Google Earth Install Error

If closing the Windows Installer process didn’t work for you and you still encountered the same 1618 error, the next thing you should do is reboot your computer in order to clear any temporary data that’s currently conflicting with the installation of Google Earth PRO.

You might have come across this error while running the installation wizard for Google Earth.

The error message is-

  • There was a problem starting: C:Users<Your_User_Name>App DataLocalCrash DumpsAMDtvzjqlnhf.dll
  • The specified module could not be found.
Sometimes, corruption in the Windows Registry leads to such uncalled for errors. The most logical way to guard against such situations is to keep the system Registry cleaned up of junk entries as well as defragmented once awhile.
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Stop Background Tasks

Google Earth Install Error 1603

A conflicting task is said to be a process or a service that requests a volume which is currently being used by another application. Certain applications are known to cause such conflicts. In order to resolve this issue, you will have to first determine which task is causing conflicts with the installation of Google Earth.

To reveal the list of currently running tasks, open Task Manager. Expand the user interface and then open the Startup tab.

Google earth error 1603
  1. Right clicking the installer with run as administrator. Receives two error dialog boxes with the same error message. 'Google Update installation failed with error 0x80070005.' Afterward nothing.
  2. Right-click on these devices, and select Update Driver. The Windows assistant will search for and prompt you to install. Restart your system.

Download Updates

Your system may be missing some critical Windows updates needed to be installed before you can install Google Earth. Go to Settings > System > Update & Security. Download all important updates, restart your system and re-initiate the setup launcher.

Use Cleanup Tool

Microsoft designed the Windows CleanUp tool to diagnose any issues that may arise during the installation, repair, upgrade and uninstaller processes related to Google Earth and other applications. Although Microsoft no longer supports this product, you may download it from a third party server.

Windows CleanUp Utility Download Page:

This tool will help you erase any files associated with the installation of Google Earth. Although these files provide critical help during the installation process, they are no longer required once the installation has been aborted due to Google Earth Installer Error 2. To remove such files after any failed installation attempt, you need to open the Windows CleanUp Utility and perform a sweep operation. Once you’re done, reboot your system and re-initiate the installation of Google Earth.

Google Earth Download Page:


Change Plugin Configs

Open “about:config” using the Address Bar. Next, ignore the warning message and confirm entering the page.

Type “plugins.load_appdir_plugins” in the Filter box and open the respective result from search results. Now change the original directory to something else, exit and then re-open the browser.

Change Internet Proxy Settings

Fire up Internet Properties dialog box using “inetcpl.cpl” in Run. Go to LAN Settings from the Connections tab. Make sure the box named “Automatically detect settings” is checked. Apply the changes and then exit all dialog boxes.

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