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You are watching now the Fanaa movie has Drama Romance Thriller Genres and produced in India with 168 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Kunal Kohli, Choices – to choose between right or wrong is simple, but what defines one’s life is the decision between the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils. This is the advice that Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) receives from her father just as she is about to venture out into the world of her own for the very first time. Little does she know that these very words will shape her life. Zooni, a blind Kashmiri girl, meets Rehan Qadri (Aamir Khan), a local Delhi tour guide and an incorrigible flirt. Her friends warn her against this good-for-nothing roadside Romeo, but she chooses to ignore them. It is now her time to discover life and love.

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Is this really the right choice? Rehan is fascinated by Zooni and wants her to see life as it should be seen, in its many colours. He promises her that the time spent with him will be the most precious in all her life.

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Rhinoterrain 2.0 Crack. Zooni sees Delhi, life and love like she never has before, because of Rehan. What Zooni doesn’t know is that Rehan has another side of his life that he has kept from her – something that can not only change her life, but can also destroy it.

Khan delivers once again! Super well done. Over-the-top melodramatics, yes, some weird, unnatural responses from supporting actors and goofy choreography - but this is the Bollywood genre. The child actor is remarkably talented. A completely enjoyable film with a couple of artfully placed plot twists.

The extra disc with a special added feature of an interview between the two stars was a giant, sloppy deal-breaker. Kajol behaves with arrogance, contempt and a boorish air that renders a beautiful and sensitive actress on screen to the sadly common condition of an ill-tempered brat. Her bad behavior is suffered graciously by Khan, who is if not good-natured under attack, obviously capable of behaving like a true gentleman. This is the story of a blind girl (Kajol) who visits Delhi and falls in love with a tour guide (Aamir Khan). She is pure-hearted and can love him deeply. He has never loved and regards women as 'countries to pass through, rest while and move on'.

He also has a dark side she doesn't know of. However he falls for her and decides to change his life and marry her. As they await her parents for the wedding, she undergoes an operation to restore her sight then there is a bomb blast and it looks like he is killed. To say more would be to ruin the movie. I hesitated long before buying this. The reviews rated it highly but talked of 'shocking' bits - and I don't like graphic or very violent movies. If you have been in the same dilemma - there wasn't anything graphic and any shock may have been in the characters dilemmas.

There is shooting (mostly off camera) but really there is very little screen time that is violent in any way -and that is more symbolic and brief. Overall it is a movie that has beautifully depicted romance between the leads and beautiful cinematography. The first half is mostly romance and the second half changes pace and builds in tension and dilemmas (but still has a lot of touching scenes and beauty as well). Both Aamir and Kajol are first rate - as is Rishi Kapoor as the girls father. This is one that both connects and tears at the heart strings.

While there is sort song there isn't the big dance numbers and the music is generally haunting. A fine production and a keeper.

Elsewhere on the Net it tends to get above average. I was wavering between 4 and 5 as it is probably a 4 1/2. Recommended after all (despite pre-movie hesitancy!). My understanding (being an American) is that 'Fanaa' means 'destroyed,' and this exquisite and lyrical film explores many aspects of that sorrowful, yet enraptured, state. Aamir Khan is a phenomenal actor, and yet he meets his equal in Kajol.

Together, they set the film on fire. Their chemistry, as has been mentioned in other films, is incandescent. To go further would be to risk spoiling the tumultuous plot. Let me just say -- WATCH THIS!!! This lovely film transcends all barriers -- be they cultural or political. This movie shines. Production quality of Fanaa is very high, with crystal clear cinematography and great sound on home theater.

Songs are very good with Des Rangila standing out in this film and from many other films as well. Des Rangila is a dance somewhat similar to Aaja Nachle but less energetic and more gracefull with more expressive and symbolic hand and arm movements. This colorful dance is a magnificent piece of work. All of the music and drum work is very good.

Having read other reviews that talked about a surprise in the middle of the film I tried hard to see it coming. My mind was on a totally different track that might have been okay too.

Fanaa 2 Full Movie

However, the final outcome was not just predictable, it was inevitable. Negative reviewers have a point about the second half of Fanaa. However, there are many sweet moments worth watching in the second half. Also, there is an almost must see tongue twister song in the second half that is super cute. One could buy this movie for the music and dancing alone and be satisfied, especially at the price on Amazon. I first saw this film several years ago in the company of American teenagers who spoke only English. The version we had, unlike the version I am reviewing, had no subtitles. Beck Anxiety Inventory Questionnaire Free Download.

Nonetheless, we were all transfixed. It had something for everyone, and everyone was stunned by the climax. This version contains two discs: the movie and special features (quite interesting, especially seeing Aamir and Kajol doing a read-through).

The music is gorgeous, haunting. The images: indelible. The subtitles are sometimes ridiculous and clumsy, but Kajol, Aamir, and Tabu are so totally captivating that one still becomes immersed in the story. It's a movie to watch again and again.

Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) is a blind Kashmiri girl who travels without her parents for the first time with a dance troupe to Delhi to perform in a ceremony for independence day. On her journey, she meets Rehan Khan (Aamir Khan), a casanova and tour guide who flirts with her. Although her friends warn Zooni about him, she cannot resist falling in love with him and he takes her on a private tour of New Delhi. But there is more to Rehan than meets the eye and Zooni will have to make a heartbreaking decision.


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Language:हिन्दी, Italiano, اردو

Fanaa Full Movie

Revenue:$ 22.175.908,00

Fanaa 2 Full Movie Full

Cast:Aamir Khan, Ali Haji, Gautami Kapoor, Jaspal Bhatti, Kajol, Kirron Kher, Lara Dutta, Lillete Dubey, Rishi Kapoor, Sanaya Irani, Satish Shah, Sharat Saxena, Shiney Ahuja, Shruti Seth, Tabu, Vrajesh Hirjee