How To Calculate Yogi And Avayogi

  • How to Find Yogi-Avyogi Points: Add the longitude of the Sun & Moon with that add up 93 degrees 20 minutes.The resultant sum will be the longitude known as the ‘Yogi Point’. Add up 186 degrees 40 minutes with the Yogi Point. The resultant sum will be the longitude known as the ‘Avyogi Point’.
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  • How to calculate Yogi & Avayogi planets? Yogi planet: It is calculated by adding Longitudes of Sun & Moon to a constant of 3 R-3 Deg & 20 minutes. This constant is added because 1st Yoga Vishkumbha as mentioned above starts at 3R-3°-20'. The star lord of this total is.
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How To Find Yogi And Avayogi

We have learned a lot about the importance of Lagna lord, Exalted planet and Yogakarka planets and their significations in the horoscope. However, the role of Yogi and Avayogi planet is hardly taught and applied in the analysis of horoscope.

The truth is that they are also very important and at times can make a significant change in the outcome of predictions. Of-course, the study of Maha Dasha, Antra Dasha, and Pratyantar Dasha lord remain the prime factor while judging and predicting the future but due importance must be given to these as well.

The yogi point is a positive point in the natal chart that indicates prosperity and the rise of fortune in our life.

Whenever a planet transit over this yogi point. It brings good changes for the native both financially and mentally. The transit of the slower planet brings gains and good luck for a longer duration of period whereas faster planets bring sudden changes. Moreover, the sign and house where this yogi point falls certainly enhances the significations of that sign and house.

Concept of Yogi, Avayogi and Duplicate Yogi Planet

Yogi planet: This planet acts as a catalyst that helps in success and prosperity in life during their Dasha period.

Avayogi: This is just the opposite of Yogi planet which creates obstacles and hindrances in success and prosperity.

Duplicate Yogi: This is just like a shadow of the Yogi planet. It helps the yogi planet as we say that God helps those who help themselves. The PACE (Placement, Aspect, Conjunction or Exchange) is just like “Sone pe Suhaga”

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The exact longitude of this yoga becomes the yogi point. The nakshatra lord where this point falls becomes a Yogi planet. The sign having this point, its lord becomes the Duplicate yogi planet. The lord of 6th nakshatra from the yogi nakshatra is the Avayogi nakshatra and its lord is the Avayogi planet. (The rule that sixth house represents our enemies continues with yogi and Avayogi planet also)

Calculation of yogi point

Let us suppose that we have a Scorpio ascendant and the longitudes of the Sun are 2 signs 3 degrees 26 minutes and that of the Moon are 8 signs 8 degrees 41 minutes. To these, we shall add a constant figure of 3 signs 3 degrees 20 minutes. (This constant is actually 1st Yog ‘Vishkumbha’. It starts from Pushya Nakshatra from the longitudes of 3 signs 3 degrees and 20 minutes.)

We add the longitudes of The Sun & The Moon and Constant

S 0 ’‘

2 3 26‘

+ 8 8 41‘

+ 3 3 20‘

How To Calculate Yogi And Avayogi Planets

= 13 15 27 after expunging 12 signs we get 1 sign 15 degree 27 minutes.

Now this is our ‘YOGI POINT’ which falls in Rohini Nakshatra whose Lord is Moon. So Moon becomes the Yogi planet. So it is likely to enhance the significations related to Taurus sign and 7th house (for Scorpio ascendant) signifying marriage, spouse and business partnership.

The sign lord of this point is Venus (Lord of Taurus sign) will be duplicate Yogi planet and act as helping hand to Yogi planet.

Lastly for Avayogi planet, 6th Nakashtra from Rohini is Ashlesha, whose lord is Mercury. As such Mercury becomes Avayogi planet.

Some points of observation for Yogi/Avayogi planets

  1. Yogi planet is placed in a Kendra/trine gets the strength of producing good results during its MD/AD.
  2. Sometimes Yogi planet behaves in a better way as compared to Lagan Nakashtra lord or any best-placed planet in the chart.
  3. Association of Yogi planet with the lord of Lagana or Yogyakarta multiplies their significations.
  4. Yogi planet in the star of Ascendant is still better to do good.
  5. Yogi planet if placed in malefic houses that 6th, 8th or 12th house becomes neutral but will not give adverse results.
  6. Avayogi planet if placed in nakshatra of ascendant is sure to give worst results. However, Avayogi planet if placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house is capable of giving good results.
  7. Ra/Ke if placed with Avayogi planet or in the star of Avayogi is capable of giving excellent results.
How To Calculate Yogi And Avayogi

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In Vedic astrology, there are many terms and tools we can use to come out with precise predictions/interpretation. There are two not so popular terms are ‘Yogi’ & ‘Avyogi’.

How To Calculate Yogi And Avayogi

How to Find Yogi-Avyogi Points : Add the longitude of the Sun & Moon with that add up 93 degrees 20 minutes.The resultant sum will be the longitude known as the ‘Yogi Point’.
Add up 186 degrees 40 minutes with the Yogi Point. The resultant sum will be the longitude known as the ‘Avyogi Point’.

Find out the Nakshatra which is in ‘Yogi Point’ the lord of that Nakshatra is called ‘Yogi Planet’ Sign Lord where ‘Yogi Point’ will be posited is Duplicate Yogi; which is supportive of positive results but intensity is not as good as Yogi point.

Use Of Yogi-Avyogi : Planets posited in Yogi points will always give positive and beneficial result in life depending on their lordship and where the planet is posited in chart.Dasha bhukti of Yogi Planet will be auspicious in life. If Moon nakshatra lord or Ascendant Nakshatra lord is Yogi Planet then the person will be prosperous through out his life specially during the Dasha bhukti of that nakshatra Lord, Reverse will be in the case of Avyogi Planet.If any planet conjunct with Yogi or Avyogi then the result of that planet will be good or bad accordingly. If any Yogi planet is forming any dhaan yoga or raaj yoga that will firmly bestow good results in life.Avyogi point in 6,8,12th houses in chart is better than being in kendra houses.

Example : Lets take a chart of one great Astro Enthusiast Caleb named Ganesh Hegde – The Dancing Star; who
always keeps on asking me many queries to know about mystic of Astrology.
His Sun is in Libra 23D 54Min & Moon in Aries 15D 5Min.
Libra means 6sign completed and 7th going on same way Aries means starting on 1st sign.
Sun’s Longitude 30X6 = 180 + 23.54 = 203.54
Moon’s Longiture 15.05
After adding up – 203.54 + 15.05 = 218.59
Yogi Point – 218.59 + 93.20 = 312.19 , that is 10th sign completed and 11th sign Aquarius going on.
Yogi Point is in Aquarius 12D 19Min where Nakshatra Satabhisha is posited
Yogi Planet is Satabhisha lord Rahu
Duplicate Yogi is Aquarius lord Saturn.

So when ever he will be going through Rahu Dasha bhukti he will be benefited in life in terms of finance and
showmanship,foreign trip, media, entertainment, as Rahu is the key significator of illusion and cinema industry which is posited in 4th house with Venus in his chart. Luckily right now he is going through Rahu Mahadasha, so we can expect some remarkable work and very big achievement in entertainment world during this on going Rahu period from this Star Dancer. Ever since his Rahu Mahadasha started, Rahu the Yogi Planet honored him with the show Jhalak Dikhlaja as a judge.
Saturn is in Rahu Nakshatra, hence during Saturn Mahadasha he will be having over all more promising positive time regarding his career after all Saturn is posited in 10th house.

Avyogi Point : Yogi Point + 186.40 = 312.19 + 186.40 = 498.59, which is more than 360Degree so lets deduct it from 498.59
498.59 – 360 = 138.59, that is 4th sign completed and 5th sign Leo going on
Avyogi point is Leo 18D 59min where nakshatra is Purva Phalguni
Avyogi planet is Purva Phalguni Lord Venus
He crossed Venus Mahadasha in his childhood which was full of struggle and troublesome.


Exception : If Duplicate Yogi & Avyogi are the same planets then you need to check in which yoga you were
born.Then comes the part of 5 yogas : Vishakumbha, Atiganda, Priti, Vaidhirti, Vyaghata. If a person were born
in above yogas and his Duplicate Yogi and Avyogi are same planet such as Moon,merc, Ven, Mars, Jupiter
respectively then that planet will behave as neutral for the person.Lets not go much deeper else things will
be boring as classic texts for all the beginners.

Now guys bang on with your chart and find out when you are going to rock in life with the Yogi and Avyogi