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In this video we're going to do Spellcrafting rep bot/spam!Steps:1. Farm Mystic Quills using bot - Load the bot, add/edit skills, start.2. I decided to take the bot idea and re-vamp it with if and goto statements to make it more efficient and MUCH more reliable. Just turn it on and leave it completely. Uses the beehive map. You don't need any other quests completed before this, just go straight to it! 800 rep per turn in of the quest. Use a multi-target class. Le Bot 9.9 New Update makes it easy for aqworlds players to complete missions (Quest) and raise reputation (Reputation). This one Le Bot Encoded was created by GirayDE, where he fixed the version 8.4 bot le code and added some of the latest features so that the server didn’t block it. Phyrz is 2 for 100 rep, Caustus is 5 for 500 rep. 10 kills (66,000 HP) = 1500 rep. It's more than what you get for a single Tyndarius kill, but it requires a bit more running around to do. Reward: 1,500 rep. Lavarun Altar; Defeat Mega Tyndarius - Pyralis If you've completed the entire storyline, then this is the only good option. Cara Menambahkan File Dmbot pada Le Bot AQWorlds, file dmbot aqw, Download DMBOT file, Dmbot file download full, How to Open Dmbot file, Glacera rep bot, aqw glacera rep, bot glacera rep bot spammer download bot eternal aqw aqw eternal rep bot download dmbot, rep eternal charge the pedestal aqw, aqw packet spammer class, le bot 8.9 download, etherstorm rep bot mysterious dungeon rep bot, aqw.

This is a list of custom bots that we have made for the community. We will continue expanding this list. If you have any specific bot you would like to see and to use, leave a comment! These bots are usable on any version of Le Bot, but it is recommended to use them on the newer versions.

Embersea Reputation*BUGGED*

Eternal Rep Bot Aqw Quests

Scarlet SorceressNEW!

Nulgath's Approval and Archfiend's Favor
Dreadrock Nulgath Items (Dark Crystal Shard, Diamond of Nulgath, Tainted Gem)NEW!

AqwLegion Tokens:

Aqw Eternal Rep Bot Grimoire

Legion Tokens (Dreadrock)NEW!

Aqw Bots 2020

Other Farming Bots:

Bot For Aqw

AFK Gold and XPNEW!

Eternal Rep Bot Aqw

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