Horiba Ocma 350

The Horiba OCMA-310 / OCMA-350 Oil Content Analyzers are automated portable units for monitoring oil content in both fresh water and saltwater. The one-touch monitoring process is fully automated, from sample extraction to analysis and sample expulsion. The OCMA-300 utilizes an S-316 extraction solvent to ensure superior oil particle stability and infrared absorptiometry for sample analysis. Using 0mg/l -200mg/l dynamic ranging, the unit is capable of analyzing both high and low concentrations. The OCMA-300 provides swift, highly accurate analysis of the oil content of both fresh water and saltwater as well as that of such fluids as those found at factories and wastewater treatment plants.

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Horiba Ocma 350Horiba Ocma 350

Horiba Oil Content Analyzer – OCMA-350 Features: Quickly determines the amount of oil in water, soil and machined parts; Measurement time of 30 to 60 seconds using a solvent for the extraction and NDIR method; A quartz sample cell keeps the instrument clean from possible spills.

Horiba Oil Content Analyzer – OCMA-350; Horiba Oil Content Analyzer – OCMA-350. Be the first to review this product. The oil content analyzer measures oil in water, soil and machined parts. This device uses the S-316 solvent to extract oil. Horiba OCMA-350 Series Oil Content Analyzer System The instrument measurement takes 30-60 seconds using a solvent for the extraction and NDIR method. The use of a quartz sample cell keeps the instrument clean from possible spills. Oil is extracted using the extremely stable S-316 solvent extractant.

Compact and simple, HORIBA's OCMA-350 oil content analyzer delivers quick, accurate measurements in the lab or in the field. It efficiently measures the level of oil in water or soil for environmental applications, checks for residual oil on semiconductor parts which have been cleaned, and measures oil on any industrial surface. Using the OCMA-350 is almost effortless. Simply inject the extract from your sample, dissolved in Horiba's S-316 solvent, into the measuring cell, and press one button. You can even use your PC to simplify operation.

The new OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyzer can assess the amount of trace hydrocarbons in soil or water, as well as check for residual hydrocarbons on pre-cleaned products. The extraction of the oil can be done by Freon 113 and S-316. The S-316 solvent used by the unit may be recycled by HORIBA's optional solvent reclaimer, making the OCMA-310 very environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, the unit's broad measurement range eliminates the need for troublesome range switching. As a result, the OCMA-310 is quick, easy to use, accurate, and reliable.

Horiba Ocma-350

Recommended Applications

Horiba Ocma 350 Manual

  • Environment; Surveying water quality and hazardous waste sites
  • Industry; Monitoring wastewater influent and effluent
  • Marine transportation; Checking bilge and ballast discharge
  • Petroleum processing; Monitoring the efficiency of oil/water separation processes
  • Oil depots; Monitoring the discharge produced when cleaning storage tanks
  • Automotive; Monitoring waste-water discharge from service stations
  • Quality Assurance; Measuring residual oil on textiles and metal parts