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Free Genogram Templates – 8+ Family Word Powerpoint Looking for Genogram Templates to make a Genogram? Check out the collection shared below and find the right template as per your requirement. A Genogram is basically a family tree or family diagram which represents the hierarchy of relationships in a family from roots to tips. Genogram is also known as family diagram and can be used for variety of purposes. It is basically a graphical representation of a person’s or patient’s family relationship and medical history over multiple generations. Uses of free genogram templates. Carefully made Genogram used in various fields of life for different reasons. A genogram is a tool that outlines a person’s family over the course of a few generations. Like a family tree, but more detailed, a genogram profiles the roles of family members and the relationships between them. The genogram can be used by counselors, clients, clergy, and helping professionals during counseling.

Edraw genogram software provides users with massive built-in genogram symbols and pre-made templates. Refer to this page to view and free download professional genogram templates.

A genogram is a family diagram, which can be regarded as an elaboration of the family tree. Genograms provide a way of mapping family patterns and relationships across at least three generations. Genograms illustrate more complex and detailed information than family trees do.

In order to help users get started quickly, Edraw genogram software provides professional genogram symbols and templates for beginners. The vector-based symbols and templates are editable and easy to customize. Users can change the background, layout, colors, and sizes of symbols and templates to create their own genograms without drawing skills. Click the pictures below to free download the genogram templates and customize them according to your needs.

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Family Relationships Genogram

The genogram example, as follow, depicts the family relationships among three generations. Family relationship is the essential part of a genogram because they decide the structure of your genogram. In addition to basic genogram symbols that indicate gender and other basic personal information, some family relationship symbols involving marriage, engagement, separation, divorce, cohabitation, and love affair are included in this genogram.

Emotional Relationships Genogram

This genogram example illustrates emotional relationships in the four-generation family. Some emotional genogram symbols are applied to this genogram, such as friendship, close friend, in love, estranged, hostile, conflict, and physical abuse. Such kind of symbols is used to illustrate the emotion of all individuals. For example, from the template below, we know that Michael and Ann are not only in marriage but also with the best friends.


Medical Genogram

The following genogram example displays the medical facts of each individual with medical genogram symbols. What's more, an annotation frame is offered below the diagram so that readers can understand this genogram with no confusion. For instance, heart disease, diabetes, and language problem are genetic illnesses. From the following template, you see clearly whether s person is a disease gene carrier, dominant patient, or healthy.

Download excellent Edraw genogram software to make professional genograms:

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Are you looking for some samples of Genogram Diagrams to understand and design your own? Here are 8 Free Genogram Diagram Templates (MS Word) to help you out quickly.

A Genogram Diagram, also known as the Family Diagram, is a pictorial representation of a person’s family relationships and medical history designed to keep track of certain family related traits and attributes. It is a special kind of family-based research displaced in a clear and easy to analyze diagrams and explain several physical, emotional, medical and physiological attributes across such families. It is far more detailed than the traditional family trees because it allows the users to visualize and analyze hereditary patterns across family lines and track possible sicknesses and diseases.

The concept of Genogram was brought to the public view in 1985 in the book titled “Genograms: Assessment and Intervention” by Monica McGoldrick and Randy Gerson. Today, Genogram is very common in several fields like psychiatry, medicine, social work, genetic research and education among others. It is also said that professionals in family therapy are also making use of Genogram Diagrams in tracking and simplifying their parents’ specific needs and requirements.

Free genogram maker for macFree GenogramFree Genogram

A Genogram is very effective in tracking the probability of having a family disease inherited or transferred to a person from a member of the family. To make the tracking and analysis of such traits easy, different symbols are used within a Genogram Diagram to show such traits and attributes. Below is an example of a family Genogram Diagram to the third generations with specific symbols denoting different family traits and relationships. After you have determined the purpose of Genogram Diagram, you have to interview the family members to collect required data to fill in it.

Today, Genogram Diagrams are getting very common in the fields related with the study of hereditary patterns, physiological and psychological attributes. It can be used to analyze family behaviors, interactions and social views over a period of time. It can show simply the specific repetitive traits like divorce, sexual lifestyle, growth and similar traits. Genogram Diagrams can also help to designate individual health status and possible risks. Such diagrams are helpful to health therapist to explain and simplify specific family occurrences and issues.

Free Genogram Creator

Lastly, it can be used to evaluate how strong are the bonds and the physical relationship among members of a member codifying how each member relates with the others. It is an upgrade on the traditional family tree that is more common and conventional. It helps healthcare professionals with important medical information that will aid diagnosis and treatment. It has also contributed greatly to research and educational training by giving ample information and verification of hereditary diseases and how to prevent, treat, or manage them.

Free Genogram Creator

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Here is preview of a Free Genogram Diagram Template in MS Word format. (Source: GenoPro )

Free Genogram Template For Mac

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