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Windows 3.x / Microsoft


Svga driver for windows 3.x 800x600

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Driver SVGA monitor installed in the system installation. Supports 256 colors! ___ Драйвер SVGA монитора устанавливается в папку инсталляции системы. Поддерживает 256 цветов!!!

DOS / Nico Mak



SWAPDOS provides an application independent method for one PC/MS-DOS application to run another, even if both would normally not fit in memory at the same time. A typical use is to temporarily swap out dBASE to make room for your text editor, or to swap out a text editor so that you can run memory hungry compilers, linkers, or even debuggers without losing your place in an editing session. SWAPDOS works by copying conventional memory used by the currently running application to expanded memory, extended memory, or to a disk file, thereby freeing conventional memory used by the application. SWAPDOS then runs the desired program before restoring the original environment. Shareware.

DOS / SCM Microsystems



Flash/Compact Flash drivers and utilities (formatting) for DOS (Win3). (Abandonware. SCM Microsystems).

DOS / Sytron Corporation


SY-TOS 1.00 (IBM 6157)

SY-TOS is a powerful backup program for DOS, and other operating systems. It was commonly customized for and bundled with OEM backup hardware. SY-TOS Plus was the first retail standalone version. This release is designed only for use with an IBM 6157 Streaming Tape Drive.



Sy-TOS 2.01

Tape backup software

DOS / Microsoft



Microsoft Symbolic Debug Utility

Windows 9x/ME / V Communications, Inc.


System Commander 2.26

Well-known boot manager.

Windows 9x/ME / V Communications, Inc.


System Commander 2000 5.05

'...install multiple Operating Systems on a single PC'

DOS / unknown


System Disk - MOUSE - Ver: 8.20D 8.20D

System Disk -- MOUSE Ver:8.20D (3000) -- For IBM PC/XT/AT, & Compatibles -- Dos Mouse Drivers...

DOS / Alpha Software & Data Becker


System Selector 1.0

System Selector is a boot manager software allowing you to have more than one operating system on your PC. see http://www.bootmanager.com for more information.

BeOS / Sum Software


TabletDriver 0.32

The driver supports Wacom tablets using the Wacom IV protocol as well as the newer Graphire tablets (both serial and USB), and Acecad AceCat III serial tablets.

Windows 3.x / Xsoft / Xerox


Tabworks 1.2

This is the Programm Manager replacement for Windows 3.1 displaying Windows in some kind of Book Style with Tabs. It was installed e.g. on the Compaq Presario CDS 524

DOS / Borland Software


TASM 1.01

Borland Turbo Assembler.

DOS / Borland Inc.


tcc 2.01

Unix / NCM


Tcp/ip for AT&T Unix+NP600 driver 622a 4.01

Works ONLY with a NP600 network card

Windows XP / TeamAG


Team Viewer 3.2

Team Viewer

DOS / Tecmar, Inc


Tecmar Companion Software for IBM PC-DOS V2.x

A memory tester, print spooler, and clock tool for Tecmar memory products. Disk image in 5.25' 180k format. Winimage will not open that. The files are already extracted.

DOS / Colorado Memory Systems


Tecmar QIC-60 Diskette 2 V2.06

A set of utilities for QIC-60 drives. May be just disk 2, not sure if it is useful by itself.

Windows 9x/ME / Tekram


Tekram DC-395/UW/F PCI SCSI Adapter Drivers 3.02

Tekram DC-395/UW/F PCI SCSI adapter driver version 3.02 floppy disk image. Drivers for DOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT, OS/2 and Novell.

BeOS / Tekram


Tekram SCSI Drivers for BeOS 4.5/5.0

The drivers support DC390(T) (AMD53C974) - DC310/DC310U/DC390W/DC390U/DC390F/DC390U2B/DC390U2W/DC390U2D (NCR53C8XX) - DC395U/UW/F DC315/U (TRM-S1040)

DOS / Data Becker Software


Tempest 3.0

Graphical programm manager for DOS, similar functionality as Norton Commander

Windows 3.x / Microsoft


Test 3.0

Microsoft Test, is a scripting system to test windows programs, by letting you simulate clicking of buttons, mouse movement, and typing. You can have your own virtual monkeys banging on keyboards!

Windows XP / Borland International, Inc.


TextToSpeech Runtime for Delphi 7.2

With this you can use the Windows XP's Text-To-Speech runtime in your program.

DOS / ThaiSoft Co., Ltd.


Thai System Manager for DOS 1.30d

This is Thai system driver for DOS. Support EGA, MCGA, VGA, TGA (Thai Card TGA Series), IRC (Hercules graphic card from iRC).

Windows XP / Microsoft


The Altair Computer BASIC Various

This is the Altair BASIC interpreter which was Microsoft's first computer release EVER. Included are these Microsoft BASIC revisions: * Altair Basic 3.2 (4k) THE ORIGINAL * Altair 8k Basic THE UPGRADED VERSION | Enjoy! --Emulators on which you can run this: Windows: http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/zip/altairz80.zip | OSX http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/zip/altairz80osx.zip | Linux: http://www.schorn.ch/cpm/zip/altairz80l.gz |

DOS / Compaq


The COMPAQ Personal Computer BASIC 3.31

Version of Microsoft/IBM BASIC distributed with Compaq PCs. This is an English version, ca. 1988.

DOS / Dunfield Development Systems


The DDS MICRO-C Compiler

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Windows 9x/ME / Sue Fisher


The Font Thing v0.80-beta 2

The Font Thing is a freeware program for managing TrueType fonts in Win95, Win98,Win NT 4.0 and runs perfectly on XP. It is a comprehensive source manager and one of the few that allows loading - no install - fonts on Windows without use more memory for the OS.

DOS / Ziff Communications/PC Magazine


The PC Magazine Utilities Volume I


Hundreds of utilities, volume 1.

Windows 3.x / Windows User/Reed Business Publishing

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The Windows User Benchmarks 1.00

Benchmark tool from Windows User Magazine. Also includes Windows optimization tips.

DOS / Thomson


Thomson TO16 Disquettes Systemes FR 3.21

Set des 4 disquettes syst​èmes THOMSON TO16 en FR

DOS / Thunderbyte


Thunder Byte Antivirus

Disco di boot con thunder byte antivirus

DOS / Norman/ESaSS


ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus 8.08b

ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus (TBAV) is a comprehensive tool kit designed to protect against, and recover from, computer viruses. This antivirus uses integrity files (ANTI-VIR.DAT), heuristics, disassembler and code analyzer to detect unknown viruses.

Unix / Alexandre Julliard


TkWine 0.2

TkWineSetup is a gui for the configuration and easy compiling of WINE.

DOS / Pharlap


TNT Dos Extender 8.0

without doubt, the BEST MS-DOS extender! It allows most of the core Windows NT functions (DLL's, threads) to work on MS-DOS. It NEEDS a win32 compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ (32bit) Borland C++ version 4.5 and 5.0 MetaWare High C/C++ version 3.3 Watcom C/C++ version 10.5 etc etc...

DOS / Jensen & Partners Int.


Topspeed Modula 3.10

TopSpeed Modula-2 version 3.10 (last version)

DOS / Borland Software


Torbo Pascal 5.5

Windows 9x/ME / Toshiba


Toshiba Companion Disk W98C08ENB1

Bundled with Satellite Pro 4280. 'The Companion diskette contains programs to configure Toshiba computers with setup information and to test the hardware. It also contains files and utilities that allow you to get the most from your Toshiba computer.'

Windows 3.x / C&T technologies


Toshiba Sateliite Pro 480CDT Display Driver

DOS / Virtual Magic Software


ToyBox 2.02

ToyBox II - a new graphical DOS menu system designed with kids in mind. Powerful, but so simple, even young children can use it to start their own programs without assistance.

DOS / Borland International, Inc.


Hercules Palmtop Amazon

TP7 7.0

TP7 is the latest version before they started pursuing Delphi and those implications. TPW for Win311 if you can find it was in fact Delphi 0.

DOS / Samuel H. Smith


TPTC 1.7a

Turbo Pascal to C translator.

BeOS / Michael Lotz


Tracker.NewFS 2.9

Tracker + Deskbar replacement


Tracker.NewFS 3.0 Beta 7c

With the release of Tracker.NewFS 3.0 Beta 7, there is theming support for tracker and MIME icons. There is a new setting called 'Themes' in the trackersettings to switch between themes easily. By default, there are no themes included in the tracker package. --- http://mlotz.ch/newfs/themes-tutorial.html

Windows XP / Jeff Wunderlich


Transmuter Programming Language 0.9.2A (last known version)

This is a very capable programming language by Jeff Wunderlich, the author of the wonderful Aurora text editor. Unfortunately its development ceased abruptly and its website disappeared, so its planned goals could not be entirely met. In this version it's a very dynamic, typeless and classless language with an easy object model, a rich set of context-sensitive operators (with unusual, but very useful ones too), a syntax that can be fine-tuned to personal preferences, custom regex engine with significant extensions, TCP/IP support and more. It has an external API, so it's embeddable into other software via a DLL. It's very compact too. It would have been interesting to see what it would have evolved into. Jeff, where have you gone, what happened to you?

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