and tired of their bullshit. In a bid to humiliate either of them, Rei threatens them into playing strip blackjack.


Kasumi rebirth free download

Kasumi Rebirth Free Download

The rules are simple.

Kasumi Rebirth Full Version Free Download

1) Don't let the total value of your cards go over 21.
2) Don't let your opponent have a higher value of cards than yours.
3) Score 21 with two cards to win instantly (and get one unit of cloth back).

Shuffle and Go: Randomizes all cards.
Hit: Draws an extra card.
Stay: Keeps your current hand. If your total is below 22, you can draw another card. If you hit above 21, you lose.


Special shout-out goes to loliparpol, whose superior arty skills pulled this game from dev hell to the finished projects. And a big thanks to the crew at FH for the blooper ideas and such. Another shoutout to Kurosaki and Veechan for the voiceacting! You've made this game so much better than envisioned.

Now go on ahead and try to win!

PS: Click the eyeball when the game is loaded for hidden fun stuff!
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