How To Use Wondershare Photo Recovery

How to use wondershare photo recovery deleted

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The Wondershare's photo editing software provides an impressive collection of filters, textures and color correction tools that can be used to make the colors in an old photo more vivid. Conclusion Fotophire offers a lot of tools that enable its users to restore old photos with ease. To recover permanently deleted photos from recycle bin, follow the next steps: Download, install and launch Recoverit photo recovery software. Select the recycle bin location where your photos lost.

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: January 17, 2020

How To Use Wondershare Photo Recovery Deleted

Losing or deleting files from your hard drive, partition, or even external drives can be frustrating. You might end up without any files left or you can do something to recover them.

Fortunately, there are so many programs out in the market right now that aims to restore lost or deleted files from any type of drives and storage. One of the names that stood out is Wondershare Data Recovery and so we have decided to give our full review, insights, and unbiased thoughts on this software.

Find out the pros, cons, and even the best alternative in this new Wondershare Data Recovery review!

Part 1. Wondershare Data Recovery Full Review, Pros, and Cons

Recovering a huge amount of files in just a few minutes and with fewer efforts is the topmost priority of many recovery solutions. Wondershare Data Recovery offers cost-effective and user-friendly software that everyone can use and take advantage of.


Here are the notable pros of Wondershare Data Recovery:

  • Retrieves all major file types including media contents like photos, music, and videos, documents, emails, and more
  • Working on Windows and Mac computers
  • Recovers files from hard drive, partition, SD cards, and other forms of storage devices
  • Scans drive or storage and provide file preview
  • Few steps recovery method
  • Safe to use. Keeps your other files secured while recovery is on process


Here are the cons we found from using the software:

  • Scanning takes a while and freezes
  • Limited options can be done with the Trial version 100MB of files only
  • File quality is poor
  • Licensing depends on the computer compatibility
  • Customer Support or the Help Center is not easy to find in the software

How to Use Wondershare Data Recovery?

We tried using this program on a Windows computer. Here is the complete guide on how to use Wondershare Data Recovery.

  • Step 1. Select File Location - After downloading the software, launch it to bring up the menu. Onset, you will be asked to select the types of files you want to retrieve and the file location.
  • Step 2. Scan the File Location - Once you have selected the correct file types and location, the software will now scan the entire file location. The process might take time depending on the number of files you asked to be recovered.
  • Step 3. Preview Files & Recover - After the scanning stops, you can start previewing the recovered files and saving them. Mark those files you need and click the Recover button.

You finally had all the files you need!

Software Price

A single-user license for Windows is about $39.95, onetime payment while it costs you $89.90 for a single user license for Mac computer.

If you want to purchase more than a single license, the price could be more expensive.

Overall Review

The overall experience in testing Wondershare Data Recovery software leads us to an average user rating. Its interface is modern-looking yet some users have reported that the program interface is confusing after they did an update.

We find the 3-step recovery process a breeze since you don’t have to do much in order to get your files back. You simply need to command which files you need and the location then leaves the software running.

Wondershare Recovery Download

But then, we encountered some delays while the software was scanning the drive, it froze for about 2-3 minutes before it resumed the scan. Others reported that they had to close and re-launch the program to fix the issue.

Nevertheless, we find Wondershare Data Recovery software a good program. It’s a good software to use by users of all levels, even beginners. I hope this full review will help you decide on using and buying this software.

Part 2. The Best Alternative to Wondershare Data Recovery

If you have used Wondershare Data Recovery and now looking for the best alternative of the same price range but with better or excellent quality then FoneDog Data Recovery is highly recommended.

FoneDog Data Recovery works seamlessly in retrieving your files like your pictures, videos, music, documents, archives, emails, and more.

It scans and restores lost or deleted files from your hard drive, SD card, flash drives, partitions, and other storage devices, and the recycle bin.

Here are the features of FoneDog Data Recovery:

  • Works on Windows and Mac computers
  • Has Free Trial version
  • Offers File Preview before Recovery
  • Provides Selective Recovery option
  • Two Scanning Modes: Quick and Deep Scan
  • No Data Loss on your computer files while recovery is ongoing

Data RecoveryRecover deleted image, document, audio and more files.Get deleted data back from computer (including Recycle Bin) and hard drives.Recover loss data caused by disk accident, operation system crushes and other reasons.

Anyone can use FoneDog Data Recovery regardless of their technical background. In fact, in most reviews, beginners find this program very easy and streamlined.

Here is the complete guide on how to use this recovery software:

Step 1. Choose File Type and Location

After you have downloaded and installed FoneDog Data Recovery on your PC, you can launch it immediately and choose the desired types of files and its location.

For removable devices such as your USB and external drives, there will be an added location option once you have connected any of these devices.

How To Use Wondershare Photo Recovery Mode

Step 2. Allow FoneDog Data Recovery to Scan File Location

Once you have selected the file types and its location, click the scan button to let the software initiate the recovery process.

You can find two scanning types on this menu, Quick and Deep scan. Quick scan is already self-help while the Deep scan provides in-depth scanning and takes a longer time.

Step 3. Preview Recovered Files and Save

During the scanning, recovered items will start to appear on your screen and from here; you can preview the files for verification. You can pause or stop the scan in case you already found what you are looking for.

Click the recover button to download and save these files on your desired drive or folder.

That’s it! You have successfully recovered deleted files using the FoneDog Data Recovery program. What’s more? You can purchase this software for only $39.95 for a single user- lifetime license, whether you are using Windows or Mac!

How To Use Wondershare Photo Recovery

Part 3. Summary

We finally covered a full review of the WondershareDataRecovery software. You have read about its pros, cons, and even the best alternative to use which is FoneDog Data Recovery.

In the end, the choice is yours; both programs offer good recovery solutions. You just need to find out which one suits your needs.

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1. How can I recover permanently deleted photos from Recycle Bin?

To recover permanently deleted photos from recycle bin, follow the next steps:

  • > Download, install and launch Recoverit photo recovery software.
  • > Select the recycle bin location where your photos lost from.
  • > The software will start to scanning the location to search your photos.
  • > It will take for a while to completed scanning, you can preview your photos and get them back.
Recover deleted picture from Mac trash >>
2. How do you recover deleted pictures from a Samsung phone?

You need take out the external card from your Samsung mobile phone and get your photos back with the software.

  • > Connect your Samsung SD card to the computer, and launch Recoverit photo recovery.
  • > Select the card, and the software will start to scanning the lost photos.
  • > After the scanning, you can preview the recovered photos and retrieve them back.
  • Note: to recover deleted photos from the mobile phone, you need make sure the card as an external device for the mobile phone.
Recover deleted photos from Samsung phone >>
3. How to recover photos and videos from a corrupted or damaged SD card?

While the card got damaged or corrupted, you still can get your photos and videos back, follow the next steps:

  • > Make sure your damaged SD memory card can recognized by the computer.
  • > Launch Recoverit photo recovery and start to scanning the card.
  • > The software will deeply scan the card to search the photos and videos.
  • If the photo recovery software cannot find your photos and video from the damaged card, you should take it to the repair store to help you out.
Recover data from damaged SD card >>
4. Can I recover photos from formatted memory card or hard drive?

Yes, you can! But the important thing is you should not save any new data on the format card or hard drive, it will get your deleted photos overwritten.

  • > Connect the formatted SD memory card or hard drive to the computer.
  • > Launch the software and select the formatted device start to scanning.
  • > It will deeply scan and search the lost photos from the formatted card and hard drive.
  • > At the end of scanning, you can view your recovered photos and recover them.
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5. Can I recover permanently deleted photos from my iPhone?

Actually, you can get your deleted photos from your iPhone, try with the following steps:

How To Use Wondershare Photo Recovery Windows 10

  • > Go to the Albums section on your iPhone, you can view the recently deleted photos.
  • > This will keep your deleted photos and videos for 30 days.
  • > You can select the ones you want and retrieve them back(All Photos).
  • If you cannot get back your photos, you can try our Drfone iphone recovery software
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6. I cannot open my recovered photos? How can I fix or repair the damaged and corrupted Photos?

Photo Repair Software

The best photo repair program to repair damaged or corrupted photos

  • Recover damaged photo formats like JPEG, CRW, DNG, NEF, TIFF, ORF, PEF etc.
  • Fix corrupted and damaged photos recovered from Storage media.
  • Repair corrupt Header and Invalid image file structure.
  • Repair RAW and other image formats of popular digital cameras.
  • Repairs multiple photos simultaneously.
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