Juveniles Being Charged As Adults Pros And Cons



Juveniles Being Charged As Adults Pros And Cons Death Penalty

The Pros of Juveniles Being Tried As Adults 1. Proponents for trying juveniles as adults believe that a crime is a crime, even if the person who committed it was very young at the time. Typically, juveniles who display a propensity for committing crime will continue to do so, even as they get older. Now back to the article, 'Should Juveniles be Tried as Adults Pros and Cons,' The cons had a lot to say just like the pros of trying a child as an adult. One of the cons counters the pro because it states that usually there are not opportunities that are given to the juveniles to have rehabilitation.

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Convicted criminals who commit capital offences have their future established for them. Depending on the state, the inmates will either be sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole or sentenced to death by execution. While both alternatives essentially serve the justice needed for the crimes, upon further evaluation, life imprisonment is the better than the death penalty.
Life in prison without parole essentially serves the same justice as the death penalty: “Life without parole provides swift, severe, and certain punishment” (ProCon 1). When it comes down to comparing the punishments of death by execution or serving life in prison without the chance of parole, both options are not as different as it may seem. Both methods provide justice, severe punishment and peace to the victim’s family. Although the two have similar outcomes, life imprisonment turns out to be the better option for the fate of the inmates. The state should not grant these horrible criminals the liberty of being executed and be done with. These criminals who have committed the worst crimes possible should be held responsible and pay for their actions and not just simply be executed. Life in prison is a much more justifiable punishment for these people because they are going to have to live with themselves and in horrible conditions for their sins.
Life in prison is a cheaper option compared to the legal expenses for the death penalty. Robert Kaste explains, “If you divide the overall cost by the number of actual executions... the death penalty is very expensive” (npr 1). Life imprisonment is the better option than the death penalty is because of the overall cost. The process of both situations will cost a lot of money to the state. Cases that do not go through the death penalty cost around $740,000. Death penalty cases average around $1,200,000. Since the inmates on death row have capital cases, money from the government is used to grant them their right to an attorney. Both methods have an obvious huge expense, it is reasonable to opt for the least expensive one, life imprisonment.
Contrary to what one would assume, the death penalty does not decrease crime rates: “Death Penalty Information Center show that murder rates