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  1. 1 5 It is the sequel to the 2009 video game f1 2010 gamespot Codemasters - Official Site f1 2010 game pc download f1 2010 game setups f1 2010 game helmets Games - Codemasters f1 2010 game for.
  2. Formula 1 2010 is a GREAT addition to my race game library. Code masters has released a Hot driving Formula 1 game. I have laid down a lot of rubber to asphalt with these F1's. I don't care for the 'games played' (with agents, press and such). The Cars are Fast, action is adrenalin releasing, it is worth the price. FIA GT2 is my first and most.
  3. Codemasters F1 2010 Car Setups Guide. F1 2010 allows users a great flexibility in their car setups – with options for changing the throttle map or improving aerodynamic downforce – which culminates in some fine tuning & tweaking to squeeze out the very best performance from their chosen car.

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F1 2010 The second of our official F1 game series was the BAFTA-winning F1 2010, which featured an unprecedented amount of authenticity for an official licensed title. Demonstrating an understanding of the nuance of the sport, the reviews heralded how well we represented it – with IGN commenting that ‘Codemasters gets the sport like no-one. Steam Community:: F1 2010™.

Decided to create this package, soon after seeing a video of Red Bull Racing and Lotus Renault, which featured a new range of cameras. Unfortunately not all were able to add, I added four of the replay cameras. and one to be used in the game.
Also separated the cameras with motion, now every one is in its own package, the idea is to reduce the cycle of changes of cameras.
My original intention was also to remove the T-Cam center, and the camera's nose, but many might not like.

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Again, I have used some cameras 1nkz and M4Mkey
This package is part of the 2011 Season mod RDDev Total Conversion which also I did part, this mod turns out to be an improvement to Replays and real Megamod Pack 4.0
Turma do Adrenaline
Sorry English !!!

Descrição em português:

Resolvi criar este pacote, logo após ver um video da Red Bull Racing e da lotus Renault, onde apresentavam uma nova variação de cameras. Infelismente não foi possível adicionar todas, 4 das câmeras eu adicionei ao replay. e uma delas para ser usada no jogo.

F1 2010 Codemasters Download
Tambem separei as câmeras de movimento, agora cada uma está em seu próprio pacote, a idéia é diminuir o ciclo de mudanças de câmeras.
Minha intenção inicial era retirar tambem a T-Cam de centro, e a câmera do bico, mas muitos poderiam não gostar.
Novamente eu Utilizei algumas Câmeras de 1nkz e M4Mkey
este pacote faz parte do mod RDDev Season 2011 Total Conversion do qual tambem fiz parte, acaba por ser uma melhoria do Replays Pack and real Megamod 4.0
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Turma do Adrenaline


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I bought this game for PS3 and i must tell it's a realy nice game. If someone like F1 world and interesing of F1 should have this title in his collection. Career mode is made good. You chosing the team witch you wanna drive and targets for team is equals for their skill.
For example i start as a rookie so i chose HRT team. Its almost imposible to win race by using this HRT car (unless u play in easy mode). I play in hard and end race in first 10 is godlike. You need to go to press conference and watch out what you talking to dont make trouble in team or count on place in better team for next year. There is also a multiplayer mode
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This guy is playing on very easy, but here is a sample:
YouTube - F1 2010 Team Radio Gameplay Trailer HD