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Jagannatha hora; Jagannatha hora free download; Top 10 astrology software; Jhora 7.62; Love result; Excel to vcf converter freeware; Advanced astrology latest technology; Jaganathora free; Astro office 2000 free download. A birth chart (also known as kundli, janma kundali, or horoscope) is a map of heaven at the time of birth. Jagannath Bhasin's birth chart will show you Jagannath Bhasin's planetary positions, dasa, rasi chart, and zodiac sign etc. It will also allow you to open Jagannath Bhasin's detailed horoscope in 'AstroSage Cloud' for research and analysis. Jagannatha Hora – Complete Horoscope Drawing tool for all methods by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao This tool can draw all divisional charts in vedic method, calculate all sublords of planets and cusps in K.P,display Dasas according our choice of calender and Ayanamsa Click on Image below. Jagannatha Hora – Complete Horoscope Drawing tool for all methods by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao This tool can draw all divisional charts in vedic method, calculate all sublords of planets and cusps in K.P,display Dasas according our choice of calender and Ayanamsa Click on Image below to download Jagannatha Hora (full version). Software: Jagannatha Hora House system: Lagna is the middle point of the first house and Parasara’s ashtaka varga principles. (Default Jagannatha Hora settings) I prefer to first, have a look at the Sarvaashtaka varga of the Bhava Chalita Chart and decide upon the class of the chart. The pointers to look for in any chart under study.

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After successfully installing the software that i presume many of you will be able to accomplish this is how the software's first page looks like.:-

I understand this is all alien to you. Give me the honor to simplify this software for you.


I prefer North Indian style as i am north Indian.
To change the chart to north Indian style follow these instructions.



After selecting chart style and language pic 3 will come up.
Under 'choose chart style' select North Indian (diamond chart)
click ok.
see for yourself the difference in pic 4.

Sage Parasara identifies different state of the planets according to their position in any chart and also taking into consideration of certain conditions. These are called “Avasthas” of the planets.
The avasthas are divided into five major sub divisions. These are called:-
1.Baladhi Avasthas – (state of planets related to age)
2.Jagrathathi Avasthas – (state of planets related to alertness)
3.Lajjithathi Avasthas – (state of planets relating to mood)
4.Deepthathi Avasthas – (state of the planets relating to attitude)
5.Sayanathi Avasthas – (state of the planets relating to activity)
Each division can further be sub-divided into various sub-divisions as described below. One need not worry about the calculations to find out in which avastha the planet is since the software – particularly Jagannatha Hora software gives it. Let us only see the effects of avasthas of planets here.
Baladhi Avastha is sub-divided into Bala meaning infant, Kumara meaning Youthful, Yuva meaning Adolescent, Vriddha meaning old and Mritha meaning Dead avasthas.
Jagrathi Avastha is subidivided into Jagratha meaning awakening, Swapna meaning Dreaming and Susupthi meaning Sleeping avasthas.
Lajjithathi Avastha is sub-divided into Lajjitha meaning Shy as well as ashamed, Garvitha meaning Proud, Kshuthitha meaning Hungry, Trushitha meaning thirsty, mudhitha meaning delighted and kshobitha meaning agitated and unbalanced.
Deepthathi avastha is sub-divided into Deeptha meaning bright, Swastha meaning contented, Pramudhitha meaning happy, santha meaning peaceful, Deena meaning sad and depressed, Dukhitha meaning Distressed, Vikala meaning Crippled, Khala meaning scheming, Kopa meaning Angry.
Sayanathi Avastha is sub-divided into Sayana meaning lying down and resting, Upavesana meaning sitting, Netrapani meaning Crying with tears, Prakaasana meaning Shining, Gamana meaning Moving out (going), Aagamana meaning coming in or returning, Sabha meaning being in an assembly, Agama meaning acquiring, Bojana meaning Eating, Nrithya Lipsa meaning Longing to Dance, Kautuka meaning eagerly and Nithra meaning Sleeping.
Baladhi, Sayanathi and deepthathi avastha of planets represents the body, mind and soul of the native respectively.
Coming to predictions based on the state:-
When a planet is in bala avastha it is like a child. A child cannot exhibit its full potential. So the planet in Bala avastha will display only one fourth of its calculated strength.
When a planet is in kumara Avastha, it will exhibit its potential but will be lacking in wisdom and hence will display only one half of its calculated strength.
When a planet is in Yuva avastha, it will give its full results since it has strength as well as wisdom to exhibit.
When a planet is in Vriddha avastha, it has become old and will give some of its results.
When a planet is in Mrithyu avastha it is like a dead planet. It will not exhibit its strength.
Deepthathy avastha of planets discuss about the favourable state of the planets with regards to residence, clothes, ornaments and happiness.
Lajjitha avastha occurs in fifth house when a planet is associated with rahu, Ketu, Sun, Mars or Saturn. The native will be averse to God and Spirituality, will suffer from lack of intelligence, loss of child, interest in evil speeches and thoughts and will be miserable most of the times.
The planet gets garvitha avastha when it is in exalted or in Moolatrigona. So it effects in causing happiness through house, vehicle, Skill in arts, financial benefits and other gains.
Kshithitha avastha of a planet is resulted when it is in enemy’s house or associated with an enemy, or is aspected by an inimical planet or when it is associated or aspected by Saturn. In such a state it will result in a down fall of the native, grievances, loss of fame, troubles from enemies, financial loss and disturbance in health as well as mind.
When a planet is in a watery sign and receives aspect from a malefic but at the same time not aspected by a benefic planet. It will cause diseases due to bad friendships, loss of wealth, physical weakness and loss of honour.
When a planet is in a friendly sign or aspected by Jupiter or associated with a benefic or aspected by a benefic it is in the state of Mudita. It results in the facilities like house, dress, ornaments, happiness from relatives and acquisition of wisdom through learning.
When a planet is in association with Sun and is aspected or associated with a malefic or aspected by an enmy it is in Kshobita avastha. It is not happy there and hence will give acute penury, miseries, financial problems etc.,

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The states of planets related to Balathi avastha and Sayanathi Avastha are to be seen only in Rasi Chart. The tastes of planets with regard to other avasthas are to be seen in all divisional charts also.

Jagannatha Hora Online Horoscope Susan Miller