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Help Installing Aspenone V10 Or V11. posted in Chemical Process Simulation: Hi everyone! Ive been trying to install Aspen in my laptop (windows 10) for 6 months now with no success achieved. V8.6: E-Learning in Aspen Plus. AspenTech currently offers Online Training to help you get up to speed faster with our products. Now with E-Learning in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS, you have access to carefully curated learning content organized by topics. Aspen HYSYS Dynamics Training Course Open aspenONE Exchange Type 'HYSYS Dynamic Jump Start' into the search bar and click on the appropriate flow sheets in the search results (Figure 2).

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Step-by-step installation guide for UT ChE students enrolled in a course utilizing Aspen

NOTE: UTGUEST AND EDUROAM WIFI WILL NOT WORK. You must be connected to UTEXAS WIFI or with a VPN connection from off-campus.

Once your EID has been submitted by your professor, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Map a drive to your computer using the following path in the 'folder' field austin.utexas.edudiskche-shareaspenONEV10EngDVD . The Drive letter doesn't matter. Make sure to uncheck 'reconnect at login' and to check 'connect as a different user'.
  2. For the username, enter austinyour EID e.g.,
  3. Note: Attempting this from on-campus will work best. If you are off-campus you must first follow these instructions to make a VPN connection, and then proceed with the instructions. Connecting to the UT VPN Service
  4. Once you successfully connect you will see the following:
  5. Install the files inside of '3rd Party Redistributables' folder: (.Net 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and SQL Server, in that order).
  6. Right click setup.exe (the first setup file in the list) select run as admin.
  7. Select Install Aspen One products.
  8. Uncheck the second option (Aspen HYSYS):
  9. Add as the license server.
  10. On your computer, from the program list go to AspenTech > Process Modeling V10 > Aspen Plus > Aspen Plus V10 (Win 10 it may be easier to just search).

  11. On first launch the database will start configuring itself in the background - this may take several minutes.
  12. When prompted for registration > uncheck the registration box > next > cancel > do not register..


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Aspen Hysys V8

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