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hi i have an ibook g3 with osx tiger and i want to put mac osx panther on it cause it is kind of slow with osx tiger and i have a few questions will mac osx panther support wireless internet with an airport card installed and will it support all web sites like baisic websites please asnswer

600:A1005 (EMC 1916) 700-T:A1007 (EMC 1924) 700-O:A1005 (EMC N/A) Model ID: PowerBook4,3: 600:Please note that these identifiers refer to more than one model. Also see: All Macs with the A1005 Model Number, the 1916 EMC Number, and the PowerBook4,3 Model Identifier. The charger is not the original, but also works fine. This is a 2002 model. This unit has been upgraded to 640MB of RAM from the original 256MB.

You can do it but I have found Tiger to be faster than Panther even on a G3. So I recommend fixing what's wrong vs. downgrading.
Wireless will work but only 802.11b is supported on an iBook.
A G3 is going to be painfully slow on most websites no matter what OS you use. Those that require Flash or updated Java are not likely to work at all.

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Ibook A1005 Specs Guide

  • Have tried twice to download 3.o and 3.0(2). When I click on the disk image, the icon bounces once or twice, but nothing happens. I have tried placing the old versions in trash, but this did not help.

    Sorry, Firefox was the last ever release for Mac OSX 10.3.9 and earlier versions. You can get it here, but that isn't going to help you for websites that require a Firefox 3.0+ version. You're going to have to use a different browser that's compatible with that web site, or use a newer computer that has a newer operating system to be able to install a newer version of Firefox. <br />

  • I just realized that I have a Panther version 10.3.5 upgrade. Now I forgot my password and don't know where I can reset it since the original version is not the same with this new version. I'm trying to set up a scanner and need my password to go through the steps. Please help! I am totally desperate!!!!

    Reset the Admin password .... Using Mac OS X CD
    1. Boot up from the Mac OS X Installer CD....using the C key...
    • select Language & then click ... Continue.
    2. Once you have reached the initial Installer screen, select Reset Password from the Installer menu. This will automatically launch the Reset Password application.
    3. With Reset Password active, select the Mac OS X volume which contains the password you wish to change.
    4. After selecting the Mac OS X volume, click on the popup menu for the admin user that you want to reset the password.
    • Do not choose System Administrator or Send Mail User.
    5. Once you have selected the admin user, type in the new....
    password that you want in the..... 'Enter a new password for this user'
    and in..... 'Reenter the new password for this user' .
    6. Now click on the Save button to save the new password for this user.
    7. After clicking on the Save button, go ahead and quit the Reset Password ,
    which will bring you back to the initial Installer screen.
    8. From the initial Installer screen, select Quit Installer from the Installer menu.
    9. You will then be prompted on whether you want to.... quit, or Restart button
    Note .... This will NOT change your keychain password. You willl need to delete your keychain so the system makes a new one. To delete your Keychain....
    • Navigate to ~/Library/Keychains
    • Delete login.keychain
    • Restart and the system will make a new keychain for you automatically, using your new login password.

  • Just received our first Panther laptop and I am trying to get authenticated using PEAP to our 1200 series access point. I am curious if anyone has got this working and if so what radius server are you using. We are using 2003 Server IAS and my PC clients authenticate just fine.
    Don Hickey

    You can do it but I have found Tiger to be faster than Panther even on a G3. So I recommend fixing what's wrong vs. downgrading.
    Wireless will work but only 802.11b is supported on an iBook.
    A G3 is going to be painfully slow on most websites no matter what OS you use. Those that require Flash or updated Java are not likely to work at all.

  • all my tech stuff is write my computer meets the requirements but it has an error and it says 'not reconizable startup disk'

    To check the Volume Format you can go to the Apple Menu and select about this Mac. Click the More Info button. This will open the Apple System Profiler. In the left column click on ATA under Hardware. The specs will show up in the main panel. File System should be HFS+.
    To format your HDD/Partition in Mac OS Extended (HFS+) boot from the installer disk, Go to the Installer Menu and open Disk Utility. Select your HDD (manufacturer ID) in the left panel and the Partition tab in the main panel. Volume Format should be set at Mac OS Extended (which is the same as HFS+). You should also check the checkbox to Install Mac OS 9 Drivers. You can set the partition(s) (most users prefer a single partition on an internal HDD), name them select the Volume Format etc. for each and click partition. If your HDD is already formatted in Mac OS Extended and Mac OS 9 drivers are installed, do nothing.
    Good luck.

  • im fedup to find solution to this .i have ibook g4.30gb,with 10.4tiger..i want to upgrade it plz help .i request u ppl..

    Yes, you can. Use a retail DVD.

  • I have disks for OSX Tiger and Snow Leopard at home. I just discovered that 10 years ago someone generously donated several Apple iBooks to my church. The iBooks have the OSX Panther on them. Can they be upgraded to Tiger or Snow Leopard? if they can be upgraded, can I use my disks to upgrade them or do I have to purchase new disks? Any information or suggestions will be helpful. Thanks.

    Leopard System requirements
    You must have a Macintosh computer with:
    an Intel processor or a PowerPC G4 (867 MHz or faster) or G5 processor
    a DVD drive >built-in FireWire
    at least 512 MB of RAM (additional RAM is recommended for development purposes)
    a built-in display or a display connected to an Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer
    at least 9 GB of disk space available, or 12 GB of disk space if you install the developer tools

  • Hi, I have a Mac iBook PowerPC G4 1.33 GHz with Mac OSX 10.4.11.
    I would like to connect an 20' Apple Cinema Display with ADC connection to it, but it seems impossible because the cord on the Cinema Display doesn't fit the Display port on the iBook G4!
    May anybody suggest how to solve the problem?
    Is the 20' Apple Display (aluminium enclosure) compatible with my iBook G4 Display port?

    Thanks for your replay, Cornelius.
    Can you be more specific?
    Where the Display Forum is?
    I can't find it.
    My question was: Is the Aluminium 20' Apple Display' (not the ADC Apple Cinema Display) compatible with the iBook G4 Display port?
    I know for sure that the Apple ADC-DVI adapter can not be used to connect a Cinema Display to my iBook G4 port.
    Please help.
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  • Hi! I was trying to download a program and install it but when restart my ibook it show the massage 'Starting Mac OSX' for a few seconds with uncomplete load. And the display becomes blue forever.I counldn't even shut down. Please help!
    PS ibook G4 1.33 12'

    Follow Duane's instructions to the tech library. I also highly recommend that people buy an advanced disk repair tool like DiskWarrior or TechTools Pro. It makes recovering from common disk problems a snap.
    You run the software from the CD which also contains system start up files on it so it can diagnose and repair many disk problems after they've happened...keeping you from a trip to the Apple Store.
    It's also a good idea to repair disk permissions frequently. Programs like Cocktail allow you to do this by setting up a timed event.

  • Can I read Kindle ebooks downloaded on Amazon on a MacBook Pro with Mac OSX version 10.6.8 without the ibook reader app?

    Amazon.com: Kindle for Mac - Read Kindle eBooks on your Mac

  • I updated my mac osx to the new 10.4.7 combo and now my ibook will not restart it goes to the spinning wheel under the apple and stays there and later powers off. I tried going in in single user mode and running fsck because I dont have the utility disk but the reponse i got was- Invalid sibling link (4, 2362) **Volume check failed and a many Incorrect block count for file_____I dont know what else to do please help me.

    Ok thanks I will get the 10.4.6 tomorrow but do I definatley need one of the others they are 100$? Will reinstalling do the trick, maybe.
    I did use my mac while it was updating, im zero at this and it did not warn me and I always use my mac while i downloading things. I also had my isight plugged in maybe that was not good as well.
    Never even thought I had to repair the drive before updating. now i know and knowing is half the battle.
    Do you mean I should back up now with a firewire drive or I should have done so before updating? I tried to access my hard drive through firewire with my sisters ibook but had no luck I followed the direction on the apple pages but I dont know why I couldnt get it.
    What is an erase w/ zero-all 7-way write? Im sorry like I said im zero at this.

  • Hello,
    I just bought a Toshiba 250GB External Usb Hard Drive because the seller recommended it to telling me that it works in my computer iBook G4 Mac OSX.
    I prepared it and I see it on my desktop with a folder named System Volume Information and 2.32 GB available.
    I tried to copy a file and I received a message telling that the disc can't be modified.
    Where can I find the instructions to initialize it if it is compatible?
    Thanks in advance,
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    I have a feeling this is a similar problem to my 400GB Usb2 drive. I reformatted it to the default Mac format in Disk Utility and it mounted!! Try this

  • Hello everyone.
    I bought a used ibook g3 a1005 600mz from ebay, and I bought the following replacement parts for it
    -CD read write DVD read drive,
    -512 RAM chip,
    -120GB harddrive from seagate
    -Restore cds for iMac, with 4 software restore iMac cds with mac OS versions 10.1.3, 9.2.2, and a Worldbook media CD version 6.0.2 and and an apple hardware test cd for iMac. The reason I bought these is because I read in other blogs that you could use these cds to restore an ibook g3, even though the cds are for an iMac, because they are 'generic'.
    I have just replaced those parts and I have switched the computer on. It has a briefcase-looking icon (similar to the finder icon found on an iMac) that is blinking. I tried to run the software restore cds but they could not be run. First, a message soon after loading the cds 'the built-in memory has detected a problem,please contact a service technician for assistance' message comes. When you click on ok, it brings you to a box, where it says that the disk 'restore image' is the restoration disk and cannot be restored'. When I click on 'switch disk', I get a message 'the imac restore cd' is the configuration source disk and cannot be restored' Even when I install the apple hardware cd, it says that the cd does not support this system.
    I have a feeling that it may be because of the fact that I do not have the correct restoration cds for the ibook g3. I looked for them over the internet but could not find them. Or is it because I have a new hard-drive?
    Since I have a dvd drive, and I have a new hard-drive, what should I do to have the lap-top up and running? What operating system should I install? Panther, Jaguar or Tiger?
    Is there anyone who has replaced the hard-drive and ram on this specific ibook g3 and successfully installed the operating system after replacement? Which is the best OP for this kind of ibook? I don't mind not having the 9.2.2 version, since I don't think I shall need it. Please let me know the steps you took.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks Ronda,
    Let me list what I did to have my little ibook up and running:
    1. I bought the original software restores that came with the ibook g3 from ebay. Without these, it shall be a nightmare (see below)It is a set of 6 cds listed above.
    2. Run both the OS 9.2.2 and the OS X software restores. Do not avoid running the OS 9.2.2 (See below)
    a) Once you have completed the download, use OS 9 as your start-up OS and try and log onto the internet. If you have wireless, then this might be the best option.
    b) Once you enable wireless (via airport), then you can switch your start-up OS to OS X. This is because, trying to use the OS 10.2.1 just downloaded to get onto the internet, either via ethernet or wireless shall be impossible because you don't have the updates 10.2.8. Now, I initially downloaded the updates from the Apple website (called stand-alone installers) and burned them into CDs to work around the problem of not having internet, from my iMac and was successful in downloading the 10.2.4 update combo, but when I tried to download the 10.2.8 combo or the 10.2.6 update, it brought the dreaded message with a red exclamation point on the hard drive stating that it could not be downloaded, listing the MB of the updates, even though the hard-drive was virtually empty!
    c) Once the internet is running and the wireless is on, then switch to OS 10.2.1 as your start-up OS and go to software updates under system preferences. The downloads shall take a couple of minutes, but you shall now be able to access the internet via your ethernet cable and wireless (airport) with your OS 10, which now shall have the 10.2.8 update.
    4. Get a full retail version of Tiger. (ibook G3 does not support Leopard) This is because, the Jaguar OS shall be a hindrance when surfing the web, because a lot of the newer browsers (Firefox 3, Safari are not supported under Jaguar.
    Hopefully, these steps shall save you the many hours of aggravation and numerous burnt cds for stand-alone installers (and surfing the web and getting conflicting information)
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  • Problems with Mac OSX 10.5.2 and installing my pro tools le 7.1.1.
    My garage band & reason software don´t open anymore giving me a error messasge regarding the midi drivers in the operating system.
    Please help!!!

    Somewhere at either Macworld or here I learned that DVDSP 2, DVDSP 3 and now DVDSP 4 'internally' are major re-writes.
    Support for HD among a few other items along with QT 7 which comes with Tiger means sincerely that one set of applications/OS is not going to be stable.
    Personally I think of all the issues possible its DVDSP vs QT.
    Unless you move to DVDSP v4 the alternative is to wipe the disk and go back to Jaguar (10.2) or perhaps Panther but avoid upgrading QT beyond 6. I advocate wiping the disk because I'n not sure an archive and install to down shift to an earlier version of the OS is possible. If it is I'd still worry about mis-matched files in all sorts of locations.

  • Hello
    I am having problems & I cannot get back into my computer. It won't complete the start up & just has the grey apple in the middle of the white screen and nothing else.
    I have an iBook G4 with Tiger on it - I am not sure which version of Mac OS X I was on when I did the software update but the one I was on last year when I came to this forum was 10.4.8 & I think I have updated it a few times since then so it was probably as I was attempting to install 10.4.11 as I do not have Leopard yet.
    The problem began when I did the Mac OSX update that it told me about in software update & when it had completed the update it said I needed to restart my computer which I did & ever since then it will not completely re-boot. (Like I said it just has the white screen/grey apple before it gives the option of who you want to login as).
    It seems as though other people have been having similar problems after installing Mac OSX software updates but I cannot find anything here in the forum that solves my problems (or at least not that I can understand at th moment...!)
    I need to access things off my computer & can't. Not everything on there was backed up as I had been working on things that day/week. I also don't know how to access my files from another computer (the ones I am trying to connect from does not have tiger it is a PowerBook G4 & it has Mac OSX 10.3.9 on it).
    Does anyone know the reason for this problem & how to access files from another computer via an etheret cable in OSX. I know someone who says it was a lot easier to connect computers before Mac OSX days but now it seems really difficult. The only way to start up my iBook G4 is using the Mac OSX install disk & I have tried to verify & repair hard disk permissions using disk utility that comes on the disk as well as verifying & repairing the actual disk but this has not fixed the problem.
    I am hoping that I will be able to at least access my files & copy them over to be backed up before I do an erase & install of Mac OSX from the disks. But I am unsure of how to connect my iBook the PowerBook G4 I am on right now. Please help if you know how!

    This just worked for my by connecting my other PPC computer to my G5.
    Go down to the other link and follow the same instructions.
    You must start up the good computer and shut down the frozen one. Connect via firewire and then hold down the T key while you start the frozen one.
    It will show up on your good one, and then install the combo on the frozen one.
    Hold down the power key on that computer to shut it down, disconnect and then start up again.
    Good luck

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