Hotline Miami Menu Music

# Hotline Miami Hud *This is an attempt to remake the vanilla hud to have the colors and feel of hotline miami and gta vice city.* ### **Features** * A more colorful UI * Hud scaling * Combo counter * Down counter * ECM timer * Inspire cooldown hint * Bulletstorm indicator * Custom chat * Auto skip menus * Interaction toggle * Ability screen effects * Ping display * And more ### **Installation** * This mod requires [SuperBLT]( * Place the Hotline Miami Hud folder located **inside** of the zip-file into your **mods** folder. * Once in game you will be asked to download the mod_override assets through the blt manager. * Note that the assets are only needed if you wanna change the menu textures, otherwise you can **disable** the update notification in the mod settings menu. * Restart the game for the mod_overrides to load. **Everything can be enabled/disabled in the mod options** ----- #### Compatibility * The hud should be compatible with [VanillaHUD Plus]( which will add your typical info hud on top of this hud. For compatibility info, read the description on the VanillaHUD Plus mod page. ----- * I recommend using [Enemy Health Circle]( or [VanillaHUD Plus]( to see enemy health. ----- * For [Pocohud]( users that also use buff trackers I recommend turning off the interaction texture if the buff timers look weird. If you can't see player ranks by the team names when using Pocohud then disable **Colored Name Panels** __AND__ **Teammate Interaction Text** in the hotline miami hud options. ----- * For a more detailed assault panel I recommend using [Better Assault Indicator]( ----- * To be able to see crew skills and perks in game you will need to use one of the following mods: * [Lobby Player Info]( * [VanillaHUD Plus]( * [WolfHUD TabStats and Enhanced Crew Loadout Standalone]( **I don't recommend using wolfhud or other custom huds with this hud but feel free to try.** ----- ### **Uninstall** * Delete 'Hotline Miami Hud' from the mods folder * Delete 'Hotline Miami Menu' from the mod_overrides folder located inside the assets folder

A mix inspired by the vibes of Stranger Things and Hotline Miami.


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Dope mix

This is an attempt to remake the vanilla hud to have the colors and feel of hotline miami and gta vice city. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hotline Miami The Son 11 T Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt for Men Women Unisex More Buying Choices $18.99 (1 new offer) NCAA Dotted Phrase Short Sleeve Triblend T-Shirt.

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Hotline Miami Demo

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This still slaps just as hard in 2020

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6969th follower baybeeeeee

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didn't knew Alanah makes this retro synthwave 👍🏼

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Why yes, i do like hurting others.

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I love this mix 💙

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Oh god

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what is this song?

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great tone

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Hotline Miami Menu Music


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Where did you find this?؟

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aaale siada

Hotline Miami Main Menu Music

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can we get the tracklist please?

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such a dope mix. I love it

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Nice mix !

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Best mix with a flim and a video game that takes place in the 80s! -w-

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@erick-gonz-lez-bravo It was Odd look from Kavinsky

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pretty cool

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stumbled across from your youtube page, ideal for chilling in the background editing. Good tunes.:)

Hotline Miami Music Mod

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can someone tell what all songs titles in the mix?

Hotline Miami Menu Music Sheet

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Hotline Miami Menu Music Youtube

Im sorry bro this part of the song made me get out of the shower and change the track....