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MT. LAUREL, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ellio’s, a favorite American brand serving up iconic, rectangular pizza slices since 1963, recently launched its first online store, Ellio’s Coolectables, and kicked off the Summer of Swag.

Ellio’s Coolectables offers a selection of funky, retro-inspired t-shirts, accessories and collectible items for the company’s biggest fans. In addition, the Ellio’s Coolectables line features summer swag that’s perfect for a day at the shore or by the pool, including branded sunglasses, whimsical “shark attack” beach towels, beach balls, drawstring backpacks with mesh accents and more.

2 slices = 115g. Amount Per Serving. Calories% Daily Value. 9%. 15% Saturated Fat 3g. Ellio's Pepperoni Pizza. Mccain Ellio's Mccain Ellio's - Pepperoni Pizza. Serving Size: 1 slice. How does this food fit into your daily goals? There are 115 calories in 1 slice (2 oz) of Ellio's Cheese Pizza, frozen. You'd need to walk 32 minutes to burn 115 calories. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. Serving Size 2 slices: Servings Per Container 13.5: Amount Per Serving: Calories 240: Calories from Fat 45% Daily Value. Ellio's - Pizza - Cheese SKU.


Inspired by the company’s signature cherry red, black and green color palette as well as the iconic Ellio’s logo, Ellio’s Coolectables offers retro-inspired t-shirts, flat-bill trucker hats, red-and-white striped beanies, colorful playing cards and convenient pop sockets.

“If you love Ellio’s pizza, you can now wear it on your sleeve – literally,” said Bill Whalen, Executive Vice President of Dr. Oetker USA, LLC, the parent company of Ellio’s Pizza. “We’re thrilled to offer a selection of fun Ellio’s Coolectables items that are ideal for summer.”

“Our fans are diehard,” added Melissa Vesci, Ellio’s Brand Manager, “whether they’re young adults who grew up eating Ellio’s pizza or busy moms who give Ellio’s pizza to their children. Kids and parents have loved our wholesome, four-corner pizza for more than five decades. We’re thrilled to roll out our new Ellio’s Coolectables product line to meet customer demand.”

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Ellio’s stands apart as a playful, fun, all-American brand, and its iconic rectangular slices evoke nostalgic feelings across the generations. Ellio’s pizza, made with 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors, offers the same experience today that many adults remember enjoying when they were kids. With its natural ingredients and the flexibility to feed just one person or the whole family, Ellio’s is a popular choice for parents, kids and millennials.

Loved It Then. Wear It Now. To check out the inspired new line of Ellio’s Coolectables, visit www.ellios.com/shop



Ellio’s, a brand of Dr. Oetker USA, LLC, has melted hearts since 1963, offering frozen pizza made with 100% real cheese, one-of-kind tomato sauce and uniquely convenient four-cornered crispy crust. An instant hit in schools and homes, Ellio’s rectangular slices fit perfectly in lunchroom trays and in a home toaster oven. As time went on, the family favorite pizza became an at-home staple and was offered in several varieties, including Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Five Cheese, Sicilian and two flavors of breadsticks, Cheesy and Parmesan & Garlic. For more information, visit ellios.com or follow Ellio’s on Instagram (@officialelliospizza), Facebook (@elliospizza) and Twitter (@elliospizza).

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Ellio's Pizza is an American brand of frozen pizza owned and distributed by Dr. Oetker, a German corporation, and sold in grocery stores in the Northeastern United States. Ellio's was previously owned by McCain Foods, a Canadian corporation, but was sold to Dr. Oetker in 2014. Although it is not available for sale in much of the country, the pizza brand has remained popular throughout the Northeast since its introduction in 1963.


In 1963, Ellio's Pizza was founded in the Long Island, New York town of Great Neck by Elias Betzios, George Liolis, and Manny Tzelios.[1] Four years later, Ellio's introduced its signature '9 slice' pizza in a box comprising 3 rectangular pizzas, each divisible crosswise into three slices.[1] The original pizza consists of crust, pizza sauce and cheese with no additional toppings. This would remain Ellio's only formulation for almost 40 years until 2004, when Ellio's began selling pepperoni pizza.[citation needed]


In 1988, McCain Foods acquired the Ellio's brand and continued pizza production in Lodi, NJ. In 2006, Ellio's added a microwaveable pizza to its product line, adopting the more common round pizza form. In 2009, the product line expanded further, with the introduction of italian sausage and 'Pepperoni Supreme' pizza.[1]

In 2015, McCain Foods announced the sale of its North American pizza business, including the Ellio's brand and production facility, to Dr. Oetker.[2] The brand has continued to expand its variety. As of 2015, Ellio's is available in 8 different crust and topping configurations.[3]

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When McCain foods acquired Ellio's in 1988, the frozen pizza brand was outselling all competitors in the New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia markets.[4] In 2007, despite a distribution limited to the Northeastern U.S., Ellio's was the 9th best selling brand in the country, with sales totaling $34,880,060.[5] According to Ellio's, their pizza remains the top selling frozen pizza in the Northeast.[1]




The classic Ellio's pizza may be prepared only in a conventional or toaster oven. In each instance, the baking temperature is 425 degrees Fahrenheit (220 °C), with the pizza baking either directly on the rack for about 9–12 minutes, or on a baking sheet for 14–16 minutes (not more than 14 minutes in a toaster oven).

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