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Shiva is Devata which rules the 8th Tithi of Krishnapaksha (referring to Muhurta Chintamani and Poorva Kalamrita), which is good for the destruction of any obstacle or enemy, overcoming of any problem and acts of combat. As per Brihat Samhita, Krishna Ashtami is ruled by Vasu and all actions done in respect of Vasu are more than acceptable. Based on principles explained in Uttara Kalamrita, JN Bhasin specifically takes an example of a Cancer lagna horoscope where Mercury is a lord of 12th and 3rd house and its position in 5th house along with aspects from natural malefics causes vipareeta raja yoga.

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Jawahar Lal Nehru (Case – Study)

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Kalamrita Yoga Astrology

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The Lagna is Cancer in Rasi chart and Aquarius is Navamsa. Cancer made him sensitive, emotional, novel, affectionate and a good planner with good sense of value and economy while Aquarius made him strong willed, intelligent and scientific in his outlook. He was a good author and produced great gems like the ‘Discovery of India’ etc. He had a strong memory, a good education with higher studies in a foreign land etc. The Lord of the Lagna (viz Moon) is in the ascendant producing intelligence and setting the stage for Mahapurusha Yoga due to blessings of the Sun God. The sign dispositor of the Moon is Moon itself reinforcing the Mahapurusha yoga while the constellation is Aslesa ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in the fourth house with the fourth Lord Venus (Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga) and indicating the blessings of parents, properties, education, charm and working with a missionary zeal. He belonged to one of the most elite families of British India. His father Motilal Nehru was a great lawyer with vast properties, vehicles and played a crucial role in guiding his fortunes.
His chart has Kalamrita yoga as all planets are hemmed between Ketu and Rahu and this is destroyed by Jupiter’s conjunction forming Mahapadma yoga. He was a zealous freedom fighter and had to undergo imprisonment a number of times before finally freeing India and becoming the first Prime Minister.
The Lagnesh Moon is also the Atmakaraka setting the stage of self-actualization and is in Jupiterian Navamsa activating the Mahapadma yoga. Being in Lagna, the Rajayoga will function only in latter life. The Sun in the fifth house also indicates that the middle part of life will be very difficult and that a child will have powerful Rajayogas. The Lagna has unobstructed Argala of the Sun. The Varnada Lagna in the 2nd house is in Leo confirming the Rajayogas. The Arudha Lagna is in Aries as its Lord Mars is in the sixth from it showing that the life will not be easily achieved and that enemies would have to be overcome. However, Mars aspects the Arudha Lagna indicating ultimate success. Saturn and Rahu cause Papakartari yoga on Lagna indicating defeat and bondage as well as loss of reputation.