How To Play Fifa 08 Multiplayer

First of all if you want to play FIFA 08 online you must have the same version as your friend. Go to 'Game Modes'-'Multiplayer' then choose 'Direct IP'. The player can either play through the matches or choose to simulate a match. FIFA 08 Lounge Mode - A mode where the player can select teams for a league and can also have local multiplayer involved if they so wish. However the league point system is not the standard 3 for a win 1 for a draw, points are awarded for accomplishing things in. Is fifa 08 a multiplayer game like can 2 players play. Fifa 08 MULTİPLAYER! Unsubscribe from Game Monster? A Look @ FIFA 08 on PS2! With Zone Play! - Duration: 20:07. Retro Football 12,531 views.

First of all if you want to play FIFA 08 online you must have the same version as your friend. Better way for it it's to download it from here
Hamachi client you can download from
go to 'Game Modes'->'Multiplayer'
then choose 'Direct IP':
one of you must be a Server, so lets create a Server, click 'New':
Setup your IP-adress and Name. Open your Hamachi and over your Login you will see our requested ip, in my case this one '':
Write there any name and this IP:
then choose a connection on the right column and click Host
The other player also must create a New Connection, but the IP must be also '', because it's IP by a Server. Click 'Connect':
Check the IP of your opponent in the chat:
as you can see on the begin of the chat Hamachi shows your friend's IP, on the screen above it's ''. If he is a server than remember this ip because you will be create a connection to this.
Totaly: One player creates a 'server' with his own IP, the Other player must connect to him. Try click a 'connect' option a few times.
Good Luck to all and Fair Play!

Want to play FIFA online without making an EA account?, but never been able to ? Then from now onward, you won’t face this problem again because I know an old and simple yet unknown way to do it. Don’t worry, it is completely legit and thousand of gamer’s around the globe are using to play against their friends and strangers for fun/increasing skills.

How To Play Fifa 17

Besides that, it not only work for FIFA, but for all online playable games too !
All you have to do is download GameRanger and follow the steps that I mentioned below.

NOTE: Right now, this works for version till FIFA 11 only, waiting for further updates

Step 1:

Create a new account by Clicking on NEXT BUTTON

Step 2:

Fill in your email address with a good password.
Note: Keep your email account open, as it will send a link for activation.


Step 3:

Now set a nickname that will appear in Gameranger client what other uses will see in caht when you’re playing (It can be changed later on)
Also set-up you Real name, which will help your friends in recognizing / finding you .

Step 4:

Now, select the nearest city to your current location. As I live in India, these countries are shown. Try to choose a place that is closest to you for lag-free gaming.

Step 5:
Now go to the email account which you mentioned at the starting of the installation. By clicking on the first link, you account will get activated as well as the email you provided will be verified.
Now log-in with the email and password.

Step 6:
You can either make a room by clicking on “Host” for other players to come and play with you. Note that you must have that game installed on your PC/Laptop to make the room for a particular game.

  • You can join a room and play with other players.
  • You can make a room and put password on it, to disallow strangers from entering.
  • You can search your game from the BOTTOM center search box or manually scroll down as they are alphabetically ordered(by default).

Now when you have created a ROOM, wait for other player to join. When a player joins, then click on START button located at right bottom corner.

How To Play Fifa 08 Multiplayer Ps4

  1. FIFA will start automatically.
  2. Then go to Online Modes > Multiplayer > LAN
  3. Then it will ask to assign yourself a username.
  4. After that, create a LOBBY room with the option given there at the bottom panel
  5. Now wait for other player to join, then click on “Advance”
  6. And finally, choose your team, but note that you only have 30 seconds to choose your team, if you fail to choose one, then it willtake the default(home team) you have set.

Well that was easy, isn’t it ? If you still have doubts or facing any difficulties then just comment. We would love to hear your experience 🙂

How To Play Fifa Better

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